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    Sandra Murphy #15 This Diva only wears savida

    Well done to @C1O2 for the winning thread title. Randy is taking a flight in the coming days. Repeat RANDY IS TAKING A FLIGHT! On Ryanair 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ The shame of it all! Hopefully some tattler will be on the flight and report back 🤣🤣 Off ye go with thread number 15!
  2. focusdochas

    Sandra Murphy #14 Engaged and married within a month, the wicked stepmother is a nasty runt

    Thanks to @SweatyBettyT for the title. So basically nothing has changed except a few details. she got engaged and married within a month She doesn’t seem to be living with her husband found this gem on instagram and thought I’d share (still have family playing for them) still a lot of people...
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    Sandra Murphy #13 Thinks she’s very grand with her hair band. If Colm does a runner she’ll get some land.

    Congratulations to @C1O2 on her 2nd thread title is in a row. Mind you “Sandra Murphy, not my circus, Oh yes it is!” was pretty damn funny too 🎪 @Lassie don't go home, take a bow! Randy still troweling on the make up and visiting her boyfriend/ baby daddy once per week. She’s getting bigger...
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    Sandra Murphy #12 Sandy from Cark afraid of the dark but not when she gets her holeen down the boreen

    New thread for Randy Sandy Murphy. Kudus to @C1O2 for the new thread title. Literally can’t be arsed doing a recap on this absolute clown… feel free tattlers to let lose! --- Can I also just add to this to say…when Randy takes us all to court and we are all facing jail time..,I’m bringing you...
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    Sandra Murphy #11 Randy Sandy’s getting hitched, does the groom know she’s a lying witch?

    Thanks to @MrsBouvier for the thread title with the most 👍 😂 and ❤️ This recap is called “Randy’s version of events” Randy and Colm met through their mutual interest in politics Randy and Colm were both single when they met Randy and Colm will get married when the time is right The entire...
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    Sandra Murphy #10 Had no concerns about STD’s but is all about the RSV

    Thanks to @brandambassador for the thread inspo! Quick update: Randy admitted she hasn’t visited the dark web in about 2 years. It’s a dangerous place where mentally ill and sick people masquerade behind anonymous profiles. Something Randy is very not familiar with 😉 She’s says she doesn’t...
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    Sandra Murphy #9 Happy 1st Anniversary Rand and Colm.

    Thanks to @brandambassador for the title. 👍 It’s Randy and Colm’s 1st anniversary weekend. This time last year Randy got knocked up at the Jazz and now she has Baby Chaz. No more to say 🤣 Away ye go tattlers …
  8. S

    Sandra Murphy #8 Sandy & Colms rent mishaps, can we blame it on the japs?!

    Thanks to @brandambassador for this absolute cracking’ title!!! It’s all gone tits up for Randy. The single mother on benefits is living between the halting site and mammys house. She’s also been seen holidaying in a caravan park🤭 Her ‘love’ is in the media for all the wrong...
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    Sandra Murphy #7 I’m a private patient, I’ve got my makeup on, Charlie’s on the boob, where’s baby daddy gone?

    Thanks to @The Foz for the new thread title with a whopping 28 love’s, likes and ha ha ha’s ❤️ 👍 😂 I’m a private patient, I’ve got my makeup on, Charlie’s on the boob, where’s baby daddy gone? Baby Charlotte is 3 weeks old and has already had her first photo shoot. She’s reading books and is...
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    Sandra Murphy #6 Ballincollig Boris Baby Born Will He Wander Again With His Horn?

    Thanks to @crookstown for the new thread title and it’s always good to have feet on the ground for the local intelligence 🤣 So, Baby Hola is 1, possibly 2 days old (not entirely sure as Randy being vague) and her umbilical cord is now in a frame. Her ma is chowin’ down on placenta and baby...
  11. square_spoon

    Sandra Murphy #5 Affair baby on the way, but is Sandra’s Ballincollig Boris gonna stray…

    Thanks to @rosieshouse for the new thread title (it seems to have the most likes of those posted!) Continued from this thread. Who is up for a quick recap?
  12. G

    Sandra Murphy #4 No Filter Friday, Lady Mistress Mehole

    New thread for the Lady Mistress
  13. A

    Sandra Murphy #3 Mr Mayor huffed & puffed, now Sandy's up the duff

    Thanks to @Padlock10 for the new thread title. I had to shorten as too long. Original suggestion was, Mr Mayor huffed and puffed now SM is up the duff. He says things off the cuff and now she's full of bluff... Last thread, Sandra Murphy #2 Saint Sandra finally let down her hair and now she's...
  14. O

    Sandra Murphy #2 Saint Sandra finally let down her hair and now she's knocked up by Cork's Lord Mayor

    Thread no 2 and the newest expectant mother in cork :) Thanks to @MollyMalone for the thread title suggestion (had to amend to fit) Original Title was : Saint Sandra is a virgin no more, she finally let down her hair and now she's knocked up by Cork's Lord Mayor As ye were
  15. Mona86

    Sandra Murphy @sandraisinthecity

    Sandra Murphy, bestie of Superstylegrabby. Lectures the nation from her mothers couch. Has never had a mortgage yet sings how me-hole Martin will sort the housing in this country & she will sort the trolley crisis as her brother is a doctor. Who knew it was that easy? Previous apprentice...