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  1. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #6 No job, no house… flying 1st class for a mouse

    New thread! Thanks to @Tabitha for the new thread title 🙂 Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-victoria-in-detail-5-lost-her-spouse-lost-her-house-should-be-disney-in-denial.25751/
  2. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #5 Lost her spouse, lost her house, should be Disney in Denial!

    Thanks to @daveybrownsburiedpeen for part of the new thread title but had to amend it slightly to fit. Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/dsney-victoria-in-detail-4-desperate-for-a-florida-trip-just-to-sit-down-and-coffee-sip.23352/ As you were peeps!
  3. Emmapism

    Dsney/ Victoria in Detail #4 Desperate for a Florida trip just to sit down and coffee sip

    New thread! Anyone fancy tackling the recap? Thanks to @Furnessian for the most liked thread title
  4. Oohthedrama

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #3 Tattle was right, looks like Vicki will be booking a solo flight

    now my first suggestion was gonna be… is ian dipping his console and having a (V)irtual (S)hag 😐 probaby a bit soon though 😐 so it’s confirmed Ian and vicki are no more, they’ve split, We know nothing else 🤷‍♀️ Except victoria has gone blonde in the stereotypical “I’m gonna wash that man...
  5. M

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #2 Leave my flat? That’s insane! Oh wait, Disney World is open? Get me on a plane!

    thanks to @Pop!91 for the new thread title, winning with the most votes.
  6. B

    Disney/Victoria in Detail

    I've seen a few mentions of Victoria in others threads and I think the time has come for her to have one of her own. I really loved Victoria's content and I still do to some extent but it's starting to become very fake in my opinion? Her latest vlogs in Disney she has spent 3 days pretty much...
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