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  1. bcfc999

    Unjaded Jade #13 The girl who cried oppression

    Thanks to @hermionewannabe123 for the most-liked title, with 40 likes 🎉 Jade's latest project is a mindfulness app called Tend, which will be financed by..... Her own earnings from her book and YouTube? Her dad's MLM money? Nope - her followers! If anyone wants to give a more detailed recap...
  2. TheLadyTea

    Unjaded Jade #12 Jade’s DNA Test Results: 1% Dutch, 1% English, 98% annoying as

    Thread title credit goes to @sheleg. If someone could recap, that would be great!
  3. X

    Unjaded Jade #11 Find her book on the clearance shelf, discover the casual magic of privilege &wealth

    Title by @charlobster, thank you! Had to shorten it so it would fit, hope that's alright :) Nobody else has created a new thread, right? I hope this works, I've never made one! Recap: Jade is in Berlin, her book contains no actual advice and has terrible writing, Minerva is still a joke and...
  4. M

    Unjaded Jade #10 the next literary sensation, will her new book have a German translation

    Title edited a little for length, and thanks to @Princess Peach Carry on!
  5. N

    Unjadedjade #9 nature gahl and her latest scam, fluent in german cause she’s been to amsterdam

    Thanks to @charlobster for the title, I had to shorten it a little so it would fit :) If someone who's been paying more attention than me can post a summary please?
  6. E

    UnjadedJade #8 UnjadedMLM

    Thanks to @cheesecakes for the name! Summary -Jade in her attempts to not be racist has made some questionable comments -She started her own 'journalling club'/MLM -Did you know she's in Korea? She's in Korea surrounded by Korean people. Korean students go to the Korean library and she once saw...
  7. Lurker1997

    UnjadedJade #7 Feeling jaded, casual magic faded, criticism evaded

    New thread... anyone wanna recap? S/o to @montroseee for the most liked thread title
  8. D

    Unjaded Jade #6 Swiss male members magically cures girls mental health!

    Thanks to @kingdomhearts for the thread title! Adjusted slightly by staff to keep it title appropriate. So a recap: Jade is now in Seoul, South Korea after coming from Berlin (and cumming from Switzerland). She has received major backlash for this and as a result, took a social media break...
  9. stewedmalaise

    Unjaded Jade #5 Ask her about Switzerland

    New thread title by the lovely @nissigossips ! Jade decided to go to Korea bc her phony University "told her too." She's still in quarantine? Mental health may be spiraling? Already glorifying and taking a surface-level approach to Korean culture? Had a weekend getaway in Switzerland with some...
  10. M

    Unjaded Jade #4 Tragic Magic

    Thread title thanks to @nissigossips who was inspired by @slamvs27 Jade is in Korean quarantine, confused by the food and pretending it's all ✨casual magic✨ Before flying over she had a fun time crossing the German border to go on a little weekend getaway with a guy called Nikolai in a small...
  11. E

    Unjaded Jade #3 All about casual magic because her real life is tragic

    Thread name is mine because it had the most likes. Recap: Jade continues to study at Minerva and be incredibly smug about it She puts posts on her Instagram story to be like 'Sad I got rejected from Oxford three years ago but OMG GUYS I AM SO OVER IT DEFINITELY' She's still trying to find the...
  12. Welshgal

    Unjaded Jade #2 shocked by diversity at her scam university

    It was time for a new thread! Thanks for the hilarious title @ECH 👏🏻
  13. G

    Unjaded Jade

    Hopefully more people will join in over here, I’m sick of using GG to keep up! Study-tuber who is on her gap yah being a white saviour. Her dad is high up in an MLM and it looks as though the uni she’ll be attending is scammy and shady af.
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