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  1. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #14 Ryan's raging, Scott is aging, Louise's narcissism is her way of engaging

    Thanks @Natibear for the thread title. 64 likes in less than 24hrs! @Kimmylookatme only a couple of likes behind. old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-13-spreading-disease-all-over-the-city-look-out-ryans-on-the-beg-for-pity.35022/
  2. xyzcba

    Louise Thompson #13 Spreading disease all over the city, look out Ryan’s on the beg for pity

    Well done to @elizalou1985 for the winning thread title with 54 votes! Lots and also nothing happened in the last thread, but still plenty to keep us amused! Another couple of gifted stays. Plenty of 'finally got a chance for me time / massage / to get my nails done / haircut / sound bath /...
  3. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #12 Munchy Munchy on the wall, who's the sickest of them all

    Thanks to @LittleLen for the most liked title! Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-11-keeping-the-trauma-on-the-low-cracks-with-ryan-starting-to-show.33754/ I did a little poll as suggested, I think it was @soph30 but please correct me if I’m wrong! I was wrong, it...
  4. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #11 Keeping the trauma on the low, cracks with ryan starting to show?

    Thanks to @Natibear for the thread title. Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-10-livelikelouise-antoinette-heres-the-baby-i-regret-lets-see-what-freebies-we-can-get.32824/
  5. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #10 LiveLikeLouise Antoinette,here’s the baby I regret,let’s see what freebies we can get

    Thanks to @JarvisCockerSpaniel for the title with a whopping 72 likes! Had to lose some spaces to make it fit so sorry it looks squished. Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-9-my-dainty-feet-bs-keep-showing-if-the-event-isnt-all-about-louise-im-not-going.32409/liked
  6. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #9 My dainty feet & BS keep showing, if the event isn’t all about Louise, I‘m not going!

    Old thread: https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-8-ads-from-the-hospital-sell-sell-sell-whats-actually-wrong-with-me-ill-never-tell.31814/ Thank you to @Larahk with 37 likes for the new thread title! Recap to follow (please chip in if you like).
  7. quinzel

    Louise Thompson #8 Ads from the hospital sell, sell, sell. What’s actually wrong with me, I’ll never tell

    Old thread: Louise Thompson #7 bleeding bum, below-par mum, time for some more fun in the sun | Tattle Life Congrats to @elizalou1985 for the winning thread title with 55 likes! Anyone care to do a recap? Brb, just about to take an ice bath to escape from my unpredictable feelings!
  8. quinzel

    Louise Thompson #7 bleeding bum, below-par mum, time for some more fun in the sun

    Old thread: (1) Louise Thompson #6 Big Brave Dog no longer scared of the hob, waiting for a mag deal with Ryan the Nob | Page 51 | Tattle Life Winner of thread suggestion was @JarvisCockerSpaniel. Anyone care to do a recap?
  9. E

    Louise Thompson #6 Big Brave Dog no longer scared of the hob, waiting for a mag deal with Ryan the Nob

    Welcome to thread 6! Let the madness continue. Title won by @DEC88 with 60+ reactions! Since the last thread we've found out.... 🥕 As well as being scared of her kitchen cupboards, she couldn't say the word carrot. 🐶 Still drip feeding her trauma. But she was a big brave dog for getting some...
  10. E

    Louise Thompson #5 Mirror mirror on the wall, I don’t know my baby’s age at all

    @Tofino won their first ever title with 50+ reactions. Congrats 🥳 Let's have a quick recap: - Louise is still drip feeding her trauma. - She's still trying to control the narrative, being seen on Sam's stories and the trtle pages but refuses to post anything in her page (like going out for...
  11. E

    Louise Thompson #4 Trigger warning it’s getting boring

    Thread title won by @Asparagus123 Not a lot has happened since the last thread, but as a quick summary: - Ryan thinks that Leo is teething. Wanted to punch the lady in boots that wouldn't sell him ambesol for his baby. - Ryan seem to be doing everything & it's showing that he's maybe...
  12. E

    Louise Thompson #3 Here I Am, Now I'm Gone, Guess What's Wrong With Me All Day Long

    My first new thread - hopefully I've done it correctly! Thanks to @thegirlwho2020 for the thread title - won with 12 votes! I don't think there is much to recap: - she gave birth 10 weeks ago - Her and / or Ryan are posting at 3/4 day intervals with cryptic messages to keep people guessing...
  13. allybongo

    Louise Thompson #2 Where are you?

    The mystery continues
  14. allybongo

    Louise Thompson

    I've followed her for ages as I used to love her on MIC. Oh. My. God. I've never, ever witnessed anybody love themselves the way she does. It's off the scale. She compared herself to an actual angel the other day whilst dancing in front of the mirror. Add in the miserable chump of a...
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