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  1. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #16 Body checks, wealth flex, who will be her best friend next?

    Title credits to @donkeyfish!
  2. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #15 Worried about a scar, when she wears those glasses and drives a hairdressers car

    Full title: Don't know why she is worried about a scar, when she wears those glasses and drives a hairdressers car Credits: @gel13 and @2brokegirls Continue!
  3. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #14 She would never pass the bechdel test

    Title credits: @HorrifiedbyBabz
  4. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #13 Who is Tilly Demaine?

    Title credits: @groovygirl229
  5. HaveSomeMilk

    Olivia Neill #12 Too lazy & missed her peak, new boyfriend nearly every week

    Hey, i look the liberty of making a new thread. i went through the most liked posts and title creds go to @yogiessexdubs I'll post the link to this one in the old thread.
  6. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #10 Ketchup, peas and promoting EDS

    Title credit: @mimiMB Carry on girlypops x
  7. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #9 Content with Flossie is all a lie, predictably sponsored by Casetify

    Thread name by @briannajaynehawkes! Summary of last thread: - Our girlypop has a new suuuuper “secret” boyfriend who is friends with Flossie’s ex Will. It’s believed that they met because of Flossie and that she actually had a thing with him before he got with Olivia. - Got a cat who she is now...
  8. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #8 Ditching Floss for Mini Moss

    Most liked title from @Misstike! Summary of thread 7: - Olivia’s reunion with John was short lived. Numerous tik toks showing that he’s back on tinder although she refuses to comment on it. - Decided to stay in London instead of moving back to NI like she originally intended. - Still thinks...
  9. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #7 Back with John, filler’s gone wrong and promoting sunbeds like a moron

    Summary of thread 6: - Confirmed that she’s moving into the house she bought in NI a few months ago. - Got back together with her no 1 girlypop, John xx - Lewys and Flossie are still clinging onto her for dear life - Thinks that a filler stache and leather skin is the new trendy look
  10. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #6 Sharting here, burping there, clinging on to her lifeless dead hair

    Title credits: @tattle420 Recap: - Bought a house in NI, unclear whether she’ll be moving back once her lease expires or renting it out - Launched a collab with Motel Rocks where most of the pieces can be found on Alixpress - Said that she’s still in love with her ex in her latest tik tok
  11. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #5 Gleam queen redeemed but can she keep her nose clean?

    Title credits to @Cutiepie.546568 Summary of thread 4: - After weeks of silence, the shart queen finally returns with a scripted well thought out apology that was totally not written by Gleam! - Lewys also returned with an equally as bad apology - Flossie has yet to break her YouTube silence...
  12. ear4thetee

    Olivia Neill #4 Class A queen, best start posting or be dropped by Gleam!

    Thread title by me, thanks for the likes guys❤️ Recap: -continuation of the cokegate saga: olivia, flossie & some of the social climbers were at lewys’ 500k subs party where lookingforloser “accidentally” posted a pic to his public insta story with Olivia pictured next to 2 bags of suspicious...
  13. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #3 Breaking guidelines since the start, can’t hold in a shart

    Title creds: myself 🤣 Summary of the last thread: The birth of shartypooxx and poopywoopy who are most likely Olivia and/or Flossie. The cokegate saga: Lewys held a party in his flat to celebrate reaching 500k. Olivia and Flossie were confirmed to be in attendance, as well as an unidentified...
  14. whatstheteab

    Olivia Neill #2 Sniffing gear, ignoring tiers, how many brand deals can I fit in this year

    Title credits: @starplay Summary of the previous thread: • Broke up with John and moved to London with Flossie in August • Had a rebound with Harvey. Unclear whether they were just talking or actually dating. Ended around the time he went to do Strictly and haven’t interacted since. • Rumoured...
  15. Q

    Olivia Neill

    What are people's opinions? She broke up with her boyfriend recently.