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  1. mammaof3

    Glamfairysworld #13 Another day, another pint of coffee on the stretched lawn.

    New thread, title courtesy of @CrapEars Another day, another pint of coffee on the stretched lawn. Last thread Run down. She had been rabidly tagging her bbf on an HB reel on...
  2. Marylou

    Glamfairysworld #12 Tagging Hinch, acting insane, too bad Grim she ignored you again

    Old thread Thanks to @OkTinkerbell for the thread title ✨️ Quick recap from what I can remember. Grim stole images from Google, pretending to have received a...
  3. Babybail93

    Glamfairysworld #11 Jessie went to see her mate but had to pay the going rate

    Thanks to @Marylou for this thread title with the most votes. A very fitting late entry for the shit show that was the ‘meet and greet’ with her best mate
  4. Runforestrun

    Glamfairysworld #10 carpets still grim, curtains still closed, anxiety high and her Instagram account exposed

    New thread title courtesy of @bubbity09 Slightly altered to fit a quick recap - she’s still not glam, still lives in a shit hole of old lady furniture and furnishings, still doesn’t open her curtains and is still a twat.
  5. Runforestrun

    Glam_fairy_cleans #9 Grim is back but her content’s still poor, with her rubbish Insta reels and fake Dior!

    New thread lads! Thread title by @Tamij For those newbies here Grim Fanny has just had a relaunch after she was removed from a mental health self care live by 1001 after they were contacted re her questionable insta behaviour. The relaunch has been a disaster so far, from her ridiculous...
  6. Runforestrun

    Glam_fairy_cleans #8 Isn’t glam, never cleans, greasy hair and fake McQueens

    New thread lads! Inspired thread title by @OkTinkerbell Quick recap- Bossman has jetted off to the USofA to visit relatives in NYC, he seems to be living his best life. This has meant that Grim Fanny has stepped up being a boss lady even more than usual. She’s very very busy doing ‘work stuff...
  7. Runforestrun

    Glam_fairy_cleans #7 Dirty carpet, severed finger, oh Afsana, you’re a minger

    An inspired thread title by the talented @Tamij The threads are going a lot quicker now, we’ve got quite a few newbies on the threads. Quick recap- Glam/Grim/Jessie/Afsana suffered a fauxcarrige on the exact same day as Jessie J. She posted Jessie Js post with the tiniest of text saying ‘2...
  8. Runforestrun

    Glam fairy cleans #6 shops for crap in all different sizes, then goes and steals the poor Chefs prizes!

    New thread! Winning title by ME! Not the chef! If you could all send round my trophy so I can spin to ABBA with it held aloft I’d be most grateful! Quick recap- The massive haul from Primark was eventually revealed after a good 3 weeks wait. However as one eagle eyed tattler pointed out it...
  9. Runforestrun

    Glam Fairy Cleans #5 Chip pan hair that never gets washed, still tries to convince tattle she’s a lady boss

    New thread folks. I went with my thread suggestion as it had most likes, plus it makes me feel like a #ladyboss 😂 quick recap - Jessie still isn’t glam, definitely isn’t a fairy and still doesn’t clean. She was called out in the last thread for threatening to throat punch her unsuspecting...
  10. Runforestrun

    Glam Fairy Cleans #4 The delivery driver says WE MOVE!

    Thread number 4, ironically the same number of restaurants Jessie delivers for! Well done to @Tootle Pip Wiz for the inspired thread title ♥️ recap - Jessie doesn’t clean, isn’t glam and isn’t a fairy. She does however deliver takeaways for the various restaurants her Husband owns with Makdad...
  11. Runforestrun

    Glam Fairy Cleans #3 Boss lady? More like doss lady!

    New thread for our favourite exhausted grimey whinge bag! congrats to @alba24 for the title As you were #bossladies ♥ quick recap- She’s exhausted. She’s a boss lady. She’s the owner of 4 restaurants now, even though we’ve only ever seen or heard her mention 2. She manages to nap, go to home...
  12. Runforestrun

    Glam Fairy Cleans #2 Glam Fairy not clean, just mean

    Welcome to thread number 2 Tattlers! Well done to the marvellous @no flouncing for the winning thread suggestion 👍🏻
  13. N

    Glam Fairy Cleans

    Is there a thread on here about her? I’ve searched and can’t seem to find one. Does anybody watch her stories? Makes me laugh how she calls herself a ‘boss lady’ and basically stays at home talking in to her phone and ignoring her toddler all day.