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  1. Louise Pentland #7 another shareable, cooking is terrible, hashtag captions #unbearable

    New thread! Thanks to @BananaPenguin for the title suggestion. It had to be edited to fit, the full title was “made another shareable, cooking skills are terrible, her hashtag filled captions are #unbearable”. The alternative was from @Yellowpear “Hello Louise, it's Mr Slop; Work stopped...
  2. Louise Pentland #6 Life of ease, full of pasta & cheese, she's engaged, it's Lady Louise!

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @SwipeUpSally for the title suggestion, sorry it had to be edited for length, full title: A life of ease, full of pasta and cheese, she's engaged, if you please! It's Lady Louise!
  3. Louise Pentland #5 The writer, swimming dad fighter, Malteaser biter, and the women’s righter

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @IrishName for the title suggestion.
  4. Louise Pentland #4 Earned £500k last year, but “can’t afford” a new kitchen!

    NEW THREAD, nobody had actually suggested a thread title until @Ihatepeonies and we needed a new thread, so here we go.
  5. Louise Pentland #3 It’s a no from the BBC & the book didn't make the top 3!

    New thread! Curtesy of @Highlandcow ! Previous threads https://tattle.life/tags/louise-pentland/
  6. Louise Pentland #2 WWilde about the ad’s, oh my battery Is flashing!

    Thread two. I combined what looked like the top two suggestions @RALN @shartgoblin so I hope that’s ok! Continue here, just in time for the New Weekly (nap inducing vlog)
  7. Louise Pentland - Aka SprinkleOfBuyMyBook

    I think we all are getting sick of Louise being a literacy whore and going on and on about buying her book. Anyways, it is released 9 August 2018 - we will be reviewing it here on Tattle.Life. ---- Keep tattling bitches --- GossWhore (previously known as AmenAmen91) Straight Tea, No Milk

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