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  1. sausagefingertrent

    Ashy Bines #7 dirty hair, can’t spell, ringworms and starving kids

    New thread. Can someone give a recap? Need to go and feed my kids🤣🤣
  2. S

    Ashy Bines #6

    First time making one. Sorry guys! Give a good recap for us please!
  3. therealsmilf

    Ashy Bines #5

    Up to 5 already! This thread is busy!
  4. therealsmilf

    Ashy Bines #4

    New thread for Gold Coast Influencer who can't spell, knows everything, and had fertility issues but giving birth today.....
  5. Icantlookaway

    Ashy Bines #3 Baby's been blessed wearing a toilet paper dress, stealing lip gloss ideas from Bunny, s

    First time creating a new thread, hope I've done it right!
  6. lycheemartini

    Ashy Bines #2

    Yay we made it to another thread. Great to have somewhere to chat Binedog & Co without the threat of lawyers. Carry on 🤌🏻
  7. lycheemartini

    Ashy Bines

    Here we are. Not sure why there was never a thread here for Ashy, but it’s been request many a time. For those unaware, Ashy Bines is an Australian influencer who is on nearly every type of social media. She used to be a PT, earned millions from an ebook filled with dangerous advice and is no...
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