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  1. wonderstruck25

    Jack Grealish #81 Nothing to see here

    Thank you @spilldatea for the title suggestion ❤ @cornflower was the only person to suggest a poll so without further ado. Right nip or left nip? We are doing this from our point of view looking at the pic. So our right and left… have to clarify that for myself as this has confused me so...
  2. V

    Jack Grealish #80 Saving the vest till last

    Thank you @jumpmoon for the title, inspired by Jack eating Chinese in his vest and pants like a middle aged divorcee Recap; This odious tart continues to divide opinion He is somehow back behind the wheel and this is terrifying for the population of Greater Manchester We continue to poll on...
  3. cornflower

    Jack Grealish #79 Jack is off on a retreat, so Tattlers are deciding which snacks are elite

    Thank you @Starttheline for the new title 👑 recap: we (not to tar you all with the same brush that tars me lolol) are all over the fuckin place. We have replaced wanking with comfort eating, so we’re doing another food poll: Biscuits, Second Tranche (Fancy Edition). You're allowed three votes...
  4. 333149O

    Jack Grealish #78 a small, lively dog breed

    thread title thanks to @spilldatea and the greatly timed millionaire question while Jack is firmly in the doghouse with us all right now. it has been the week of all weeks in terms of depressing and the never ending sordid tales of Abe but we're still here, tits out and we're ready for a...
  5. jumpmoon

    Jack Grealish #76 we’re having [email protected] over his ankles

    Hello everyone and welcome to the 76th edition of the Jack Grealish thread sponsored by Crocs and Love Honey Congratuwelldone to @cornflower - she has the juice and the winning thread title 🌽 In bab news: he made a very dramatic return to the pitch, scored a goel within 5 mins of being on and...
  6. wonderstruck25

    Jack Grealish #75 What a great human man

    Thread title from our @Gossgossgoss9888. Recap Bae seems a little sad 🥺 We have talked a lot of shit… literally. Anywho… time to decided your fav dancing queen Bae moment. Though a little technically challenged he always brings the hype. Sorry this is a little rushed!! Bunny hop Barley...
  7. Starttheline

    Jack Grealish #74 Delete it, Dele

    Happy 27th birthday baby! Winner of the last poll was chocolate cake, so let's hope that's what was inside this artistic creation Bae's besties have treated us to a plethora of thirsty throwbacks, so its time to pick your favourite. Without further ado.. 1. Gorgeous in Gucci - a previously...
  8. V

    Jack Grealish #73 this week we celebrate the day of your birth, would you please kind and show us your girth?

    Title thanks to @cornflower and Kaz, Kev and a bottle of wine in December 1994 Recap - baeby pup is back and approx 70% of the thread is on the blob It is the week of baebys birthday therefore we are all about the cake What cake would you like for your birthday? 1.Vicky sponge 2 Carrot...
  9. V

    Jack Grealish #72 Definitely At Peace With His Pizzle

    Title thanks to @Gossgossgoss9888 and bae's tiny pizzle Recap: he showed some signs of life this week Poll - what is your favourite pasta shape? Farfalle, or bowties Penne Spaghetti Tagliatelle Rigatoni Conchiglie Fusilli Macaroni Rotelle Alphabetti spaghetti...
  10. Starttheline

    Jack Grealish #71 A thread discussing anything but Jack Grealish

    New thread. Nothing to report. We all miss bae and hope he's OK. @jackgrealish please set @2busyshopping34 up with @philfoden
  11. wonderstruck25

    Jack Grealish #70 Jack is nowhere to be seen, we just want to see his peen!

    Okay I’ve tried and my eyes hurt so here we go! Thank you @Starttheline for the title name. ☆☆☆☆ Good afternoon ladies and welcome to the end of summer butterface ball, with your host Wonderstruck to help ease you along your journey. We have men from all over who might not fit the average...
  12. V

    Jack Grealish #69 No crocs, no admission, now assume the position

    Title from @Gossgossgoss9888 We have reached the holy number 69 recap: I am running away with the FPL title Bae has been missing all week, Pep has confirmed he has a sore ligament but it is not serious City are doing warm weather training in Spain this week, so we are manifesting lots of...
  13. Starttheline

    Jack Grealish #68 come on now bae stop being shy your lack of content is making us dry

    Another thread, still no nudes. Thanks to @lozzajb for the title! To try and heat things up again, please choose your most lusted after body part. Yes I did feel like a serial killer whilst I was chopping up his parts. To be kind, I've allowed each person to pick two bits of body. I haven't...
  14. V

    Jack Grealish #67 Give us a lift in your UberDog, admire our crocs and give us a snog

    Recap: Bae has done shit all this week except ride about in UberDogs @2busyshopping34 had her appendix out Poll - Suits You Bae 1. Powder Blue Boo Awful fit, desperately needs an iron, not worthy of the man inside it 2. Linen Cream Pie Practical yet stylish 3. (Wormwood)...
  15. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #66 BumbleBae thinks he looks fit, but which one is Tattle's favourite kit?

    Thanks to @Starttheline for the thread title, and Bae for the inspiration. Photos for the poll are below. Citeh home kit Best I could find. He's not keen either. Away kit aka Dennis the Menace Third kit aka BumbleBae 🐝 Training Kit aka the DICK kit
  16. cornflower

    Jack Grealish #65 Oh sweet Jacqueline, please show us your p

    peen or porn, either is fine. Four threads from #69 so I would strongly advise organising your sexiest bae moments in advance. Poll options ✨ THANK YOU ✨@wonderstruck25 I added in some suggestions from when the discussion was had (noticed I posted about wanting to sit on his face in the middle...
  17. V

    Jack Grealish #64 Hey girls it’s Jack Grealish here

    Title from @wonderstruck25 It's coming home
  18. jumpmoon

    Jack Grealish #63 Bae is back on UK ground, whilst Tattlers' work ethic still yet to be found

    Greetings to all thirsty folk and the poor sod at Mail Online who monitors these threads. Well done elder juicy @Violetroselily on a title which reflects our poor productivity standards as a collective. Last time on the Jack Grealish Thread: Green-BAE is back from a root tootin' Texan...
  19. cornflower

    Jack Grealish #62 toooo peng

    thank you @Starttheline and @jackgrealish for the title, and @unofficialtea for the original idea of alter egos 💖 plz post alter ego photos! or if any of my descriptions are wrong, feel free to elaborate/correct me (I need to take real life as seriously as I take thread polls) my understanding...
  20. V

    Jack Grealish #61 Kick me Bae-Bae one more time

    Title thanks to @ruby1080 and subJack In celebration of the away kit launch, please choose your favourite Away Bae 1 Dennis the Menace 2 I Tealy Tealy Tealy Like You 3 In The Navy 4 Tighty Whitey 5 Back in Black 6 Green with Envy 7 Purple Rain (Ruth Lorenzo version) 8...
  21. V

    Jack Grealish #60 you have a fabulously symmetrical face

    Title thanks to @Shoequeen91 and Troy Hawke
  22. cornflower

    Jack Grealish #59 Dripping in Van Cleef, we wish he’d make us q***f

    Photos to illustrate poll choice(s) are very very much welcomed 💛🥰
  23. ruby1080

    Jack Grealish #58 HoliBae’s bod is looking beaut, has never been papped in a yellow tracksuit

    Thanks to @Violetroselily for the thread title Votes are visible and cannot be changed once cast (edit: votes were visible but aren't anymore. I still know who you all are) I will remember, Bae will also remember because 🐘 💛 Supporting evidence💛
  24. V

    Jack Grealish #57 What a toime to be aloive

    Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 Title courtesy of @ruby1080 Grealo and Brothers Slab
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