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  1. Doingitforthegramhuntake2

    Beingbrittany #23 Always the bridesmaid never the bride, 10 stone weight loss still being denied

    Congrats to @Sozhun for the winning title. If someone would like to do a recap that would be grand.
  2. Doingitforthegramhuntake2

    beingbrittany #22 Holding herself up with scaffolding so Sean from Instagram can get his tackle in

    Winning thread title from @Hinchdoyouloveme (won’t let me tag sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️) Anyone fancy doing a recap?
  3. StrawberryCream

    beingbrittany #21 You’d think Sean was a free man, she’ll do anything for some free scran

    Winning thread title by @dietdodgers Previous thread - https://tattle.life/threads/beingbrittany-20-showing-off-her-curvy-peach-in-greece-no-hun-youre-just-morbidly-obese.33116/
  4. girl1980

    Beingbrittany #20 Showing off her curvy peach in Greece. No hun, you’re just morbidly obese.

    Thanks to @diddlydoop for capturing the essence of fat Pam in the thread title. Anyone fancy a recap? I would but I'm hanging with my best friends, my daughter who loves hanging with me but can't wait to get away from me, and her pedalo dad.
  5. NoImSpartacus

    Beingbrittany #19 Naughty Sean liking another girls pic, Fat Pam is back cos he likes them thicc

    Thanks to @Sozhun for the thread title Recap: - Titters, snaggletooth and Betsy went on holiday to Greece - Sean posted lots of embarrassing/unflattering pics of Titters including a waddling video - We found out where Brit gets all her fake bags from - More AD/AFF links to awful...
  6. NapQueenReturns

    _beingbrittany #18 Stuffed Crust Pam & short chode man ditch their kid for freebies whenever they can!

    New thread title thanks to @Lonewolf 👏🏽 Recap from last thread: * Finally took ‘BiG wEiGhTLOsS’ out of her bio. * Ordered some clothes online. * Dragged her kid some boring places. * Didn’t take her to some other ones. * Slowly gorging herself to death.
  7. Noonoosanne2

    _beingbrittany #17

    Fat Pam on only Pams watch me squirt (PRIMULA) on my cheese t*ts I’m assuming it was a thread suggestion from @ChubClubThug I’ve added Fat Pam at the start as it was very much requested! gotta bring this whopper of a photo over from the mystery poster! If you’ve anymore please feel free to...
  8. Noonoosanne2

    _beingbrittany #16 face-dildo scam, barbering no-neck sham, next she’ll be begging for ham.

    New thread title courtesy of moi! well what can I say, not alot she ain’t half a boring fucker! Swipe up after swipe up, trying to gain sympathy by saying she missies Betsy and just wants to be with her all the time, Went to meet Elle Darby 🥱 gifted more brownies 🥱 but still midsized 🥱
  9. They See Me Trolling...

    __beingbrittany #15 One brownie away from __being(theoriginal)brittany

    Well done to @Wowwwwwwwww (and @ChampagneBox) for the thread title
  10. They See Me Trolling...

    __beingbrittany #14 Used to be slim, now she’s just fat. Hides in a tent, her bf’s a twtt!

    Well done to @NapQueenReturns for the winning title with 54 votes. Had to edit slightly to fit - original suggestion was: As you were…
  11. NapQueenReturns

    __beingbrittany #13 Buying anti-racist books, only cares about how she looks

    New title thanks to @sunisshining (Sorry it wouldn’t all fit) Recap: * Still racist but now buying self help books on how not to be racist * Every IG story is still an advert * Doing PT sessions because she has ballooned to be even bigger than Loser-Liv * Trying to convince her followers...
  12. StrawberryCream

    __beingbrittany #12 Your comment has been seen and we don’t forgive that you were a teen

    Thread title by @sunisshining Taken the word ‘racist’ out as likely to be removed by admin Round up of last thread- old comments resurfaced from brittany’s old personal account, she addressed it on her main page, then presumably Sean made a fake account to call tattlers bullies and the post a...
  13. They See Me Trolling...

    __beingbrittany #11 Nipped to sainos for a cheese tringle, can’t stick to “don’t mingle”

    Well done to @SHEEP for the thread suggestion with 53 likes. Had to edit to fit!
  14. They See Me Trolling...

    __beingbrittany #10 maxed Klarna swipe ups galore, bye size 12 more like 24!

    Thank you to @Noonoosanne2 for the thread suggestion with 37 votes x As you were...
  15. They See Me Trolling...

    __beingbrittany #9 making £s off lumi cause that stuff ain’t cheap!

    Well done to @Ihateit with the winning thread title, edited to stick within the rules of Tattle as well as fit! Seriously don’t know why she’s sharing the post about the Sainsbury’s advert - her husband is a racist and says those things and much worse! Mod edit - acronyms and removing spaces...
  16. They See Me Trolling...

    _beingbrittany #8

    title removed, if two words have to be censored it’s probably not the best title to use.
  17. They See Me Trolling...

    _beingbrittany #7 size 12 and nazi tattoos, we wish you had better taste in shoes!

    Well done @LittleMissH for the winning thread title with 57 votes ✌🏻 As you were ladies...
  18. They See Me Trolling...

    _beingbrittany #6 kitten heels and manly meals, how much is she making with Lumi deals?

    Thanks to @Aceofspades with 37 votes 🎉 had to edit slightly to fit! First attempt at starting a thread so hope it works! Oops I did a spelling mistake 🤦🏻‍♀️ Was meant to read manky not manly 🙄
  19. H

    _beingbrittany #5 J Genevieve doesn’t know you exist, gifted brownie you need to resist!

    Thanks to Ohyeah for the thread suggestion, with 73 votes
  20. Hatshepsut

    _beingbrittany #4 Tittany Green the begging queen has the worst eyebrows I’ve ever seen!

    Thanks to @Smith290419 for the new thread title with the most likes 😁
  21. StrawberryCream

    _beingbrittany #3 Boyfriend on tag, fake designer bag, gifted *press stays, cankles for days

    New thread! @ChubClubThug thread suggestion got the most votes Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/_beingbrittany-2-the-adventures-of-skippany-and-her-size-10-feral-toenail.2642/
  22. StrawberryCream

    _beingbrittany #2 The adventures of Skippany and her size 10 feral toenail

    Previously SlimmingWorld Brittany Thread name by @Wowwwwwwwww and @ChubClubThug