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  1. V

    Jack Grealish #45 He's brought back the braid and ponytail, now do us a favour and regrow the snail trail

    Title from @ruby1080 Pls someone attempt a recap via photos only
  2. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #44 Winna winna chicken dinna

    Thanks to @kathyloop and our favourite bingo caller Jack Grealish for the title. Jack's a Premier League and Extreme Short Tuck Champion ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ He's also currently about to start Day 2 of what he has promised will be at least a 3 day bender. He's been teasing us with 20 second cameos on...
  3. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #43 Gettin' figgy with it

    Thanks to @Violetroselily for the thread title. Let's have a nice clean thread where nice happy things happen for Jack โœจ๐Ÿคžโœจ Get your Jack tax in asap.
  4. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #42 Cornflower has summoned new photos of nips, now bae please let us lick your hip dips

    Thanks to @Violetroselily for the thread title, and also to @cornflower for summoning the nips. Our calls were answered. Blonde Bae is Back. I don't think there's anything else worth a re-cap, but someone who can see past the hair may remember something. Jack tax due whenever you can get...
  5. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #41 We wish he wasn't quite so nesh, we really want to see his flesh

    Thanks to @Gossgossgoss9888 for the thread title Jack tax due ASAP to cleanse all our minds Someone feel free to do a recap, without mentioning any triggering incidents. Or let's just forget the content of the last thread and start fresh โค
  6. Shoequeen91

    Jack Grealish #40 Looking fit in Gucci North Face, invite us round for pizza and let us sit on your face

    @ruby1080 pretty much summing up everyoneโ€™s thoughts and feelings. If anyone wants to recap, please do. My only recap is that the man is still blonde (HOW?!) Thread 40 is a-go! ๐Ÿ’™ Try and get your tax in by close of play at 5pm x
  7. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #39 We need to see him on the pitch…or we might throw ourselves in a ditch

    Thanks to @wonderstruck25 for the thread title โค Tax is due by the end of today. No piercings, no tattoos, and if possible no clothes. Just Jack. Thank you very much.
  8. V

    Jack Grealish #38

    Title courtesy of @jumpmoon and Jack...Grealish
  9. cornflower

    Jack Grealish #37 You’re a see you next Tuesday

    Thank you to the lovely @Shoequeen91 for the brilliant suggestion! ๐Ÿ’™ Recap experts: do your thing Everyone: tax is now due ๐Ÿ˜
  10. V

    Jack Grealish #36 Thanks Kevin

    Title thanks to @iluvpink and Kevin
  11. Shoequeen91

    Jack Grealish #35 He's going to be the face of Gucci, we can't wait - nor can our coochies

    New thread ๐Ÿ’™ Happy Tattling. Title from the lovely @Gossgossgoss9888 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’™ (tweaked slightly to be more inclusive of the entire group). If anyone wants to pop in a round-up, go for it! Big couple of footballing games coming up so hopefully JG finds the back of the net. Also, donโ€™t forget to pay...
  12. V

    Jack Grealish #34 wild for bab when he’s rocking his glasses, we long for his balls to be slapping our a**es

    Title courtesy of @cornflower and the book of pronunciation Recap:
  13. cobette

    Jack Grealish #33 Just like custard hot and thick, pull those hot pants higher and show us your dick

    Thread title courtesy of @ruby1080 (and the RLF of @jumpmoon) Recap of a busy week: - Tattling during working hours meant we filled an entire thread in a week (there was a ban, it lasted about as long as Flipper probably does in the sack) - We discovered that Hendo is rather useful around the...
  14. V

    Jack Grealish #31 Little Phil get back in your tank, Jack drop us a voice note of you having a bank

    Slightly abridged title, courtesy of @ruby1080 Jack tax payments are due by month end Recap: Jack is back in training after another period on the sidelines due to a flange addiction We got some lovely, cute af, unseen pics for Valentines Day. Many hearts were broken. Jack and John went on...
  15. V

    Jack Grealish #30 The injuries are getting out of hand. Are they real, or is it the flange?

    Thank you to our flange dealer @Jen667 for the thread title
  16. cobette

    Jack Grealish #28 Sorry hun, I think you mean Sasha Attwood #1

    New thread title courtesy of @Shoequeen91 - sums up the last thread nicely too. I'll leave the recap to someone else but let's celebrate the fact the new content drought is over! Welcome back Bab, we missed you! ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ I thought the expression in these ones would go down well: AND WHEN...
  17. V

    Jack Grealish #27 2021 is over and come to a end, let’s see if in 2022 he can remember he has a girlfriend

    New thread, title courtesy of @wonderstruck25
  18. cornflower

    Jack Grealish #26 finally managed to score a goal, next time stick it in my hole

    Thank you @Violetroselily for the winning suggestion, quite a fitting title as it follows on nicely from the previous one. Someone else recap, please ๐Ÿ’™ Also want Christmas bae first page because this photo cannot be posted enough
  19. V

    Jack Grealish #25 not having any luck in front of goal, don’t worry us tattlers have plenty of holes

    New thread - title courtesy of @Shoequeen91
  20. misselaineious8

    Jack Grealish #24 What if the bulge is merely balls? Don’t worry Jack we’ll still pull down your smalls

    Hi, first time creating a thread. Hope I have done it right. Thanks to @cornflower for the thread title. Can someone pls attempt a recap?
  21. Gizmo24

    Jack Grealish #23 Is he injured? Is he hiding? Whose DMs will he be next to slide in?

    Someone care to do a recap. Stressed me out making a new thread for the first time.
  22. Traazers

    Jack Grealish #22 Tattlers have gone FBI, Emily Atack, we need to know why!

    GL with the recap guys...
  23. J

    Jack Grealish #21 Celebrating 8 yrs with your boy the player, you watch The Notebook he scrolls through Raya

    New thread thanks to @Shoequeen91 for title had to shorten a bit as was over the permitted character limit
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