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  1. They See Me Trolling...

    _beingbrittany #8

    title removed, if two words have to be censored it’s probably not the best title to use.
  2. They See Me Trolling...

    _beingbrittany #7 size 12 and nazi tattoos, we wish you had better taste in shoes!

    Well done @LittleMissH for the winning thread title with 57 votes ✌🏻 As you were ladies...
  3. They See Me Trolling...

    _beingbrittany #6 kitten heels and manly meals, how much is she making with Lumi deals?

    Thanks to @Aceofspades with 37 votes 🎉 had to edit slightly to fit! First attempt at starting a thread so hope it works! Oops I did a spelling mistake 🤦🏻‍♀️ Was meant to read manky not manly 🙄
  4. H

    _beingbrittany #5 J Genevieve doesn’t know you exist, gifted brownie you need to resist!

    Thanks to Ohyeah for the thread suggestion, with 73 votes
  5. Hatshepsut

    _beingbrittany #4 Tittany Green the begging queen has the worst eyebrows I’ve ever seen!

    Thanks to @Smith290419 for the new thread title with the most likes 😁
  6. StrawberryCream

    _beingbrittany #3 Boyfriend on tag, fake designer bag, gifted *press stays, cankles for days

    New thread! @ChubClubThug thread suggestion got the most votes Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/_beingbrittany-2-the-adventures-of-skippany-and-her-size-10-feral-toenail.2642/
  7. StrawberryCream

    _beingbrittany #2 The adventures of Skippany and her size 10 feral toenail

    Previously SlimmingWorld Brittany Thread name by @Wowwwwwwwww and @ChubClubThug
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