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  1. AngelBabes

    Kate Lawler #16 Parenting is so unfair, I didn’t sign up for this round-the-clock childcare.

    Well done @Treesy19 for the winning thread title! 🏆 The Not Handsome is specially preparing a plate of sloppy cat vomit and not only that, but a 2024 calendar of the two mangey mutts are on their way to you. 🤩 Truly deserved prizes, enjoy beaut! 😘 Link to previous thread beats! 😘...
  2. Bidscavan

    Kate Lawler #15 Kate’s still unbearable, Handsome he’s not. Poor Noa’s just dying to out that cot!

    Congratulations to @littlegossiplover on the winning thread suggestion🥳🥳🥳 Quick Recap Kate is still a twat, Boj is still not handsome and Noa is a wee dote.
  3. AngelBabes

    Kate Lawler #14 Only happy when Noa’s performing or when she’s on a child free trip for This Morning

    New thread and the winning title goes to @LoonyLeopard Well done! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  4. Puffin_island

    Kate Lawler #13 Fat shaming a child? Alright by Kate. Bitter resentment from being kept up late

    Thank you to @littlepup for the thread title. I've literally only just discovered Kate has a thread. Could someone please do a recap? 😊
  5. M

    Kate Lawler #12 Another holiday, another puke, Kate’s ‘food poisoning’ is no fluke

    Thanks to PrincessPeach for great title
  6. quinzel

    Kate Lawler #11 Kate thinks she’s the worlds best mother, trying her best to get back on Big Brother

    Old thread: Kate Lawler #10 Wedding over, can you Adam and Eve it? Parenting? Kate would rather leave it! | Tattle Life Winning thread title goes to @bagpuss17278 :) Anyone care to recap?
  7. LoonyLeopard

    Kate Lawler #10 Wedding over, can you Adam and Eve it? Parenting? Kate would rather leave it!

    Thanks to @Natterbox80 for the thread title with the most likes! 👏🏻👏🏻 Well ….they finally tied the knot! After NUMEROUS reminders that Noa should NOT have even been alive for their wedding, let alone have the audacity to actually BE THERE! Thank God Sue was on hand to be a Mum so Kate could...
  8. B

    Kate Lawler #9 Boj, Baxter, Shirley & Kate…are they forgetting someone? Oh yes Little Tate.

    Thanks @Tulipsfromamsterdam for the thread title. I thought we'd get Kate a new thread as a birthday present! Kate's currently at home solo parenting on her birthday, while "the Handsome" is off on his stag do, having been so unwell with back pain last week he had to get the legend, Sue in to...
  9. F

    Kate Lawler #8 Kate’s tired so why’s she wired? How long till a nanny is hired?

    This is my first ever time posting a new thread! Probably not done right 😂😂 thanks to little pup for the thread title. recap Noa is not sleeping perfectly as usual apparently and thats about it. Oh and the book is out and Boj is not happy that people are quoting their exact words. Kate was...
  10. conrea37

    Kate Lawler #7 Maybe baby? Yes or No Yes or No said Yes now says No Brillieeeent

    New thread title by @bananabread123 Continue here!
  11. LoonyLeopard

    Kate Lawler #6 Obsessed with sleep, hates being a Mum. Counting the days til Noa can wipe her own bum!

    Wooohoooooo my second thread title!! 🥳🥳 Thank you all, you’re a lovely lot! Wish I could say the same about Miss Lawler…. Kate’s latest shenanigans involve still only ‘Storying’ when Noa is in bed and she is FREEEE or when she’s eating (to prove to everyone that she eats normal just like a...
  12. conrea37

    Kate Lawler #5 BB winner, can’t cook her own dinner and loves her dogs more than her sprog

    Thread title by @Sleepthiefismyfavourite, had to use BB acronym to fit, sorry! Continue here!
  13. LoonyLeopard

    Kate Lawler #4 Baby being a baby making her tired, time for the Night Nanny to be re-hired!

    New thread! Thanks to @Treesy19 for the thread suggestion (amended to fit) RECAP: - Kate took a week off social media to celebrate her belated birthday, where they rented an AirBnB and partied like they weren’t parents. It was a Mexican theme and they upset people with their costumes and...
  14. LoonyLeopard

    Kate Lawler #3 Didn’t want a baby but gave it a go, Night Nanny helps to soften the blow.

    Old thread was getting too long, here’s a new one ... Thanks to ... ohhhhh MEEEEE @LoonyLeopard with the most liked from the thread suggestions (couldn’t actually fit the whole title in so have adapted it 😆 Anyone fancy doing a Recap???
  15. BettyCrockerr

    Kate Lawler #2

    As you were...
  16. T

    Kate Lawler

    Does anyone here follow her? I didn’t really like her much on Big Brother and stuff she had done on the Radio but I really love her on Insta Stories. Sometimes a bit annoying but I do enjoy them! She’s really down to earth and normal!