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  1. ordinaryjelly

    Books #24 Reading Chats

    Let the reading continue.
  2. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #23 Reading Chats. Unproblematically Pleased With Our TBR Piles

    I know we don't usually have titles but I loved it and there are no rules here. Thread title suggested by @LaBlonde and @StephenTJackson. Happy Reading ☺️ we are into the final 3 months of the year. Thought we could maybe discuss where we are with our targets (if you set one)
  3. SukiMing

    Brogan Tate #133 Size 16 seems very distant, only colouring books are hard for her because Benji isn't!

    Thanks to @Venom for the new thread title! 😂 If you missed the last thread Brogan - ate her way around London again - played a new Big Potato Dildo game - packed enough for a 28 night cruise for a 5 day Disney California trip - Showed us a photo album of herself eating The current state of our...
  4. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #22 Reading Chats

    Continue :D
  5. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #21 Reading Chats.

    We got through a full thread in a month! Happy August reading book lovers! ❤️ Previous thread is here
  6. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #20 Reading Chats.

    Cant believe we are on Thread 20. So good to see new faces too 🥰 if youre lurking, come join us. We need to influence more people to buy books they don't need. Previous thread here...
  7. ordinaryjelly

    Books #19 Reading and 99p enabling.

    Carry on reading!
  8. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #18 Reading Chats.

    Happy Bank Holiday Weekend Book Lovers. As you were...
  9. ordinaryjelly

    Books #17 Reading Chats!

    As you were.
  10. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #16 Reading Chats.

    I think this is the quickest we have got through a thread. Last one was created 11th Feb. Probably thanks to all the new members, which is just wonderful! Link to previous thread.
  11. ordinaryjelly

    Books #15 Reading Chats!

    Who mentioned they were reading Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult, how was it?
  12. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #14 Reading Chats

    Happy New Year Book Friends 📖 Previous Thread:
  13. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #13 Reading Chats.

    Unlucky number 13! Can't believe we are here, such a lovely supportive bunch of people! Previous thread below.
  14. Smca53

    Books #12 Reading Chats

    .. and probably more 99p deals and lying to ourselves about not buying any more books 🙂
  15. Pollyanna263

    Mrs Hinch #581 Sophie can’t be expected to read the room when even the books are display only

    Mrs Hinch #581 Sophie can’t be expected to read the room when even the books are display only Thread titles now taken any time but must say ‘thread suggestion’ in the post of we won’t see them. Keep them short and no naughty words please nusty trolls! — For any newcomers or those needing a...
  16. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #11 Reading Chats (and 99p deals!)

    Continuation of this thread here I was just coming to post to ask if we think there will be a trilogy special edition of Beartown, Us Against You and The Winner when the 3rd book is released? I'd like to buy hard backs for my bookcase...
  17. Caffeine Fiend

    Books #10 Reading Chats.

    Thread 10, hard to believe! Carry on 😊
  18. strawb

    Books #9 Reading chats

    last thread:
  19. peachhes

    Bridgerton (the books!)

    Anybody read them? Thoughts? I bought 1-9 when the first season came out and I’m on book 3 (Benedict’s story) ❤️‍🔥✨🌹👑💍
  20. S

    Celebrity/Showbiz autobiographies, biographies and books you have read

    Hi all, I've seen discussions in quite a few threads regarding celeb books so I thought it may be a good idea to have a thread devoted to the books you have read - the good, the bad and the Jodie Marsh's! I'm hoping this will be a great place for some brilliant recommendations but also give...
  21. nbt

    Books #8 Reading chats

    Last thread… Continue the book chat here 🥰📚🐛
  22. HockyRorror

    What were the names of these books please?

    The first one I’ve seen referenced on here a few times: It’s a non-fiction book about the memoirs of someone who hung around Top of the Pops studio and the likes in the 90s and 00s and contained loads of celebrity gossip. The second is a fictional book about a gay pop star who gets revenge on...
  23. ordinaryjelly

    Book Club January - Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

    Here we are! February read; How shall we go about picking books? I kind of like @nbt idea of picking books like we do thread titles here. So you could post "Book Nomination : book title" and then the one with the most likes is our choice, in a specified time frame. March book choice;
  24. Dollenganger

    Recommend books for toddlers 📚

    I thought I’d start a thread about favourite books that my 25 month old daughter loves and maybe get some ideas too. I don’t think you can ever have too many books. So here goes; Sharing a Shell - Julia Donaldson (all my children loved this one) Whatever Next - Jill Murphy Mog the forgetful...
  25. nbt

    Books #7 reading chats

    Thread 7 for all things books 🥰