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  1. Bidscavan

    Pippa O'Connor Ormond #13 Tipsy Pipsy and the Tattle lie, apology email just won’t fly

    Congratulations to @MiamooMoo on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Tipsy Pipsy has been a bit more exciting lately so we get a new thread before Xmas 🥳😄 Main focus towards the end of last thread was that she launched Pocobeauty with one product. That product is a primer that is not a primer as its...
  2. Bidscavan

    Pippa O'Connor Ormond #12 Her blandness is driving me LOCO ,she chats to us peasants just to sell POCO

    Congrats to @Mammy2021 on the winning thread suggestion🥳🥳🥳 Sorry I had to change it slightly to make it fit. Recap Last thread lasted nearly 6 months so that'll tell you all you need to know about Tipsy Pipsy and how boring she is. She had a couple of breaks and also went on holidays to...
  3. Bidscavan

    Pippa O'Connor Ormond #11 Tipsy pipsy had a great fall and is back to basics selling AF links

    Two thread suggestions from last thread but unfortunately both too long as Pipsys title takes up a lot of characters so just putting them here @BridgetJonesWannabe Tipsy Pipsy sat on a wall , tipsy pipsy had a great fall, back to basics and flogging AF links @MiamooMoo Spend, spend, drink...
  4. F

    Pippa O’Connor Ormond #10 Tipsy Pipsy pudding and pie, drank the bar and left it dry

    new thread title courtesy of @MarryMe, as you were ladies
  5. dee_mc

    Pippa O'Connor-Ormond #9 Tipsy Pipsy has turned camera-shy: next she'll be pretending she's on the dry

    New thread for Pips, Brian, Billy Roll and the boys Credit to @MiamooMoo for winning title with 60 votes! Anyone attempt a recap of thread #8?
  6. Mocaacom

    Pippa O’Connor Ormond #8 Money talks, wealth whispers. Pippa is starting to scream

    Credit to @FishnChips for the title
  7. N

    Pippa O'Connor

    Irish influencer and business woman. Seller of candles, diaries, jeans, bomber jackets, lounge wear, make-up. Very successful in Ireland and has a huge following of very, very loyal fans.
  8. dee_mc

    Pippa O'Connor Ormond #7 POCO & BOCO: trying to figure out where they get their money has us going LOCO

    Thanks to @Imhereforthecomments:) for winning thread title with 22 votes Anyone want to attempt a recap of thread #6?
  9. lodgequeen

    Pippa O’ Connor #6 Jealousy, a pointless emotion when she has to go to bed with Ormond at night

    As you were babes. If anyone cares to recap, go for it. ETA thanks to @Heidi77 for thread title 🙌🏼
  10. dee_mc

    Pippa O'Connor #5 Jumpers, chairs no price too high, Brian's got a finger in another m pie

    Thanks to NTW for thread title - 39 likes
  11. O

    Pippa O Connor #4 Pippa has rooms and garden to spare, the Chloe thread is over there

    Thanks to @lodgequeen for the thread title suggestion. As you were....
  12. Cáca_Milis

    Pippa O'Connor #3 POCO clothes overpriced hype, Brian's an arse, UP is shyte

    New thread time.... this title got most likes *takes a bow* As ye were.....
  13. dee_mc

    Pipsy Pie #2 her Lego Head guy, with their massive teeth and their POCO clad feet

    Thanks to @Càca_Milis for the thread title 😂
  14. What's the tea Mrs Doyle?

    Pippa O'Connor - pipsy_pie

    Admin, any chance of a thread on Pippa O'Connor? Irish celebrity and model turned influencer and business woman. Instagram.com/pipsy_pie https://instagram.com/pipsy_pie?igshid=1uplntrvb5wjo