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  1. S

    Lisa’s Lust List #23 The build of her mansion will take over a year, plenty of time to shift more gear

    Thanks to @Evan for the title, couldn’t fit it all but you get the drift. “The build of her mansion will take over a year, leaves plenty of time to shift more gear, d'ya know crusty bought her a moncler?” Previous thread here...
  2. Turmeric123

    Lisa's Lust List #20 She's got 26 brands this month so no slot left for Darragh

    She forced cried so many tears when Darragh went on his J1 he is now distant memory and not a fully paid up member worthy of a mention on the gram Murph Murph Murph Murph Murph is still not trained and is being used for engagement with the sheeples - Installed an outdoor dog wash bit he's still...
  3. Ryan80

    Lisa Lust List #19 Cant cope with 4 stories so building a house with 3, thanks to the sheep

    New Thread. Couldn't fit the full title of "Cant cope with four stories so building a house with three, thanks to the sheep who are lining my pockets for me" so had to shorten it. Winning title courtesy of @Quackers Anyone fancy doing a recap
  4. S

    Lisa Lust list #18 Offaly’s answer to QVC, Shifty, Fifty, and loves stuff for free

    Thanks to @Roisin Dubh for title, in view of her impending Big 50 which she hasn’t mentioned thought it good timing for this title. Think of it as our gift to her. Old thread here...
  5. J

    Lisa McGowan #15 Poor Murph howls, puts up with Lisa McGowan, the gowl who thinks she’s a howl

    Thanks @Quackers for the new thread title. I think I've done it wrong though.
  6. S

    Lisa’s Lust List #13 No show of Clarity, when it comes to the money for Charity!

    Thread #13 for Offalys Finest. Thanks to Shes Offalys QVC for the title. Previous Thread here
  7. S

    Lisa’s Lust List #11 Four stories killing me but will keep going for the sheepies

    Thread #11 on the Queen of the Midlands. Went rogue on the title here but if I hear Four Stories once more!!! Previous Thread here
  8. S

    Lisa’s Lust List #8 Sweaty Lisa on a borrowed bike, full of #AD & COLLAB that we all dislike

    Thanks to She’s Offaly QVC for title, think there was another one in middle of last thread but couldn’t find it. Had to substitute ‘her’ with ‘a’ as was too long to all fit. Old thread here...
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