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  1. emerald

    Louise Pentland #21 Disney too expensive?! Oh dear! You just need a new social media career!

    Title thanks to @Sunshineandrainbows112233 There's been no big dramas, just Louise being painfully out of touch and involving Darcy in ads. Oh, and she went to the dentist. If you want to go to Disney just start a "social m" career. If Louise can do it, we all can 🥶
  2. emerald

    Louise Pentland #20 There's a trip out there for anyone if you open Expedia and book it, moron

    Title is from an absolute belter from @Spoke Recap: 12 year old Darcy just got her ears pierced at Maria Tash and got diamond earrings to the tune of £1000+ Louise thinks she may neuroatypical and might be seeking a diagnosis. The family went to Disneyland Paris and Louise thought hearing the...
  3. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #19 Are you OK? Xxxxxxxxxx

    Thread title credit to @emerald :) Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/louise-pentland-18-the-wedding-dress-was-just-for-clout-darcys-the-fav-pearls-still-left-out.34905/
  4. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #18 The wedding dress was just for clout, Darcy's the fav, Pearl's still left out

    Thread title credit to @wifiisoff - Darcy started secondary school - Louise was overly dramatic about the Queen's death, and posted about it non-stop - Darcy has been signed to a children's talent agency - She hung out with Dan & Phil - She used her Instagram to call out a small business on...
  5. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #17 #FreeDarcy

    Thread title credit to @emerald Recap: - She was #gifted a trip to Disneyland and she went with just Pearl and Liam. Darcy was on holiday with her dad & stepmum. - Her book, #TimeAfterTime, was finally released after two years of her "writing" it. - Darcy and Pearl now share a bedroom. She...
  6. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #16 £1000 on her charity project, £3000 on ugly xmas decorations that last a month

    Nobody suggested a thread title so I used a comment instead. Credit to @simbi123 Full comment was "£1000 on her important charity project, £3000 on ugly christmas decorations that last a month" - Lady tight arse Louise entered a competition for a free kitchen despite being rich of enough to buy...
  7. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #15 The only thing Louise has influenced me to do this year is unsubscribe

    Thread title credit @flixy83 Nobody suggested a thread title so I just sorted from most liked posts in the previous thread until I found something suitable. Nothing new has really happened. Her youtube videos are quite shit, she is still using that god awful white walker filter on instagram and...
  8. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #14 Exploit my kids? Surely not me! I'm the #1 ambassador of NSPCC!

    Thread title credit to @SwipeUpSally Some unverified tea was posted about Liam and Louise, and how they had a night nurse for Pearl More spelling errors from our favourite best selling author! She posted a job listing for a social media assistant whose role would include driving around for...
  9. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #13 Soft office slob, cake in her gob, we MUST respect her job

    Thanks to @lhb120 for the title and also @FakeSmile Recap: - Somehow blended families and divorces are linked to.....vitamins? - She has a "side hustle" where she re-sells jewellery that she buys from ebay and possibly from charity shops - She ate full sized chocolate cake in her car - The hot...
  10. saltymermaid

    Louise Pentland #12 Forced engagement in every sense, can one really be that dense?

    New thread! Thanks to @Debbiedownerrrr for the title :) Recap: Nothing really eventful happened, however, Lady Lazy Louise: - Unsurprisingly posted a ton of ads. - Whinged about lockdown and how much she wants to go back to Disney. - Took the fam on another trip to Center Parcs. How fun. -...
  11. P

    Louise Pentland #11 O' Christmas tree O' Christmas tree, what else can she get free?

    Thanks to @FakeSmile for the title! Just starting the new thread because the other one was getting massive!
  12. Apple In My Pie

    Louise Pentland #10 Nicole navigates content I create, kids increase my engagement rate!

    Thread title from, erm, me. 😬 Thank you me, what a nice thread title. 😆 honest now guv I didn’t rig the vote or nuffink! Special mention to @SwipeUpSally who was the runner up with Louise Pentland #10 - All my work's done by Nichole and my kids, hire me to help you! Tip 1, be born rich! Thought...
  13. S

    Louise Pentland #9 Another "frugal" charity shop. Smile, doodles! Its #AD o'clock!

    Thanks to @saltymermaid for the thread title. I couldn't fit it all in, it was 'A new day & another "frugal" charity shop. Smile, doodles! Its #AD o'clock'.
  14. Apple In My Pie

    Louise Pentland #8 #mumlife, crap 'wife', content free in covid strife.

    I thought it was time we had a new thread! How quick did that one fill up!!! Thanks to @Yellowpear for the title, there weren’t very many to choose from, we were all discussing too much to think of any 😆 A honorary mention goes to @FlipFlop0706 for this early thread title contender: What...
  15. abella

    Louise Pentland #7 another shareable, cooking is terrible, hashtag captions #unbearable

    New thread! Thanks to @BananaPenguin for the title suggestion. It had to be edited to fit, the full title was “made another shareable, cooking skills are terrible, her hashtag filled captions are #unbearable”. The alternative was from @Yellowpear “Hello Louise, it's Mr Slop; Work stopped...
  16. StephenTJackson

    Louise Pentland #6 Life of ease, full of pasta & cheese, she's engaged, it's Lady Louise!

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @SwipeUpSally for the title suggestion, sorry it had to be edited for length, full title: A life of ease, full of pasta and cheese, she's engaged, if you please! It's Lady Louise!
  17. StephenTJackson

    Louise Pentland #5 The writer, swimming dad fighter, Malteaser biter, and the women’s righter

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @IrishName for the title suggestion.
  18. StephenTJackson

    Louise Pentland #4 Earned £500k last year, but “can’t afford” a new kitchen!

    NEW THREAD, nobody had actually suggested a thread title until @Ihatepeonies and we needed a new thread, so here we go.
  19. Oohthedrama

    Louise Pentland #3 It’s a no from the BBC & the book didn't make the top 3!

    New thread! Curtesy of @Highlandcow ! Previous threads https://tattle.life/tags/louise-pentland/
  20. Oohthedrama

    Louise Pentland #2 WWilde about the ad’s, oh my battery Is flashing!

    Thread two. I combined what looked like the top two suggestions @RALN @shartgoblin so I hope that’s ok! Continue here, just in time for the New Weekly (nap inducing vlog)
  21. GossWhore

    Louise Pentland - Aka SprinkleOfBuyMyBook

    I think we all are getting sick of Louise being a literacy whore and going on and on about buying her book. Anyways, it is released 9 August 2018 - we will be reviewing it here on Tattle.Life. ---- Keep tattling bitches --- GossWhore (previously known as AmenAmen91) Straight Tea, No Milk