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  1. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan #3 Dumped by Aoife, stole his granny's house, receding hairline, and hung like a mouse

    New thread time. Hilarious new title suggested by @username123456. That's two in a row now! Definitely broken up with Aoife now, she escaped. Conor took some new blonde with him to Dubai instead of Aoife as planned. Sucking up to McGregor and pretending to like food all around the country, same...
  2. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan #2 Little feet, fake teeth, the video in Croker got the dirty delete

    New thread time. Thread title suggested by @username123456 2nd thread since the thread was split from Ellie. I haven't been following his thread super closely so maybe someone else can provide a recap. From what I can see there's a lot of speculation about whether he's still with Aoife or if...
  3. F

    Ellie Kelly #17 Ellie's luck with men is not the best, her latest fella is mad for incest.

    Finally separate :) Mod edit, is she the bigger one? One of them should take over the numbers as we don't have #1 or a thread title until someone earns at least a second thread.
  4. F

    Conor Ryan

    Finally separate :)
  5. F

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #16 Conor trying to play stepdad in Kerry but we all know he’d rather Ellie

    Well done @Sage for the new thread title. People had the chance to vote again and it did change but keeping them together still won so let’s not harp on about it. As for an update it’s the most boring this thread has ever been there isn’t much happening at all. Ellie is still as lazy as...
  6. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #15 Lil legs, red flags, eating curry. Wants her pregnant to move in in a hurry

    New thread title as proposed by @MiamooMoo Edited slightly to fit the character limit. Poll added as suggested to decide whether next thread should continue to be Conor and Ellie or just Conor.
  7. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #14 Found his Rose of Tralee but Aoife will flee and he'll crawl back to Ellie

    New thread title courtesy of @Kandu Waddiwan Had to shorten it a bit to fit, hope that's ok.
  8. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #13 Continued warfare, from Purple Hearts to purple hair

    New thread title courtesy of @Lolilolz Carry on!
  9. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #11 27 now so got DDs while Conor is showing off his new squeeze 💜🤣

    New thread title courtesy of @JessW123 Special mention to @MiamooMoo for a thread title suggestion but I'm almost 100% sure the mods would disallow it so I had to go with the next favourite! Poll added for fun. Carry on!
  10. MarkC1387

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #10 Ellie’s got a new rack, when will Conor come crawling back?

    New thread time. Title provided by @irishnosebag What's the latest? Ellie has new boobies from Turkey, they're broken up again, he stalked her to NYC but no-one knows what happened there, Conor going on a podcast to moan about Tattle soon. Anyone else have anything to add 😂
  11. Ryan80

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #9 Conor & Ell, the couple from hell

    New title courtesy of @Call influencers out Recap Conor and Ellie are offically back together. This news item made it to where there was 1500 comments which were hilarious Conor is going to run a course about social media. Cost is €200 for the day. He was a guest speaker for Cheryl...
  12. Ryan80

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #8 Move over Des Kelly carpets, hello Ellie Kelly the doormat

    New thread title courtesy of @Gizmo79 Seems like Conor and Ellie are back together. Anyone fancy doing a recap
  13. throwawaykid12

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #7 Ellie finally seen the light, Conor still full of

    Shiny new thread ✨ Thank you for the award winning title from @Noseyjosie 45 likes🏆 Recap anyone?
  14. Itsmedoctortea

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #6 Could she be dumber? Yup, she’s back with that scummer

    Thanks @MiamooMoo for the winning title 🙌:love: The fake break up is no longer 🥴
  15. Itsmedoctortea

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #5 Conors been dumped, Ellie’s getting humped

    Thanks to @MiamooMoo for the winning title 👏👏 sorry i had to shorten to fit. Full title was: Conors been dumped, Ellie’s getting humped, buddy cup food is shite his teeth are soooo white Anyone want to do a recap ;)
  16. D

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #4 Conor's on the snow, Ellie's career gone slow, Caoimhe's lips about to blow

    Thanks to @Sarahh123 for the title, I had to shorten the title to make it fit hope that’s ok! It was a great suggestion - full suggestion was : Conor’s on the snow, Ellie’s career is gone slow, their relationships a shit show, Caoimhe’s lips are about to blow. Can someone add #4 to the title if...
  17. M

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #3 Ellie acting very odd, Conor and his businesses are a fraud

    New thread for those two! Please feel free to summarise the last one😊
  18. Sunflowerrose

    Conor Ryan & Ellie Kelly #2 No precautions in Ibiza, Belfast & Greece

    Second thread for Ellie Kelly and conor ryan. Does anyone want to summarise the last thread? 🤍
  19. S

    Conor Ryan and Ellie Kelly

    I have no words for this pair, they have to be the most annoying couple on instagram.