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    Jacob (Jake) Quickenden
    was born on the 3rd September 1988 (yes he is 33 years old, even though he acts about 3😂) He hails from Scunthorpe. He is engaged to Sophie Church (wannabe) Father to Leo Oliver Quickenden and stepfather to Freddie.


    Jake first came to the publics attention in 2012 when he appeared on the ‘X Factor’ where he managed to get through to the judges houses but ultimately was sent packing by Nicole Scherzinger. He reappeared in 2014 with a sob story to play on the judges emotions and won the sympathy of Mel B. He made it through to the lives, only to be eliminated in week 3. I don’t really know why he didn’t win🤔


    After his stint on X Factor came to an end his management capitalised on this by begging ‘I’m a celeb’ to let him appear in the jungle. He entered alongside Edwina Currie and his cheeky chappy, flirty lothario personality won the public over & he was runner up to King of the jungle Carl Fogarty. He met Carl’s daughter Danielle at the wrap party and they began dating. They got engaged in 2017 only to split 7 months later after Jake won ‘Dancing on Ice’ in 2018. It’s thought that his partying with Kem Cetinay on the DOI tour & new found female attention was the reason for the split. Jake then joined the Dreamboys strip act and appeared in ‘Hair’ the musical as Berger. 2019 would present Jake with his biggest ‘acting’ role to date, a topless builder called Woody in ‘Hollyoaks’ where he appeared in 2 episodes😉 2020 could have been ‘Jake’s year’ covid hit & the nation went into lockdown. Jake’s Instagram account amassed a huge following due to his fun filled content (Rose & Barbara, confessions, icks), tik toks, song for the NHS and his upbeat home life with girlfriend Sophie & her son Freddie. Jake included Freddie in lots of his videos & they were always having fun together (DJ Dubai & DJ Crazy) A lot of people followed because he made them smile & provided laughter during the tough times. Jake never took himself seriously & he ‘ripped to shreds’ and mocked ‘influencers’ making them the butt of many of his jokes. He claimed ‘he would never advertise anything he didn’t use or believe in’🙄 He wanted to concentrate on his music and be taken seriously for that🎤Jake & Sophie even had a rave thread here on Tattle but then…..⬇

    Influencer lifestyle

    They announced the pregnancy and the #ads started

    All of a sudden there was ‘subtle’ product placement. Jake started wearing a regatta jacket that heated up, he hailed it as the best jacket he’d ever owned. Then it was hello fresh, a beard & moustache pencil, a workout mirror that he used everyday for about a week😂 It now sits gathering dust in his kitchen. The #gifted items were coming in thick & fast. All undeclared! There was the sauna in the gym, hot tub & pergola in the garden, the garden was landscaped & patio laid and 2 different sets of garden furniture appeared. Both Jake & Sophie ‘advertised’ the companies they came from but never declared them as ads, hoodwinking their followers into believing they had bought them themselves.

    Since Leo’s arrival the begging and ads have been off the scale, when questioned about how hypocritical he was being after slating influencers, Jake’s mask slipped & he showed his true self…A nasty cunt!




    Sophie ran her own beauty business from a garden room in their back garden but since having Leo has decided she would rather not work & just be a full-time influencer🙄 She posts all these quotes about being a boss lady when ideally she just wants to play dress-up & get paid for it😐 She appeared on ‘celebs go dating’ before she dated Jake so she’s always wanted to be ‘famous’, she was loud & chavvy and was quickly binned off by both Eyal & Alik😂 She now runs an online baby clothing business called ‘Bambi & Bear’ buying cheap clothing from china & selling it at overinflated prices.

    Since Leo came along their true narcissistic personalities have shown through. Jake goes on as if he is the only man in the world to ever become a Dad and Sophie’s main purpose was to get her figure back hence why she was power walking & exercising 2 days after having him🙄 Jake didn’t move out his bed for about 6 months when the baby was born, he was a permanent fixture lying on his back with the baby on his chest, eye fucking his phone🤢 All he did was complain about not getting any sleep, when they both done the night feeds instead of taking it in turns to give each other some rest. On the days when Sophie went out to give Jake a chance to catch up on sleep he spent that time playing dress up as Rose & barrrbra, in his home gym or eye fucking himself on his phone🙄 Poor Leo has a phone in his face from the minute he opens his eyes until he goes to sleep☹ He has no privacy whatsoever and poor Fred has been brushed aside now Jake has a new moneymaker😡 Sophie allows Jake to mock Fred & belittle him, she’s so desperate to hang on to the ‘z lister life’.

    Jake’s mum Lisa aka orchardlodge home has profited from Instagram too off the back of her beggy son🙄 Lisa had a normal account, albeit in her bio she had Jake Quickenden’s mum🤦🏼‍♀️😂 When Jake & Sophie started their begging with their home account oakhouse home, Lisa decided she wanted in, so she too could be gifted items for her home🤢 She changed the name of her insta to include the home title and made it a blogger account😂 Jake encouraged his followers to follow his mum🤌💷 Lisa came across as harmless enough, giving gardening tips, reviewing purchases she made from qvc and chatting about going for a coffee with her sister. Everyone felt sorry for her as she was often the butt of Jake’s jokes/pranks. Jake ridiculed her on his story by imitating her style of ‘influencing’ (think reading the news or weather😂) and Lisa didn’t post any stories. When she appeared back on she was in a different room and was near to tears☹ She said she was very upset Jake had done that & he had knocked her confidence so she didn’t feel like posting☹ She said she was aware she had the following she had because of Jake and she now felt like people weren’t interested or were bored of her. People rightly felt sorry for her (including tattlers) and some people messaged Jake about what he had done, defending Lisa. He didn’t post for the rest of the day then appeared the next day saying that reading the stuff written about him was ‘boring’, then Lisa took to her stories to defend him🤷🏼‍♀️ She said she was wrong for talking about him & that she had taken it the wrong way😳She stated she didn’t need people messaging Jake on her behalf and gushed about how he was her rock, he had kept her going & was her joker🤦🏼‍♀️ Way to go Jake, gaslighted your own mother into taking full responsibility for you upsetting her🙄As soon as Jake’s followers started saying they would be good on gogglebox🙄 Lisa came up with the legendary ‘soap scoop’ where she gives a blow by blow account of previous nights episode of Emmerdale/Corrie😴 She also thinks it’s acceptable to tear actors to pieces about their acting skills & critcise storylines. She’s boring & at times downright nasty!😡 When Jake posted a SS of a tattle comment on his story, Lisa had a full scale rant about what she would do to the nasty trolls, lots of expletives followed and threats of how the trolls wouldn’t like it when she’s angry😂 Sorry to break it to you su but us discussing your son is the same as you discussing emmerdale/Corrie actors so suck it up buttercup😜 Lisa has another son called Adam, Jake’s older brother. He doesn’t have social media & doesn't want any attention so Lisa & Jake think this is a good enough reason to make out like he doesn’t exist by never referencing him🤦🏼‍♀️ He has two children so Lisa was already a grandma twice but like Jake only ever goes on about golden child🙄 Like mother, like son, the Apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree🙄

    Beggy behaviour

    Jake’s war cry is ‘fame & followers don’t interest him’😂😂😂 That’s why he’s been desperately plugging ‘road to 1 million since 2018’🤦🏼‍♀️He tries to make out ‘it’s all for laughs’ but has done the same with Sophie & his Mum, plus anyone he comes into contact with on holiday/at work to play the ‘big I am’ He’s desperate to reach that elusive million but his content is that shit he’s constantly haemorrhaging followers, he has now resorted to “‘buying bots’💳

    Jake made a public Instagram account for Leo when he was a few weeks old so he can look back on all the photos when he’s older🤔 A photo album or private account wasn’t an option then Jake?🤷🏼‍♀️ Jake uses it to up his engagement on his own page by sharing his posts on Leo’s stories, commenting & liking his posts, same as the home account & the podcast🤢 When people questioned it, Jake cried ‘troll’🙄

    Sophie’s go to for begging is the influencer tried & tested ‘anyone know any/anyone recommend/anyone tried’ For a 29 year old woman you’d think she would know that Google exists😂

    Jake & Sophie both like their own grid posts🤢

    Good guy Jake

    During the lockdown, Jake was encouraging people to ‘inbox’ him if they were struggling with their mental health. A very dangerous thing to do when he never replies to his followers😳Instead of sharing phone numbers/online resources to help people he said his inbox was always open yet numerous people have stated that he never replies to dm’s. Unless you’re a troll, then he will message you & post your name all over his socials for his minions to attack. Jake is big on ‘doxxing’.

    Jake got a lion tattoo on his chest to represent Leo. He filmed himself discussing it with Freddie, asking Fred what he wanted Jake to get on the other side to represent him. Freddie said a wolf. Once Jake got the lion tattoo he stated he would be getting the wolf another day when he was able to get booked in for it🙄 It has never been mentioned again by Jake😡 Someone asked Freddie in a q&a when Jake was getting it & he said he didn’t know, he had asked Jake lots about it and that “Jake had phoned a woman about it” but he still hadn’t got it done☹ Poor boy doesn’t realise that Jake has no time for him now he doesn’t need to use him for content/likes on the gram seeing as he now has Leo for that. Do & say whatever you like cuntenden but you never lie to a child or make promises you have no intention of keeping😡 Jake belittles Freddie a lot on his stories and sometimes the little boy looks like he wants to cry☹ He plays mind games & manipulates him to feed his ego by asking him “who’s your best mate?” “Who do you love the most?” “Who makes you laugh the most?” Poor Freddie always feel obliged to say this prick! He obviously knows the spoiled brat will throw his toys out the pram if Fred says anyone else, he is a needy cunt!🤢 Fred has more manners & acts more mature than Jake! Sophie sits back & lets him ridicule her son😡 The same mother who along with Jake encouraged Fred to sit in an iced bath if he wanted to play Fortnite😡 Even after Jake sat in it & emerged with skin red raw from the cold, they still told Fred that’s what he had to do if he wanted to play on his computer😤 They really will do anything for content. Cunts!

    Update - Wolf tattoo done on the 27th July ‘22👏🏼 Well done stepfather of the year, only took you 15 months since you promised Fred it🙄

    Sophie went to the hairdressers & left Jake minding Leo, Jake was fuming on his stories about how long she had been, all because he was waiting to go to the gym. When Sophie pulled up on the drive, Jake stormed out of the house & left baby Leo crawling outside on the driveway with no socks or shoes on his feet😡 When tattle then discussed his controlling behaviour on the thread Jake & Sophie started filming stories mocking domestic violence😤


    Jake filmed one of his female co-stars in Panto whilst she was on the toilet, through a glass blocked wall. The girl was telling him to leave her alone & go away. Jake continued giving a commentary as it was all ‘bantz’😡 A tattler complained to the theatre about his behaviour & Jake then messaged said tattler on her Instagram saying he knew she had complained😱

    Jake constantly complains about working, being away from the family & invents illnesses/ailments for attention and then when tattle say ‘ he could get a job closer to home’ he twists the narrative to cry troll and say people are ‘dad shaming him’ telling him to ‘get a real job’. He always plays the victim🎻

    Jake is a fitness fanatic, constantly working out & prides himself on being healthy & looking fit💪🏼 He is anxious about cancer because ‘it’s in his family’ Well, why the fuck do you smoke?🤔 He called his mum out for smoking, telling her how unhealthy it was & how it made her stink🤷🏼‍♀️ Ladies & gentlemen I give you Jake & Sophie in Paris👀🚬 Also Jake at their engagement party in Aug 2021🚬


    On Mother’s Day Jake posted a grid post all about himself because he can’t have the attention being on anyone but himself🙄

    He was in the garden playing building blocks with Leo, then posted to his story showing himself & Leo with the plastic bag from the blocks over their face😡 Who teaches a 1 year old to place a plastic bag over their face😱He has either received dm’s or read tattle and realised how fucking stupid he had been as the stories were quickly deleted. Tattle always keeps receipts!


    Just when you think he can’t stoop any lower, he used the sad passing of Tom Parker (The Wanted) for likes and engagement😡 He didn’t even know Tom! Instead of linking Tom’s wife’s post (like lots of other people had done) to his story & passing on his condolences, he posted a grid post😳 He then linked his grid post to his story to make sure people knew he had posted and they would comment😡 It’s bad enough he uses his Dad & Brother’s deaths for attention & sympathy constantly, he’s now using a stranger to him sad passing because he knew it would get maximum attention. He is despicable! Grief tourist😡

    Sophie supporting her baby son’s head well😱 Between this and the fact he’s constantly tilted back watching tv, no wonder the poor lamb looks as tho he struggles with his neck muscles☹

    Safe sleeping advocates😱 Why place your newborn baby with his face pressed in against the side of the cot with a wedge positioned at his back so he’s unable to move😢

    The wedding of the year is fast approaching🙄 Jobless Jake & the corpse bride have ramped up the ads & aff links🤑 well someone needs to pay for the 2 honeymoons (santorini & the Maldives), the Ibiza wedding & the loft conversion and it certainly won’t be these 2 beggars😐 They also had a family break to Devon planned with their moneymakers darling boys before the 1st honeymoon but cancelled it the day they were supposed to go because they have too much to do to the house😡 The only people these selfish fuckers think of is themselves🤬 After reading the backlash on tattle (their go to place for parenting tips😂) they backtracked & took them on an impromptu trip to Chessington world of adventures🙄 Why a mother (if you can call her that) decides to get major works done on the house during the summer holidays when it should be about spending time with your kids (more so when you don’t work🙄) is selfish and shows once again they’re more about aesthetics than they are their two boys😡 No doubt the work is an #ad or #gifted so had to be fitted at this time, watch this space!


    They tried to play it down & make out Fred was happy about them not going away, bull💩 What child would not want to go away on a beach holiday to do all new exciting things🤷🏼‍♀️ Just to reinforce the fact they are letdowns fake posted a grid post dedicated to Fred🤢 Only time Fred features on the grid now is when it’s an ad🙄 You may be able to fool your minions Jake but we see you for the cock you are🐔

    While doing a clear out for their new floors getting fitted downstairs, fake tried to show how ‘real’ they are by showing all the stains/filth in their living room🤮 No one thinks you’re relatable showing shit stains all over your carpet🤢 You can joke about it all you like & make out as if it’s not 💩 Tattle always keeps receipts & we know your carpet has been left stained with shit for the past 3 months after you posted the shit your genius child done on the floor whilst you were looking after him🤢🤮🤢 Vile! How you could leave that there & allow your son to play is beyond comprehension🤷🏼‍♀️


    They've been on their first content holiday honeymoon to Santorini☀ Lots of posing, shit reel making, ads & aff links plus lots of moaning about how expensive everything was😂 Instead of enjoying their ‘honeymoon’ and being in a love bubble, enjoying every minute with each other like newlyweds should, these 2 desperados were on social media constantly and when they weren’t on they were filming content to post🙄 Can’t take your eyes off your phones each other true love - z list beggy influencer style

    On returning from their honeymoon (where they either couldn’t find or afford gifts for the boys) they took Leo4likes to Smyths to buy him a present, he got a ride on mini car that cost £140 and a doll & pram, forgotten Fred was given a pack of Pokémon cards😡 Still sure you treat them both the same🤔 The evidence on Instagram says different☹ #justiceforfred

    They were home for 3 days then off again, this time to Beirut Portugal for his besties wedding🙌🏼 Instead of staying near to where the wedding was, making it easier for travel with 2 young children, they stayed a 2 hour car journey away in a hotel in the middle of nowhere🤷🏼‍♀️ The neighbourhood left a lot to be desired🤦🏼‍♀️ Whilst on this break away everything was once again centred around golden child, having to go out early for dinner because they went to bed at half 7 (great holiday for poor Freddie) Jake threw poor Fred in the pool (all for the bants of course🙄) when he boasted about it on his story Fred said he hated him & got told off by Jake so Fred backtracked & said he was annoyed at him for doing it☹ Always belittling, ignoring or playing mind games with that little boy😡 Then when it is highlighted on here he makes a reel or grid post with Fred😡 Sick, bullying bastard!🤬 We won’t forget the time you gripped that little boys arm so tight the veins were popping on your hand you absolute waste of space😡 #justiceforfred


    Congratulations to our fave celebs on their (first) wedding👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻🥂 Fake & LF got married on Wednesday 24th August 2022🙌🏼There were subtle hints on their stories, staying in a hotel in London, 2 witnesses friends with them, LF wearing a white suit a la DF (Jake’s ex) wedding outfit🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Fake dressed like he was going punting in Cambridge🤢

    Tattlers waited with bated breath for the all important reel/grid post professing their undying love for each other on the best day of their lives…….and waited…….still waiting🤷🏼‍♀️ Nothing, nada, zilch, zero mention of them vowing to spend the rest of their lives together😳 Maybe instagrams most prolific over sharers wanted the day to be all about them and have a romantic wedding night together with no distractions of social media/mobile phones🤔 Sadly that was not the case at all, the new Quickenden Sophie Quickenden was home alone while her husband played a massive gig at Pontins🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wtf! Times must be hard if fake leaves his new bride on their wedding night to sing at a shitty holiday park🤦🏼‍♀️ Welcome to the highlife Mrs Quickenden😂


    The Quickendens have arrived in Ibiza for the showbiz wedding of the year (2nd wedding), get the 🍿 ready for the shitshow that’s to come🙌🏼

    Anyone who has a different opinion from Jake is labelled a ‘troll’. If there’s a bandwagon to jump on Jake is on it. Oh yeah, Jake changed his Instagram handle from Jakequickenden14 to simply Jakequickenden because he’s been on a permanent shadow ban for the past few months😂 He thought changing his name would magically make his profile visible again, poor lamb😂😂 Stop doxxing, filming in your boxers & buying BOTS then your ban will be lifted🙄

    Fake Prickenden blocked club

    There are lots in this club and the numbers continue to grow😂 Reasons for blockage range from telling fake some home truths, liking comments of people who tell him some home truths or he searches for tattlers names to see if they match their insta handle🤣 If or indeed when you join the club feel free to wear your badge with pride😁


    Jake’s content - Himself, Leo, himself, trolls, himself, doxxing, himself, begging for followers, himself, seeking validation, himself, Fred (if it’s an ad), himself, gym, himself, ads and last but not least himself

    Sophie’s content - Herself,
    #ads, #aff links, begging, q&a’s where she asks herself the questions to share more aff links🙄, gym, chatting shit, showing off the copious amounts of clothes she’s bought/been gifted, Leo, Fred (if it’s an ad) herself

    I couldn’t let todays ‘loose men’ appearance go unnoticed, so here’s the saggy balls for all those who need a laugh



    Jake -
    Fake, Jake Cuntenden, Jake Prickenden, cunt, cock, beggy, OJQ
    Lisa (Jake’s Mum) - Nanny qvc or Su (pollard) Zelda
    Leo - Golden child, Leo4likes, moneymaker
    Sophie - Lord Farquaad, boulder tits, Flappy, Flapz Akimbo
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