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  1. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #34 Mid-life crisis Ryan can’t catch a (point) break

    Congrats @JulesC for the most liked thread title! Last thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-33-parenting-is-not-a-desirable-weekend-activity.44412/
  2. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #33 Parenting is not a desirable weekend activity

    Most liked title was from myself, well done me 😳 I know some people posted some thread title suggestions today so repost them on this thread as they haven’t had a fair chance Last thread: https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-32-munchausens-barbie-icu-unit-sold-separately.44129/
  3. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #32 Munchausens Barbie. ICU unit sold separately.

    Congrats @Hannahc546 with 55 likes which is impressive given you only posted your suggestion yesterday 😂 Last thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-31-victoria-marchmans-alter-ego.43831/ Poll results from last thread - Steve wins!
  4. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #31 Victoria Marchman's alter ego

    Congrats @PastorBake for most liked title with 85 likes! Last thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-30-brians-landlord.43508/ --- I’ve just added a poll! Tough one!!
  5. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #30 Brian’s landlord

    Well done @elizalou1985 for the thread title with 54 likes! Last thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-29-britney-spears-sisters-camp-mates-sister.43162/
  6. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #29 Britney Spears’ sister’s camp mate’s sister

    Well done @soph30 with most liked title (70 likes) very close second with 69 likes @markcorriganscrisps with ‘Vogue Williams' husband's ex-fling’ … maybe post again for a second chance? I’ve done my job, now @JarvisCockerSpaniel do yours with a recap 🤣 (I am always amazed by your memory!)...
  7. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #28 Alik Alfus’ ex-girlfriend

    Well done @markcorriganscrisps with the most liked title with 66 likes! last thread: https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-27-zara-mcdermotts-neighbour.42198/ @JarvisCockerSpaniel please can you do us one of your wonderful recaps? They are the absolute best 🤣
  8. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #27 Zara McDermott's Neighbour

    Well done @Intothedark with 69 likes! last thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-26-zara-mcdermotts-boyfriends-sister.41623/
  9. xyzcba

    Louise Thompson #26 Zara McDermotts boyfriend's sister

    Top title courtesy of @Hannahc546 👏 As you were Tiny Tears tattlers.
  10. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #25 The universal ick and the girl who thinks she's sick

    Congrats to @Hashtagnotspon for the superb title! Last thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-24-cocklodger-and-tiny-tears-ruining-their-sons-early-years.40657/
  11. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #24 Cocklodger and Tiny Tears, ruining their son's early years

    I don’t know if we are allowed cocklodger in the title but I’ll give it a go! Congrats @RunningMum for the most likes! Last thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-23-louise-is-getting-better-at-a-grifted-holiday-while-pretending-she-is-still-away.39891/
  12. H

    Louise Thompson #23 Louise is getting better at a grifted holiday. While pretending she is still away

    Thanks to @JarvisCockerSpaniel for this title reminding everyone of the time machine life Louise and Ryan live. Had to modify it slightly and also my phone is being terrible with the text so if I delete this in a min please forgive me.... Recap to follow unless someone wants the pleasure...
  13. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #22 Tiny Tears Townhouse Explosive Edition

    Last thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-21-try-not-to-die-limit-the-ripple.38411/ Thread title courtesy of @LittleLen --- Recap: Daily Mail stole my screenshot. Ryman has the 💩💩💩 Sam and Louise are amidst a family feud feel free to add more tomorrow!
  14. Pumpkin84

    Louise Thompson #21 Try not to die. Limit the ripple.

    Well done @Hannahc546 for most likes on the thread title 👏 --- Urrrrghh he just makes me cringe so much
  15. xyzcba

    Louise Thompson #20 Old EL PA and TinyTears ski in Gstarrd, still always moaning that life is so hard

    New thread title courtesy of @JarvisCockerSpaniel 👏 Anyone fancy doing a recap?
  16. Pumpkin84

    Louise Thompson #19 The curious incident of the unlucky tshirt, the fire pit and a bowl of rice krispies

    Well done @crunkysnacks15 for the most votes! Feel free to add a re-cap anyone
  17. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #18 Louise says she sick, but not according to Tattle MI6

    Congrats @LittleLen for the thread title. 48 likes since 9.30am this morning already. Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-17-tiktok-lies-ryan-begged-new-eyes-4-times-nearly-dead-definitely-not-right-in-the-head.36893/#post-13675066
  18. xyzcba

    Louise Thompson #17 TikTok lies, Ryan begged new eyes, 4 times nearly dead, definitely not right in the head

    Well done @JarvisCockerSpaniel for the winning thread title (had to abbreviate slightly to fit). Lots of good thread suggestions near the end of the thread too, I'm sure some will still be relevant for the next one. Louise is now on TikTok @Louiseisgettingbetter ! Just the format for her...
  19. Marmite.Crumpets

    Louise Thompson #16 an illness a day makes the followers go away

    Congrats to @hol20x for the winning thread title with over 80 reactions. I've been dipping in and out of this thread & & more of a lurker now, but saw you needed a new thread - so helping out. Can anyone recap?
  20. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #15 #LouiseLikes, Ryan bikes.. But who's looking after the poor little tyke?

    Well done to @Larahk for most liked title. Although I think the most liked post of the last thread 777also needs a special mention. Even if it was a title it would never be allowed 🤣 Old thread...
  21. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #14 Ryan's raging, Scott is aging, Louise's narcissism is her way of engaging

    Thanks @Natibear for the thread title. 64 likes in less than 24hrs! @Kimmylookatme only a couple of likes behind. old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-13-spreading-disease-all-over-the-city-look-out-ryans-on-the-beg-for-pity.35022/
  22. xyzcba

    Louise Thompson #13 Spreading disease all over the city, look out Ryan’s on the beg for pity

    Well done to @elizalou1985 for the winning thread title with 54 votes! Lots and also nothing happened in the last thread, but still plenty to keep us amused! Another couple of gifted stays. Plenty of 'finally got a chance for me time / massage / to get my nails done / haircut / sound bath /...
  23. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #12 Munchy Munchy on the wall, who's the sickest of them all

    Thanks to @LittleLen for the most liked title! Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-11-keeping-the-trauma-on-the-low-cracks-with-ryan-starting-to-show.33754/ I did a little poll as suggested, I think it was @soph30 but please correct me if I’m wrong! I was wrong, it...
  24. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #11 Keeping the trauma on the low, cracks with ryan starting to show?

    Thanks to @Natibear for the thread title. Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-10-livelikelouise-antoinette-heres-the-baby-i-regret-lets-see-what-freebies-we-can-get.32824/
  25. Tofino

    Louise Thompson #10 LiveLikeLouise Antoinette,here’s the baby I regret,let’s see what freebies we can get

    Thanks to @JarvisCockerSpaniel for the title with a whopping 72 likes! Had to lose some spaces to make it fit so sorry it looks squished. Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/louise-thompson-9-my-dainty-feet-bs-keep-showing-if-the-event-isnt-all-about-louise-im-not-going.32409/liked