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    Ellie Grey #23 what can we say? The grifting continues and she won’t go away..

    New thread title by @HotDiggettyDang Unfortunately I cannot even remember much of the last 1000 posts as she's becoming quite irrelevant to even her ill-guided sheep it seems, but still desperately clinging onto the nonsense that are unregulated supplements and her 'templates', most recently...
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    Ellie Grey #22 Ellie's got no friends to meet. Grift, lie, sleep, repeat.

    New thread everyone, title courtesy of @FatFelix Leave this here (@NotTheDailyFail shared last thread) as it pretty much sums it all up! Last thread started with EG being debunked yet again by an immunologist...(see Dr Bnar's video)...
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    Ellie Grey #21 It's my party and I'll lie if I want to

    Congrats to @nosey_cow on another thread title! Not sure there is much to recap as we do just seem to be on a loop of the same nonsense, only now using a new IG account as well as sharing it all on a 'business' page...a business essentially selling expensive urine in the form of white label...
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    Ellie Grey #20 tried to name and shame, ended up backfiring - more tattlers and a wiki were gained.

    New thread! Title courtesy of @nosey_cow Well the period of thread 19 was a ride given EG's attempts to doxx! READ THE WIKI! Claims were thrown about suggesting she knew many, yet appears to have only actually targeted Oik with a huge stretch to try and suggest death threats were made...try...
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    Ellie Grey #19 On holiday, with followers' money?? Lied about where & got tested. Now isn't that scummy?

    New thread. BASH ON! Actual winning title was @Northernoik2020 with 'Ellie goes on holiday, and boy will she look a cock, when she comes back with gifts galore and a stick of Blackpool rock.' but it didn't fit, wasn't sure if Cock wouldn't be allowed in a title following the swearing rule and...
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    Ellie Grey #18 She's never studied law. Meter fitting, vax & war in reality knows nothing at all

    New thread! Thread title courtesy of @Becky “Ellie” Gibson (a lot of suggestions in the post, but this was highlighted by another Tattler and liked, so I made the decision this was most liked). Altered to fit and remove swearing as original was 'She’s a liar who never studied law From meter...
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    Ellie Grey #17 So neck deep in lies even her kids are desperate for fries!

    New thread guys, title was most reacted to one and courtesy of @Ultramarine. Don't think there is huge amounts of big news in the previous thread (but I apologise if there was, crazy work times for me just now!). EG has appeared claiming to now have a garden shed from where she'll be offering...
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    Ellie Grey #16 Losing followers and her clout, her times nearly up, over and out

    Well done @Els Bells who had the most votes for the new thread title. How are we on number 16 already?! She's like a turd that won't flush. Anyone care to recap?
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    Ellie Grey #15 Follow the money, back to shill White Label Products Honey!

    Very quick summary... Ellie reappeared after being absent on social media accounts under her OWN name for a while...conveniently at the same time as she has started buying supplements from a company that provides them as 'white label' that she intends to sell. The ex's GF contacted the IG...
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    Ellie Grey #14 Ellie has finally returned, clearly no lessons have been learned

    Most liked thread name suggested by @nosey_cow Hopefully someone may be able to do a recap here if we feel it necessary. Unfortunately I was AWOL a bit last thread so slow to catch up and with the last one focusing on loads of other people I'm a bit lost. However, as predicted, someone...
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    Ellie Grey #13 Miss Grey gone underground , so we'll discuss her ilk who can be found

    I have taken it upon myself to name the thread as it didn't seem as though there were any suggestions/we knew where we were in the thread (feel free to have it changed).
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    Ellie Grey #12 Ellie Grey has gone to ground, what’s she up to she can’t be found?

    New thread title courtesy of @HotDiggettyDang with the most votes. I did consider a one liner with the most likes as I felt it summed up a lot of the last thread, but wasn't marked as a thread suggestion and was potentially too early so didn't want to be unfair/make that decision. LEAVE THE...
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    Ellie Grey # 11 Ellie lies and Ellie cheats, but Tattle is here with all the receipts

    New thread title courtesy of @712alp who had the most votes. Quick recap - Ellie is "deleting" her insta for the millionth time. She's FUCKING DONE GUYS and her family come first 😴😴 where have we heard that before?! Her telegram group has imploded. She's used a fake name to infiltrate the...
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    Ellie Grey #10 Social services gave her a call, no they didn’t, not at all.

    New thread title courtesy of @Northernoik2020 Would appreciate it if someone could give a little context/catch up for first page! Thanks.
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    Ellie Grey #9 No GLO, no hair, she's always right, and balding KieKie, her portly parasite

    New thread title from @VeritasMS which had the most likes I believe. Altered slightly just to get it to fit, and I apologise if I've not set this up right it's the first time I've tried to start a thread! Recap copied from @VeritasMS in a previous thread and added to by @Callingyouout in...
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    Ellie Grey #8 Elsybels she loses instas, while Kie Kie D just munches Ginsters

    New thread title from @LukeDuke which had the most likes. This one made me chuckle 🤣🤣 Keep 'em coming peeps!
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    Ellie Grey #7 Daily threats will she stay or go? Still no shaved head, degree or GLO

    New thread title thanks to @scandi2 who had the most votes 👍
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    Ellie Grey #6 Sunbed, shaved head, all her followers misled.

    Hope I’ve done this right! New title - thank you to Felix Fat bloke! Anyone recap?
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    Ellie Grey #5 Wake me up before you go GLO

    Thank you @712alp for the title! Anyone fancy doing a quick recap?
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    Ellie Grey #4 Has no skills or education but makes a good living from lies & lactation

    Thanks to @standupsitdown for the title which had the most votes. Someone care to do a recap?
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    Ellie Grey #3 Be nice to Ellie, don't annoy her, cos she's got herself a shifty lawyer.

    Anyone care to do a recap on the lovely Miss Grey and friends? Edit to add: thanks to @FatFelix for the thread title suggestion!
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    Ellie Grey #2 Government put her foof on show to hide the fact she did a Glo

    Thanks to @LadyCandour for the amazing thread title 😂 As you were guys......
  23. Witchtits

    Ellie Grey

    Thought I would start a thread on Ellie after coming across this comment.