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  1. geordiegirl

    Disney In Detail #15 Doesn’t like sugar, doesn’t eat meat, just give her a Wendy’s and a doughnut to eat!

    Thanks to @Theodore for the shiny new thread! We're still questioning how the dumpling affords the trips to WDW According to her, she'll be visiting Italy :rolleyes: As you were!
  2. geordiegirl

    Disney In Detail #14 When a bear does more in WDW than you, its time to move on!

    Thanks to @Mark81 for the shiny new thread of Desperate Disney :) Title is in reference to when the bear got loose in WDW (I was there when it happened!) and was rumoured to have done more rides than just the People Mover like our DID does... Prev thread here...
  3. Tabitha

    Disney In Detail #13 She is everything.. except detailed

    Thanks @Mark81 for the title. Title thread was actually a tie with the following from @Theodore I just used Mark’s title as it was the first submitted (sorry, if this reasoning bothers anyone 😭😣) Recap: After her divorce, she’s now spent 3 years living in her mate’s spare room. In that...
  4. Tabitha

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #12 Groundslog Day

    Joint effort from @Mark81 and @Daz_Blue 👏 Reflective of Victoria repeating the same things again and again… Recap We’re halfway through the year. Trips of 2023 so far DLP gifted by Disney WDW with Catherine WDW with her mum Munich for Disney 100 (competition hosted by Disney and won by Becky)...
  5. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #11 Wake up late and smell the Joffrey’s!

    Thanks to @Tabitha and @Daz_Blue for a combination of our new thread title! Prev thread: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-victoria-in-detail-10-disney-slob-constant-food-in-her-gob-time-to-get-an-actual-job.36119/ This was the most liked post on the prev thread and I thought it was one for...
  6. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #10 Disney slob, constant food in her gob, time to get an actual job

    Thanks to @Tabitha for the shiny new thread title! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-victoria-in-detail-9-shes-not-too-keen-on-riding-anything-maybe-thats-why-ian-left.34063/ In the inspiring words of Vicky, she knows we all love the Detail! 😂 Roundup: Already has a trip...
  7. Tabitha

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #9 She's not too keen on riding anything - maybe that's why Ian left

    Thanks to @Iwantallthetea for this amazing thread title. It is everything, obsessed.
  8. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #8 says "this is everything" but gives us nothing, as always

    Thanks to @emerald for the shiny new thread title! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-victoria-in-detail-7-ill-be-back-later-in-the-trip-so-will-do-it-then.30650/ As you were peeps!
  9. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #7 I'll be back later in the trip so will do it then!

    Thanks to @Iwantallthetea for the new thread title! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-victoria-in-detail-6-no-job-no-house-flying-1st-class-for-a-mouse.28379/ As you were peeps! Roundup: Miss V is still kipping in Kate's spare room She's just come back from a week with...
  10. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #6 No job, no house… flying 1st class for a mouse

    New thread! Thanks to @Tabitha for the new thread title 🙂 Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/disney-victoria-in-detail-5-lost-her-spouse-lost-her-house-should-be-disney-in-denial.25751/
  11. geordiegirl

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #5 Lost her spouse, lost her house, should be Disney in Denial!

    Thanks to @daveybrownsburiedpeen for part of the new thread title but had to amend it slightly to fit. Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/dsney-victoria-in-detail-4-desperate-for-a-florida-trip-just-to-sit-down-and-coffee-sip.23352/ As you were peeps!
  12. Emmapism

    Dsney/ Victoria in Detail #4 Desperate for a Florida trip just to sit down and coffee sip

    New thread! Anyone fancy tackling the recap? Thanks to @Furnessian for the most liked thread title
  13. Oohthedrama

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #3 Tattle was right, looks like Vicki will be booking a solo flight

    now my first suggestion was gonna be… is ian dipping his console and having a (V)irtual (S)hag 😐 probaby a bit soon though 😐 so it’s confirmed Ian and vicki are no more, they’ve split, We know nothing else 🤷‍♀️ Except victoria has gone blonde in the stereotypical “I’m gonna wash that man...
  14. M

    Disney/Victoria in Detail #2 Leave my flat? That’s insane! Oh wait, Disney World is open? Get me on a plane!

    thanks to @Pop!91 for the new thread title, winning with the most votes.
  15. B

    Disney/Victoria in Detail

    I've seen a few mentions of Victoria in others threads and I think the time has come for her to have one of her own. I really loved Victoria's content and I still do to some extent but it's starting to become very fake in my opinion? Her latest vlogs in Disney she has spent 3 days pretty much...