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  1. G

    Northern Ireland #23

    Hopefully someone can post a proper recap.
  2. G

    Northern Ireland #22 The Good Friday Arraignment

    I’ll let one of you lads do the recap!
  3. G

    Northern Ireland #21 Unelected Bridesmaid’s abandoned her flock ,hopefully none want to clean her clock !

    Hopefully this has worked. Recap: Power sharing back on Anna being a menace to NIHE Jamie and Jeff have fallen out
  4. Shimmering

    Northern Ireland #20 Snow Surrender. Three day bender.

    Welcome all to the new thread!
  5. Shimmering

    Northern Ireland #19 Cadre of the nationalist elite commentariat

    All shades of elite commentariat welcome to the new NI thread!
  6. Shimmering

    Northern Ireland #18 Unelected opinion formers

    Welcome once again to the cross community safe space. Borrowed @BigMavis 's words for the thread title. Where is @Griftymcgriftface ?? Come back Grifty!
  7. Shimmering

    Northern Ireland #17 God save the King and the Orange Order, Up the Wolfe Tones and the Sea Border

    @Wee Nora used your title from the last thread Carry on ladies. Welcome everyone to this cross community safe space.
  8. Griftymcgriftface

    Nothern Ireland #16 we love fifteens, the craic is 90! previous thread above…. Usual stuff. please let me have this thread title as used all my funny energy on it
  9. Justherefortittle

    Northern Ireland #15 We‘re still a failed state - thugs running the country, democracy dead 💀

    Link to previous thread
  10. Griftymcgriftface

    Northern Ireland #14 Better to have no representation than to have poor representation

    So I’m creating a new thread and in true Bryson style I have just gone Rogue and made up a thread title in honour of our favourite non lawyer…. You can do a full recap but I’ll summarise -the orange hall scumbag singers thought it was a good idea to have everyone’s favourite non lawyer...
  11. Griftymcgriftface

    Northern Ireland #13 Cafflicks and Prods up a tree K-I-SS-I-N-G

    We all love each other. We don’t always see eye to eye. But we all believe women should be heard. Anyone else can add to the recap. --- Old thread was here
  12. Wee Nora

    Northern Ireland #12 Subjugation and Strap Ons

    A chairde, I hope I’ve done this properly 😬 There were no other thread suggestions that I could see so I’m going with subjugation and strap ons because it’s alliteration and quite frankly because I like it 😈😂 Carry on chatting. *Helpful tip, if talking about the event next month where King...
  13. Griftymcgriftface

    Northern Ireland #11 hopefully I have done this correctly. recap. Ards is a shambles Bryson has influence Tayto do burgers now
  14. Shimmering

    Northern Ireland #10

    Here yous go. Carry on being subjugated :ROFLMAO:
  15. Griftymcgriftface

    Northern Ireland #9 Despicable shower of xxxx, cut their cash they’ll be in Stormont in a flash.

    New thread. someone recap please. Start of recap….. we hopefully all got our £600
  16. Griftymcgriftface

    Northern Ireland #8 Ooh Ahh where’s our £600 Sorry if I haven’t don’t this right but thought I would create a new thread. feel free to recap on the last one and hope everyone is well
  17. pommynoir

    Northern Ireland #7 Forget armoured cars, tanks n guns …Just deliver the £600 funds

    Thread title courtesy of @monga. recap: Much of the usual, no closer to solving ANYTHING. A lot of scandal over a potential new IRA recruit and her arm.
  18. pommynoir

    Northern Ireland #6 Craic, Conflict and Current Affairs

    Continue here…
  19. Griftymcgriftface

    Northern Ireland #5 Craic, conflict and current affairs

    So here we are, thread number 5. recap: Still no stormont executive Still no answers on Noah Jamie is still being a dick Some loyalists/republicans sang inappropriate songs (delete/repeat as you wish) The Queen died and even the republicans on here are glued to the spectacle of it all Michelle...
  20. pommynoir

    Northern Ireland #4 Craic, conflict and current affairs

    Continue here… Lads anyone any update on the protocol? 😵‍💫😫🙃🤣
  21. Z

    N.I comedians

    Shane Todd, Mickey Bartlett, Ciaran Bartlett, Sean Hegarty, Diona Doherty, Dave Elliott, to name a few Has anyone anything to report on ones in the NI comedy scene?
  22. pommynoir

    Northern Ireland #3 Craic, conflict and current affairs

    Please carry on the discussions here… wee recap: - the protocol is still not sorted - steam has been spotted coming from Jamie Bryson’s laptop.
  23. pommynoir

    Northern Ireland #2 Craic, conflict and current affairs

    Thanks @Wee Nora for the suggestion. thread for discussing all things NI. previous thread: