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Clemmie and Simon Hooper became mother and father of daughters on Instagram after the birth of their identical twins. Simon Hooper still posts on Instagram as Father of Daughters but Clemmie Hooper has deactivated her account as of Jan 2020. Father of Daughters
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  1. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #39 I spy with my little eye, MODified sausages exposing more lies

    Congratulations to @Cliqueypedia who’s on a sausage roll with her second successive title win with 34 reactions. Special mention to @OhMyWord who suggested Sly should write a book called “ kitchens: A Cautionary Tale.” Whilst this was a high up on the most reactions it wasn’t...
  2. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #38 140 days and looks like he’s not slept a wink for 138 of them!

    Congratulations to @Cliqueypedia (as recommended by @Titfer . Before I go on big shout out to the actual title with most reactions a massive 67 @ForeverMakingJibesWicked - sadly your wicked jibes are just too wicked but here it is for prosperity (you can still put it on your CV and LinkedIn...
  3. Dogmuck

    MOD & FOD #37 It's not over until I get a thread title hun

    Congratulations and thank the sweet baby jebus to @rainbowlemon for popping her thread cherry with 28 reactions. Well done you multicoloured citrus fruit you, hope it was worth the wait. Recap: Nothing has happened. Sly is still AWOL although some of his 953k adoring fans have just noticed...
  4. T

    MOD & FOD #36 Whatever we said, whatever we did, we didn’t mean it. We just want FOD back selling goods.

    Thread title by @Cliqueypedia 😍 with 38 votes. But it was too long :-( Recap: The Hoopers paid (!!!) someone to paint their spindles and some doors. They also had some money left to buy followers from China and Russia. No ads, no posts so it's the longest vacation the children have ever...
  5. Pocahontas

    MOD & FOD #35 Hiding out by the coast, luckily there’s old pics to roast

    Huge congratulating in store to @Spoke for the thread title! 🎉💐 43 reactions, go on with your bad self. When does the box office open for this play?
  6. Pocahontas

    MOD & FOD #34 FOD’s AWOL, his followers plunge, he’s biding time in the house of clunge

    Congratulations on your second consecutive thread title, @Bigmouth_bigpants !! ⭐️🌸🌞 Full title: FOD’s gone AWOL while his followers plunge, he’s biding his time in the house of clunge (sorry I had to shorten it to make it fit) A very princely 72 votes! Time to let fame go to your head and...
  7. EddieBeds

    MOD & FOD #33 Bots a plenty, we're under attack. Don't blame me I've been hacked hacked!

    Thanks to @Bigmouth_bigpants for the title! PS: This is my new thread cherry popped! 🍒
  8. Pocahontas

    MOD & FOD #32 Herringbone, it’s Clem. I need new locks, the skeletons have escaped

    Thanks and congratulations to @Kaywree for the thread name! Apologies, but I had to bastardise it to make it fit. Looking forward to seeing the much awaited pics of @sunflower ‘s wonderful smock.
  9. Pocahontas

    MOD & FOD #31 Stay Alert -> Delete the Comments -> Save Sponsorships

    Congratulations to @OhMyWord on your first thread name! We all aspire to such heady accolades! Let critique and commentary recommence:
  10. Pocahontas

    MOD & FOD #30 Comments from Yoda: A tw*t, you are

    View Halllooooooo my lovers! If this goes to plan, I’ve just made a new thread. Check me out. Thousands of thanks to the effervescent @Titfer, for her clever and hilarious title, inspired by a snippet of Dogmuck’s priceless wit.
  11. istapp

    MOD & FOD #29 Old lady rooms and lies a plenty, soon he'll be down to 720.

    Thanks to @Blurp with 38 likes... new thread title
  12. Dogmuck

    MOD & FOD #28 Pink jumpsuit MAMIL, toe of camel, had corona, but got no boner

    Congratulations to @PoorPatrol on the latest thread title with a not too shoddy 18 votes.
  13. houseofhoop

    MOD & FOD #27 Roll out the bint in her leopard print, it’s the only way we’ll make a mint

    Full title thanks to @Dogmuck : Roll out the bint in her leopard print, it’s the only sure way we’ll make a mint! #missyouclemmie
  14. houseofhoop

    MOD & FOD #26 Fodcliffe, it’s mee, I’m Clammie, I’ve come home, so cold, let me in you drafty Victorian window!

    Full title was: Fodcliffe, it’s mee, I’m Clammie, I’ve come home, so cold, let me in you drafty Victorian window Thanks to @Cabbagepatch for this one with 51 votes in total...
  15. houseofhoop

    MOD & FOD #25 Is it time he got the AXA?

    Thanks to @Kutikuti for the new title previous threads;
  16. Dogmuck

    MOD & FOD #24 You’re pointless and he is a father

    New title courtesy of @HowardMoon -with a huge 69 🤭 votes- reminding us all of those poignant words, brought to us by a FOD fangirl, that we are pointless and he is a Father ✌ Thank you Aristotle 🤦‍♀️
  17. Dogmuck

    MOD & FOD #23 He's going doooooowwwn, he's yelling vulvaaaa

    Big up to @frostily for the new thread title - with an amazing 51 votes
  18. T

    MOD & FOD #22 A draughty pile of pricks #ifyouknowyouknow

    Title by @MadeinFulham
  19. Yel

    MOD & FOD #21 If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 999k followers and my wife ain’t one

    Full title by @Cassandra Cain if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 999k followers and my wife ain’t one Keeping at 999k because it scans better, hope that's ok?
  20. MarmiteExtract

    MOD & FOD #20 Chanandler Bong, your content’s all wrong!

    Thanks to @Emmadale for the title. New article on losing followers :)
  21. Oohthedrama

    MOD & FOD #19 Slymon’s too sexy for the gram, too sexy for the gram, Tenerife and Japaaaan.

    thanks to @HouseRed for the new title! continue here. previous threads
  22. Yel

    MOD & FOD #18 You will always find her in the kitchen at parties

    NEW ARTICLE Why Mother of Daughters Clemmie Hooper is About to Return to Instagram New thread title by @infuencerdrainers View all threads.
  23. Yel

    MOD & FOD #17 Eat, Sleep, Deactivate, Repeat.

    Let the wankpuffin commentary continue! I can't find who suggested this (within 20 seconds) as so many did 😆 so please step forward for your praise 🙏
  24. Yel

    MOD & FOD #16 Slymon is being penetrated in the ears, whilst Gimmie is hiding from her peers

    Thread title by @Beach22 View all threads.
  25. Oohthedrama

    MOD & FOD #15 Now we know Slymon really is a prick, because all he’s doing is taking the mick!

    Thanks to @LW106 for the suggestion! 🙂 (slightly adjusted to fit) Continue here. Previous threads: