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  • Faux Transparency

    Grace and her fans will often claim she is fully transparent about her privilege. Over the years, Grace has acknowledged she is privileged - but only by saying vague stuff about how she is white, that she is privately educated, and she is “lucky” in many ways. But Grace is no bog standard London private school kid. She has never laid bare the full extent of her generational old-money type wealth, such as:
    • Her grandfather leaving behind an estate of £28 million. Grace may not be directly benefitting from this just yet, but her mother certainly will have and Grace is almost guaranteed to receive the benefits of this down the line.
    • She didn’t just attend any old private school, she has attended boarding schools and some of the most prestigious and expensive private schools the country e.g. St Paul’s & FHS.
    • Grew up in a multimillion £ Kensington townhouse and lived there until she graduated from university (but still claims she was financially independent since 18.
    Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 13.09.45.png

    As much as she likes to claim she is open about her privilege, she can’t resist trying to downplay it by making bizarre claims which range from having strict parents to working since she was 13 (i.e. babysitting for her fellow millionaire neighbours). Grace has a pattern of saying things which are technically the truth, but without the relevant context so that she can give the impression she isn't as privileged as she actually is. For an excellent summary of how Grace tries to hide and undermine her privilege, see this post.

    1. “Scholarships”

    Grace has claimed that she was only able to attend a private school if she acquired “significant scholarships”. She has also stated that all of her sisters were awarded scholarships - the way this has been worded heavily implies they were full-ride scholarships.
    Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 12.52.48.png


    It’s no surprise that some people who follow Grace don’t realise the extent of her privilege when she makes it seem like she was awarded full scholarships. It turns out these “significant” scholarships were not significant at all - they were all small music-related scholarships. For example, at FHS, Grace was a recipient of the Music scholarship for 11+ which gives a 5% discount on fees. This amounts to approximately £1,000 discounted from her £20,000 a year fees. Given that all the Beverley sisters were trained as choristers from a young age, it's likely all of their scholarships were similar small music scholarships. To be eligible for a music scholarship you’ve probably received expensive tutoring and training since a young age, which is yet another example of the many privileges she likes to portray as pure merit.

    Another counter to this bizarre claim that she was only allowed to attend private school if she was awarded scholarships is that all four of the Beverley sisters attended extremely expensive private schools. Were her millionaire parents really going to send her to the local state comprehensive if she didn’t get a few hundred quid from a minor scholarship? Unlikely.

    Grace seems to really like the idea of pretending her schooling was funded by scholarships, because when someone asked her if she was on a scholarship at Oxford, she replied that she was on a singing scholarship. Which is technically the truth, but she left out the context: choral scholarships at Oxford provide you with a few hundred quid a year and are not significant scholarships like this tweet might imply. Also note that Grace lost this scholarship in her first year because she didn’t attend the compulsory choir practice.

    Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 12.51.59.png

    2. Poor student

    Over the years and to this day, Grace implies that she struggled financially during university. This started with tweets and YouTube comments where she painted a dramatic picture of being suspended by Oxford in the Christmas of her first term. Other, more recent comments include quotes like: "I needed some extra money to help me through uni" and "At Oxford, you're not allowed a part time job, which can throw a spanner in the works as the living costs were so high" (keep in mind that Grace never took out the maintenance loan, so living costs couldn’t have been that much of a concern for her). Even as recently as March 2021, Grace claimed that "I was really struggling with money at university" in her first term of university - despite going on a ski trip to Val Thorens at the end of that term, as most people with financial difficulties would.

    To start with, some context. In the UK you can take out two types of government loan: the tuition fee loan, which covers the £9,250 annual cost of tuition, and the maintenance loan, which is designed to cover your maintenance cost (e.g. rent) and is means-tested based on your parents income. Nearly every student in the UK takes out both these loans. Grace decided not to take out the maintenance loan, but did decide to take out the tuition fee loan just for her first year. For many years Grace told a story about how she was suspended from university because she was unable to pay her tuition fee loan, sharing a scary letter with her Twitter followers of her college demanding payment. However, the details of the story have gradually changed - she now says she was nearly suspended, not actually suspended, and it turns out all this fuss was because she signed up to Student Finance with the wrong email address so her loan didn't come through. She called them and they fixed it and sent the loan, the end. But somehow Grace has spun this admin error into a rags to riches story of how her businesses started.

    3. Hiring her dad

    Last year, Grace revealed she “hired her dad” at TALA. To anyone who didn’t know her background too well, you’d easily assume that this was a quaint story of Grace giving back to her family by giving her dad a job to help him out. In reality, her dad is a very successful management consultant who now runs his own consultancy, after working for the likes of McKinsey in the past. Although Grace ‘hired’ him, it’s not as a TALA employee, but as a consultant to advise her business. And I think we can safely assume she is not paying the rate he would normally charge for that service. But of course, she will swear up and down her family has nothing to do with her business. They don't have to directly inject money for your family privilege to benefit your business in ways which would never be possible for people without those contacts.

    4. Financially independent

    Grace often talks about how her parents were strict and forced her to be financially independent since 18. It seems Grace has a pretty distorted perception of what 'financial independence' actually means, because between the ages of 18-22 she still lived at her mum's Kensington mansion. To most people, being financially independent means paying your own rent and utilities. If she was paying any rent to her mum it would've been a pittance, not the ~£1000+ it would normally cost to live in a room in a house like that in Kensington. She probably makes this claim because of the IBM internship she got when she was 18, but that offers a £18k salary. I suppose it's very easy to be "financially independent" at 18 if you're getting £1,300 a month and don't have to spend it on rent. She even claims that she was able to save money for uni from this internship salary; how many people on an £18k salary in London are able to making significant savings like that?

    It really isn't uncommon for young people in London to live with their parents for a while, especially if they are doing internships etc where the low salary wouldn't support independent living in London. It's frustrating that Grace has tried to spin this bog standard situation as her pulling herself up by her bootstraps at 18 and going it alone.

    COVID antics

    1. Grace's *actual* business trip to Dubai

    On 3rd December, Grace posted the following stories as she was about to jet off to Dubai. She claimed the trip was a treat for her EA and that it was an *actual* business trip. She said she was apprehensive about travelling and and that they'd "called for clarification on literally everything to make sure we're being smart and doing the right thing". Well, she had already lied in these stories, because a few weeks prior she shared a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her EA. In this conversation her EA says "we will send you away for a well deserved break" - it seems this trip to Dubai was booked as a treat for Grace for finishing her book, not a treat for her EA and certainly not a business trip.


    On the first night of her *actual* business trip to Dubai, Grace attended a launch party for Kaz Crossley's headband company. At various points Kaz and her friends were standing up in the restaurant and dancing and had to be asked by the staff wearing masks to sit down.

    On the third night of her trip, after an exhausting few days of answering emails in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon, Grace decided to attend an illegal house party in Dubai hosted by a COVID-denying washed up Ex on the Beach Star. He was posting stories of this party into the early hours of the morning, and Grace was spotted at this party mingling and dancing on three different occasions:

    The next day when Grace was called out by a follower for attending this superspreader event, she claimed she was only at the party for 10 minutes. This was easily debunked by looking at the time stamps of the stories she appeared in, where it seems she was at this party for at least two hours. It also calls bullshit on her stories on the plane, where she claimed that she was apprehensive and had called for clarification on everything to make sure she was "doing the right thing" - but was happy to be whisked away to a random house party.


    To this day, there is no evidence that this was an *actual* business trip. She occasionally posted stories of her doing work on her laptop, but this could clearly all be done from the safety of her own home.

    And, don't forget kids:

    2. Pandemic trip to France to see “family”

    In July, lockdown restrictions were eased for the first time in the UK - one of these restrictions which was eased was international travel. Right on cue Grace tweeted to put out feelers to see how much controversy she would generate if she went abroad (Grace has deleted her twitter; add screenshot of this tweet if you can find it plz). All of the replies were people saying that they didn’t think it was a good idea and they would feel unsafe.

    A week or so later Grace goes off on her merry way to France, claiming it’s a trip to see her mother.

    Anyone who didn’t know Grace would easily assume her mother lived in France - but no, guess what, her mum lives in London. Grace’s family owns a second home in the south of France, and it’s tradition for them to go every year. So initially this looked like a family holiday with Grace and her sisters and mother - but very quickly some of the eagle eyed among us noticed that Montana Brown, former Love Island contestant, was posting pictures on Instagram of a location which looked suspiciously similar to where Grace was.

    Eventually people on twitter started calling her out for pretending she was just visiting family, all the while bringing along Mon Mon. She eventually responded, spinning another elaborate story that Montana was moving in with her.

    To this day, Montana has not moved in with Grace. She did like to use Grace’s home gym illegally during lockdown though.

    After a few days of an emotional reunion with her mum, apparently Grace had enough of the family holiday and decided to swan off to Cannes with Montana for a weekend of clubbing and sunbathing. Montana, as she usually does, called the paparazzi to make sure they could get their Daily Mail feature.

    3. Crete

    On her second pandemic trip of the year, but certainly not the last, Grace went to Crete with Montana and her housemate. The trio posted themselves without masks in the back of taxis constantly, even though at the time it was the law to wear a mask in taxis in Greece. Montana’s own vlog:
    Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 14.45.25.png

    Note this is not the only time they went maskless; their daily Instagram stories showed that they refused protect their drivers every single time they got into a taxi.

    The night she returned to London from this Greece trip, she attended Montana's birthday party in London, fresh off the plane. There were over 20 people at this party - this was presumably illegal, and Montana must have paid the restaurant a lot of money to be able to host it. At this time the rules were that you could have up to 30 people in a socially distanced gathering if it was for a wedding reception or funeral. Not for your narcissistic birthday party.


    4. Other covidiot antics

    Grace's behaviour wasn't much better at home either.

    Summer-Winter 2020:
    Lockdown 2021
    • Initially Grace painted a picture of COVID-compliance during the third UK lockdown, however a few sloppy social media posts indicate that she was allowing people in and out of her house throughout this period.
    • Strong speculation that she had some kind of hair stylist/beautician over on her birthday - she mysteriously appeared with a professional looking blowout and censored part of her itinerary for the day.
    • Evidence of people come over to Grace’s house who don’t live there; exhibit A and exhibit B (in fairness, in the second picture they are doing pottery together, which we all know is essential work).

    Need for constant attention / Passing off other's work as her own for the sake of a compliment

    1. Painting

    Grez decided the world could not possibly go another day without knowing how talented she is as a painter (I KNOW! How can one girl have so many talents? Spoiler: she lied).

    She took to insta to share her creation, including not one but TWO time lapses, presumably included to prove it was indeed her who painted the below masterpiece:

    But as this is GB, within hours of pretending she was inspired by her own household ornaments, she was forced to admit her true "inspiration" was an artist by the handle @josephinezentner. "Inspiration" is the word GB chose to use here as a synonym for "work by an artist with less than 7k followers, whose work I copied in order to pass it off as my own, for the sake of receiving praise on the internet".

    Zentner's work is shown below for comparison; Grez demonstrably stole from it, including the swimming figures. GB obviously thought she would get away with it because Zentner has relatively few followers compared to GB's million.

    Total rip off Grace mate.

    2. Jokes

    Grez is so funny. One time she was so overworked she accidentally overslept after trying to set her alarm using her CALCULATOR app - what a silly ditz. Of course, this was an old joke on the internet (origins assumed to be Tumblr). Evidence of the embarrassing gaff was removed when GB deleted her twitter (as all first time writers do when they release a book...).