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  1. J

    Karinamainwaring3 #5 The Liar, The Witch and The Lazy

    Best I could come up with for the thread title as we needed one quick and there hadn’t really been any suggestions.
  2. J

    Karinamainwaring3 #4 party for bought followers beggy can’t wait, doesn’t she realise we’re all here to hate?

    Thank you to @choccyhazelnut for the brilliant thread title suggestion☺️ I had to shorten it slightly, sorry! (The original - throwing a party for bought followers beggy mitchell can’t wait, doesn’t she realise we’re all just here to hate?) Anyone care to do a recap of beggy beggerson?🤣 It’s my...
  3. D

    Karinamainwaring3 #007 Nona and her blunders part deux

    Here we go new thread!!
  4. wineanddine

    karinamainwaring3 #2 Nona and her blunders

    Thankyou to @kayefeluu20 for the title name!!! anyone want to give a quick recap of Karina/Nona for any newbies/get us up to date? Guys I’ve just been on karinas live and the way that Gemini spoke to that Shelley was disgusting. Shelley came on with facts, how the pictures of the little girl...
  5. LifeOnInsta


    What do people think of this girl? Before she left tiktok the last time she'd been found out lying about being pregnant with her ex who she'd been engaged to and then made a video about miscarriage with no emotion she then left tiktok. She apparently bought a house and appears to always be...
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