MOD & FOD #26 Fodcliffe, it’s mee, I’m Clammie, I’ve come home, so cold, let me in you drafty Victorian window!

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Is it bad that I still laugh at my own name? I do like a bit of house of hoop!

Old fodcliff must be climbing the walls at home having to bide his time before he posts again.

Can the person who made the fodcliff front cover with Sly on it please post a picture here. I haven’t got the time to scroll through and find it from the old thread… Much appreciated! We don’t want that gem to be forgotten
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House of hooper still only has 9 pics, I'm assuming of the ugly H sign they did on the grid. Fancy trying to start a new ig page right before you fuck up with an ill-thought out ad story. Oh how the below average continue to fall
Before making the House of Horrors IG public, Sly needs to post:
1. Video of something ‘funny’ relating to being outnumbered (like the hair ties).
2. Photo of toddler twins for the likes.
3. A few dancing IG stories.
4. Say a few ~American words to appeal to Texas huns (I vote pants instead of trousers just to confuse everyone!).
5. Another renovated room, conveniently forgetting to put a #ad in the post & stories.

Then all the huns will go ‘ohhhhh I love that lamp, where’s it from? Your interiors are so amazing!’ And bam! House of Horrors can live!
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