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  1. onservantannie

    Juice Plus Past & Present #12 The Aldridges take us for fools trying to disguise why Dan dusted off his tools

    New thread ☺️ I had to scroll to page 12 of ‘most liked’ posts for the thread title, it was from yours truly. (Had to edit it to fit). I wonder what epic fails, lies, badly edited photos and con-artist ploys the Huns will delight us with during this thread! Previous thread...
  2. T

    Juice Plus Past & Present #11 Carpentry, porn & hair extensions how else will skint huns pay for JP conventions

    As we were. Anyone care to recap. Thanks previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-past-present-10-so-many-huns-have-gone-but-the-kumrous-and-aldridges-are-clinging-on.40228/page-52#post-16703514
  3. D

    Juice Plus Past & Present #10 So many huns have gone, but the Kumrous and Aldridges are clinging on

    Thanks to @SaintLeo for the new thread title - some great suggestions! To recap - there was a mass exodus of huns, mainly jumping ship from Juice Plus to Beyond Beauty and NuSkin. Some even moved to Beyond Beauty before realising it would fail and jumped ship to Nu Skin before it had even got...
  4. onservantannie

    Juice Plus MLM #9 The Aldridges are renting out their marital bed ffs

    Credit to @Delphinimperial for the comment which provided the title inspiration 😂😂 and also to @prickle99 who originally spotted the comedy and shared it on the last thread. Excellent work huns 👏👏 I shall await my reward of the fake Gucci sliders for starting the thread. I particularly look...
  5. onservantannie

    Juice Plus MLM #8 Livs man doesn't care, Hari never has her kid & millionaire Dani flogs clothes 4 a few quid

    New thread created - thanks to @Eeyo17 for the title suggestion with the most likes! Link to previous thread:https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-mlm-7-the-jp-huns-are-dropping-like-flies-off-to-another-scam-flogging-the-same-lies.36853/ During our last thread we had a poll to see which of...
  6. onservantannie

    Juice Plus MLM #7 The JP huns are dropping like flies, off to another scam flogging the same lies!

    New thread made as we’d gone over 50 pages. Thread title courtesy of yours truly 😘 Link to previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-mlm-6-juice-plus-making-fat-girls-poor-since-1974.35390/ Poll created just for fun 👆🏽 (Think I remembered all hun names).
  7. onservantannie

    Juice Plus MLM #6 Juice Plus - Making Fat Girls Poor since 1974

    New thread, congratulations to @Proctalgia_Fugax for the winning title! ❤️ Previous thread:https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-mlm-5-look-after-my-own-baby-i-dont-give-an-eff-rather-be-at-centre-parcs-with-jeff.33731/page-53#post-12772283
  8. S

    Juice Plus MLM #5 Look after my own baby? I don’t give an eff, rather be at Centre Parcs with Jeff!

    Thread number 5 huns! Thanks to @Noseyoldcow for the title. Quick recap of the last thread - Harriet continued to boast about losing baby weight using pictures of herself at 42 weeks preggers as her before pic. That’s not how it works Harriet! Oakie Dokie got to know her grandparents even...
  9. J

    Juice Plus MLM #4 Chinderella has given birth to Oakie Doke, the JP girls are still a joke

    New thread, Thanks to @Loppylou89 for the thread title which won with 11 votes! old thread; https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-mlm-3-hun-ny-the-pooh-babys-due-poor-harriet-hasnt-a-clue.30133/ Juice Plus re-cap, please add below; Olivia Measures is still making up stories everyday about...
  10. T

    Juice Plus MLM #3 Hun-ny the Pooh, baby's due, poor Harriet hasn't a clue

    Fab suggestion from @Youvegottobekiddingme Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-mlm-2.26544/ New thread starts here, anyone care to recap.
  11. T

    Juice Plus MLM #2

    Previous thread below. https://tattle.life/threads/juice-plus-mlm-bossbabes.22775/ Anyone care to recap?
  12. J

    Juice Plus MLM #bossbabes

    Thread for all UK Juice Plus MLM pushers! Those with over 10k followers are fair game on the thread!