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  1. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #18 Don’t ditch my journal to my face, didn’t copy Kmart I copied Steph Pase

    Thanks to @activatedthighgap for the new thread title! When they do a restock of the journals, you can have 100 of them! 🥳
  2. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Ashy Bines #17 Dying dog reels a new content low, milking it all for an Adelaide no show

    The winning thread title is credited to @team dudmum who wins free tickets to the Adelaide tour for her and 499 of her closest friends. Congratulations!
  3. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Ashy Bines #16 clean treats look like pig slop, will the suing of people ever stop?

    New thread name courtesy of @HelloFreshDiscountCode ! Anyone watch influencer updates live tonight? I saw a few comments asking what the drama with Ashy Bines was but didn’t see her acknowledge (standard) anyone know what they were referring to?
  4. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #15 Kids raised by the nanny, Baseline tights eat your fanny, so much filler she looks uncanny

    Thanks for the new thread title @HelloFreshDiscountCode You win all the baseline stock that no one else wants and also some prodene water! Let’s see if she goes to Sydney next!
  5. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Ashy Bines #14 Yet another buisness down the drain, smiles like she’s in pain, still no booty gains

    Thread title award goes to me 🥰 My prize is some heavily discounted Baseline with complimentary dirty feet and patchy tan, however I don’t live on the Gold Coast and I’m not her PA so I probably won’t ever receive my prize. I’m gutted about that. I was looking forward to receiving and wearing...
  6. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #13

    You know you’re problematic when you’ve got 13 threads about yourself...
  7. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #12

    Another new thread for the scammer Ashy Just posting some words below so the thread gets seen in google, if you can think of any other words, post them in your comments 😊 ashybines Ashy bines Ashy evans Ultimategirlsdayout Ugdo ashy Grow and glow podcast
  8. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #11

    New thread for the scammer Ashy bines
  9. greacea

    Ashy Bines #10

    10th thread for fitness expert influencer Ashy Bines. What a milestone! Can a witty and funny Tattler please do a recap? Carry on Tattle fam.
  10. S

    Ashy Bines #9

    Ashy Bines #9
  11. therealsmilf

    Ashy Bines #8 Rat infested house with a grubby, gross spouse.

    New thread for the Gold Coast's original and most hated influencer
  12. sausagefingertrent

    Ashy Bines #7 dirty hair, can’t spell, ringworms and starving kids

    New thread. Can someone give a recap? Need to go and feed my kids🤣🤣
  13. S

    Ashy Bines #6

    First time making one. Sorry guys! Give a good recap for us please!
  14. therealsmilf

    Ashy Bines #5

    Up to 5 already! This thread is busy!
  15. therealsmilf

    Ashy Bines #4

    New thread for Gold Coast Influencer who can't spell, knows everything, and had fertility issues but giving birth today.....
  16. Icantlookaway

    Ashy Bines #3 Baby's been blessed wearing a toilet paper dress, stealing lip gloss ideas from Bunny, s

    First time creating a new thread, hope I've done it right!
  17. lycheemartini

    Ashy Bines #2

    Yay we made it to another thread. Great to have somewhere to chat Binedog & Co without the threat of lawyers. Carry on 🤌🏻
  18. lycheemartini

    Ashy Bines

    Here we are. Not sure why there was never a thread here for Ashy, but it’s been request many a time. For those unaware, Ashy Bines is an Australian influencer who is on nearly every type of social media. She used to be a PT, earned millions from an ebook filled with dangerous advice and is no...