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  1. geordiegirl

    Boss_mummy_sale #13 Find yourself someone who loves you as much as Georgie loves Georgie!

    Thanks to @Meg78 for the shiny new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Still getting pissed every night Still irritates us with her swishy dresses and...
  2. G

    Boss_mummy_sale #12 husband doing the horizontal tango - she’s drinking wine & gives her bracelets a jangle

    New thread title courtesy of @TheWitchIsBack Had to edit to fit Recap: Georgie went on 2 holidays - she could barely be bothered to put suncream on her kids let alone play with them. Booked them a ‘fun’ beach cabana and lots of late night restaurant sittings. Then went away for a ‘girls...
  3. G

    Boss_mummy_sale #11 Je suis attention seeking raging narcissist with an alcohol problem

    New thread time - hopefully I’ve done this right (first time) Congrats @Meg78 with the most likes! If anyone would like to provide a recap please go ahead - all I can think of is she’s the most self obsessed human I’ve ever clapped eyes on
  4. geordiegirl

    Boss_mummy_sale #10 Films herself whilst on the loo, won't take her kids to the zoo

    Alas (!) a new thread! Thanks to @Hereforthecomments2019 Prev thread here: As you were! Roundup: She’s now an auntie but hardly mentions it Still eye ducking herself in the gym...
  5. geordiegirl

    Boss_mummy_sale #9 Alas, won’t lie…booze mummy will drink every day that ends in Y

    Thanks to @Fanaff for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: She’s still a grade A c**t! As you were!
  6. geordiegirl

    Boss_mummy_sale #8 It’s not an AD its a referral jobby, special rules for crazy froggy

    New thread peeps! Thanks to @Hereforthecomments2019 for the title 👍 Prev thread here: As you were!
  7. geordiegirl

    Boss_Mummy_Sale #7 she's more haggard than haggis

    Well done to @ChubClubThug for the new thread title. Prev thread here: Round up: She’s still a twat As you were!!
  8. geordiegirl

    Boss_Mummy_Sale #6 Bm stands for boozy mum

    Thanks to @conrea37 for the thread title! As you were peeps! Old thread here: Round up: One Tattler saw an IG post announcing she was going to be an auntie which was swiftly taken down Still...
  9. R

    Boss_mummy_sale #5 BM does not stand for best mate either

    Thanks to @Meg78 for the new title. Quick recap: Georgie is still drunk and spending money on tat. Scott is still not Scottish and is still a miserable bastard. The baby is wearing shoes hard soled enough to hold a teenage boy, even though he’s not walking and when he does walk, he’ll likely...
  10. Meg78

    Boss_Mummy_Sale #4 BM does not stand for Bridesmaid

    Thanks to @Fanaff for the new thread title! Anyone fancy doing a recap before Georgie has a nightcap?
  11. swipe_up

    Boss_Mummy_sale #3 Jingle Jangle those bracelets are rank, imagine the sound when she gives Scott a … hand

    Congrats to @BananaRama with over 50 likes for the amazing thread title! previous thread here Anyone want to do a recap?
  12. Chatchatchat

    Boss_Mummy_sale #2 Not so posh totty and her non Scotty not Hotty

    The one with the 100 bracelets, swishing dresses in mirrors and cowboy boots also thinks her husband is so fit. Newsflash, he isn’t. He also cheated on his wife who had two young children 🤢 can someone do a proper recap because I can’t 😂
  13. G


    This is a page selling second hand clothes. Please delete if not allowed. I just wanted to come on here and ask if second hand clothes are normally this expensive. Compared to depop this page is SO expensive. The Instagrammar Boss Mummy is trying to sell second hand boots for £40. Says they...
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