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    Jacob (Jake) Quickenden
    was born on the 3rd September 1988 to Paul (RIP: 07/10/08) and Lisa Quickenden. One of three brothers: Adam (Eldest) and Oliver (RIP: 16/07/12). Yes, he is 35 years old, even though he acts like a spoilt, petulant child but looks about 80yrs old! He is from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. He is married to Sophie Church (DOB: 15/01/93) who is a desperate, illiterate, chavvy wannabe, Father to Leo Oliver Quickenden and Stepfather to Freddie, although he has nastily referred to him as "half a son". 🤬


    Jake first came to the public's attention in 2012 when he appeared on 'The X Factor’ where he managed to get through to the Judges' House but ultimately was sent packing by Nicole Scherzinger. He re-appeared in The X Factor (2014) with a sob story to play on the Judges' emotions and won the sympathy of Mel B. He made it through to the Lives, only to be eliminated in week three. We don’t really know why he didn’t win!! Maybe it was because he's a total prick and he can't sing for shit! 😂


    After his stint on The X Factor came to an end, his management capitalised on this by begging ‘I’m a Celebrity(2014) to let him appear in the Jungle. He entered alongside Edwina Currie and had a heated exchange with Jimmy Bullard and his 'cheeky chappy, flirty lothario' personality won the public over to some degree and he was runner-up to King of the Jungle, Carl Fogarty.


    He appeared in Who's Doing The Dishes? in September 2016. Brian McFadden presented the show.

    He met Carl’s daughter Danielle Fogarty at the Wrap Party and they began dating. They got engaged in 2017 only to split seven months later after Jake won ‘Dancing on Ice’ in 2018. It’s thought that his partying with Kem Cetinay on the Dancing on Ice Tour (2018) and new-found female attention was the reason for the split.

    In happier times.

    Jake then joined the Dreamboys (2018).

    He appeared in Hair: The Musical as Berger (2019).

    Jake appeared in Ninja Warrior UK (2019).


    Jake would get his biggest ‘acting’ role to date, a topless builder called 'Woody' in ‘Hollyoaks(2019) where he appeared in just two episodes!! Quite an apt name 'Woody' because his pathetic attempt at acting was just that. Completely wooden! 😉

    "Oh Woody, Woody, Woody, Woody, Woo!" 😂😂

    He appeared in The Real Full Monty on Ice (2020).

    COVID then hit and the nation went into Lockdown. Jake’s Instagram account amassed a huge following due to his fun-filled content. Rose & Barbara, Confessions, Icks, TikToks, Quarantine Song and his upbeat home life with girlfriend Sophie and her son Freddie. Jake included Freddie in lots of his videos & they were always having fun together (DJ Dubai & DJ Crazy). A lot of people followed him because he made them smile and provided laughter during the tough times. Jake never took himself seriously & he ‘ripped to shreds’ and mocked ‘influencers’ making them the butt of many of his jokes. He claimed ‘he would never advertise anything he didn’t use or believe in’. 🙄 He wanted to concentrate on his music and be taken seriously for that. 🎤

    Jake also appeared in Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins (2021) and subsequently ended up in hospital.. Oh dear! 😅

    Jake played the part of Willard in Footloose: The Musical (2022).

    During his stint here, he had numerous days off work due to sickness complaining about a 'bad back' and many, many other ailments. Here he is, pictured on a beach whilst off work with 'a bad back'. He still managed to get a 'grief thief' post in trying to up his engagement. Footloose should have sacked him. 🙄



    Still got a bad back eh?
    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Played the character of 'Guy' in The Full Monty Theatre Show. (August 2023-April 2024).


    2020: Jack & The Beanstalk
    2021: Beauty & The Beast
    2022: Cinderella

    EPs: (All flopped).

    2015: I Want You
    2016: New Chapter

    Singles: (All flopped).

    2015: I Want You
    2015: Blindfold
    2015: I Can't Stand The Rain
    2016: Feel My Love
    2016: Get Away With Me
    2017: Black Mirror
    2017: Ineffable
    2018: When You Kissed Him
    2019: Afraid To Be Lonely
    2019: Tearing Me Apart
    2019: Quarantine Song
    2019: Where I'll Wait
    2019: Drunk On You
    2020: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    2021: When I'm Gone
    2021: Love Don't Feel The Same

    ⬇ VIDEO CLIP 🤢

    Jake and Sophie even had a rave thread here on Tattle but then…..

    Influencer Lifestyle

    They announced the Pregnancy and the #ads started! 🙄

    All of a sudden there was ‘subtle’ product placement. Jake started wearing a regatta jacket that heated up. He hailed it as 'the best jacket he’d ever owned'. Then it was Hello Fresh, a beard and moustache pencil and a work-out mirror that he used everyday for about a week then gathered dust in the kitchen. The #gifted items were coming in thick and fast. All UNDECLARED! There was the Sauna in the Gym, a Hot Tub & Pergola in the garden, the garden was landscaped & patio laid and two different sets of garden furniture appeared. Both Jake and Sophie ‘advertised’ the companies they came from but never declared them as ads, hoodwinking their followers into believing they had bought them themselves.

    Leo Oliver Quickenden arrived into the world on 26th February 2021. His middle name Oliver was chosen to honour his brother Oliver Quickenden, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2012. Jake however reported that Leo was being 'trolled' and made a post on Instagram. Him and Sophie also gave various interviews about it and continued to rinse and repeat it for ages afterwards.



    Since Leo’s arrival, the begging and ads have been off-the-scale. When questioned about how hypocritical he was being after slating influencers, Jake’s mask slipped and he showed his true self… A NASTY CUNT! 💯



    Link to thread post with video clip:-

    Sophie ran her own beauty business from a garden room in their back garden but since having Leo, decided she would rather not work and just be a full-time 'influencer'. 🙄 She posts all these quotes about being a boss lady when ideally she just wants to play dress-up and get paid for it. 😐 She appeared on Celebs Go Dating before she dated Jake so she’s always wanted to be ‘famous’ although she has been known to stalk down Dannielle Fogarty's (Jake's ex) Instagram posts and 'like' them! 🤪. She can hardly string a sentence together as she is so illiterate! She was loud and chavvy and was quickly binned off by both Eyal & Alik. 😂 She now runs an online baby clothing business called ‘Bambi & Bear’ buying cheap clothing from China and selling it at ridiculously over-inflated prices.


    Since Leo came along their true narcissistic personalities have shown through. Jake goes on as if he is the only man in the World to ever become a Dad and Sophie’s main purpose was to get her figure back hence why she was power-walking & exercising only TWO days after having him! 🙄 Jake didn’t move out of his bed for about six months when the baby was born. He was a permanent fixture laying on his back with the baby on his chest, eye-fucking his phone. 🤢 All he did was complain about not getting any sleep. When they both did the night feeds, instead of taking it in turns to give each other some rest, Sophie did the lion's share! On the days when Sophie went out to give Jake a chance to catch up on sleep, he spent that time playing dress up as Rose & Barrrbra, was in his home gym or eye-fucking himself on his phone! 🙄 Poor Leo has a phone in his face from the minute he opens his eyes until he goes to sleep. ☹ He has no privacy whatsoever and poor Freddie has been brushed aside now Jake has a new money-maker. 🤬 Sophie allows Jake to mock Freddie and belittle him. She’s so desperate to hang on to the ‘Z Lister life’.

    Jake’s mum Lisa aka OrchardLodge Home has profited from Instagram too off the back of her beggy son. 🙄 Lisa had a normal account, albeit in her bio she had 'Jake Quickenden’s Mum'. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

    When Jake and Sophie started their begging with their Home Account OakHouse Home, Lisa decided she wanted in, so she too could be gifted items for her home. 🤢 She changed the name of her Instagram to include the home title and made it a Blogger account. 🙄 Jake encouraged his followers to follow his mum.🤌💷 Lisa came across as harmless enough, giving gardening tips, reviewing purchases she made from QVC and chatting about going for a coffee with her sister. Everyone felt sorry for her as she was often the butt of Jake’s jokes/pranks.

    Jake ridiculed her on his story by imitating her style of ‘influencing’, (think reading the news or weather😂), and Lisa didn’t post any stories. When she appeared back on she was in a different room and was near to tears. ☹ She said she was very upset Jake had done that and he had knocked her confidence so she didn’t feel like posting. ☹ She said she was aware she had the following she had because of Jake and she now felt like people weren’t interested or were bored of her. People rightly felt sorry for her, (including Tattlers), and some people messaged Jake about what he had done, defending Lisa. He didn’t post for the rest of the day then appeared the next day saying that reading the stuff written about him was ‘boring’. Then Lisa took to her stories to defend him! 🤷🏼‍♀️ She said SHE was wrong for talking about him & that "SHE HAD TAKEN IT THE WRONG WAY!!" 😳 She stated she didn’t need people messaging Jake on her behalf and gushed about how "he was her rock, he had kept her going and was her joker!" 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Way to go Jake, gaslighting your own mother into taking full responsibility for YOU upsetting HER! 🙄 As soon as Jake’s followers started saying 'they would be good on Gogglebox', Lisa came up with the legendary ‘Soap Scoop’ where she gives a blow-by-blow account of the previous night's episodes of Emmerdale/Corrie. 😴 She also thinks it’s acceptable to tear actors to pieces about their acting skills and criticise storylines. She’s boring and at times downright nasty - just like her son! 😡

    When Jake posted a screenshot of a Tattle comment on his story, Lisa had a full scale rant about what she would do to the nasty trolls!! Lots of expletives followed and threats of how the trolls 'wouldn’t like it when she’s angry!' 😂 Sorry to break it to you Su but us discussing your son is the same as you discussing Emmerdale/Corrie actors so suck it up buttercup! 😜

    Lisa has another son called Adam, Jake’s older brother. He doesn’t have social media and doesn't want any attention so Lisa and Jake think this is a good enough reason to make out like he doesn’t exist by never referencing him. 🤦🏼‍♀️ He has two children so Lisa was already a grandmother twice but like Jake, only ever goes on about the 'Golden Child'. 🙄 Like mother, like son. The apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree! 🙄

    Beggy Behaviour

    Jake’s war cry is ‘fame & followers don’t interest him!’ 😂😂😂 That’s why he’s been desperately plugging ‘Road to One Million' since 2018!! He tries to make out ‘it’s all for laughs’ but has done the same with Sophie and his mum, plus anyone he comes into contact with on holiday/at work to play the ‘big I am’. He’s desperate to reach that elusive One Million but his content is that shit he’s constantly haemorrhaging followers and he has now resorted to BUYING BOTS!!

    Jake made a public Instagram Account for Leo when he was a few weeks old so he can look back on all the photos when he’s older. 🤔 A photo album or private account wasn’t an option then Jake? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Jake uses it to up his engagement on his own page by sharing his posts on Leo’s stories, commenting and liking his posts, same as the Home Account and the Podcast. 🤢 When people questioned it, Jake cried ‘troll’. 🙄

    Sophie’s 'go to' for begging is the influencer tried and tested ‘anyone know any/anyone recommend/anyone tried’. For a grown adult, you’d think she would know that Google exists! 😂

    Jake and Sophie both LIKE their OWN grid posts! 🤢

    Here we have the 'Proposal' which happened on holiday in Rhodes in August 2021. This was all strategically planned to up his engagement on Instagram! Nothing more, nothing less! All for the Gram! #fakeasfuck #likes #wooden #sham #zerochemistry 💯


    Go on Pete! You've just done what we all wanted to do! Well done!! 👍


    Good Guy Jake

    During the Lockdown, Jake was encouraging people to ‘inbox’ him if they were struggling with their mental health. A very dangerous thing to do when he NEVER replies to his followers. 🤬 Instead of sharing phone numbers/online resources to help people, he said his inbox was always open yet numerous people have stated that he NEVER replies to DM’s. Unless you’re a troll, then he WILL message you and post your name all over his socials for his minions to attack. Jake is big on DOXXING!

    Jake got a lion tattoo on his chest to represent Leo. He filmed himself discussing with Freddie what he wanted him to get on the other side. Freddie said a wolf. Once Jake got the lion tattoo he stated he would be getting the wolf another day when he was able to get booked in for it.🙄 It was never mentioned again by Jake. 😡 Someone asked Freddie in a Q&A when Jake was getting it and he said he didn’t know. He had asked Jake lots about it and that “Jake had phoned a woman about it” but he still didn't get it done. ☹ Poor boy doesn’t realise that Jake has no time for him now he doesn’t need to use him for content/likes on the Gram seeing as he now has Leo for that. Do and say whatever you like Fakey but you never lie to a child or make promises you have no intention of keeping. Jake belittles Freddie a lot on his stories and sometimes the little boy looks like he wants to cry. ☹ He plays mind games and manipulates him to feed his ego by asking him “Who’s your best mate?”, “Who do you love the most?”, “Who makes you laugh the most?” Poor Freddie always feels obliged to say "you"! Freddie obviously knows the spoilt brat will throw his toys out of his pram if Freddie says anyone else. Jake is a needy cunt!🤢 Freddie has more manners and acts more mature than Jake! Sophie sits back and lets him ridicule her son!! The same mother, who along with Jake, encouraged Freddie to sit in an ICE BATH if he wanted to play Fortnite! 🤬 Even after Jake sat in it and emerged with skin red-raw from the cold, they STILL told Freddie that’s what he had to do if he wanted to play on his computer. 🤬 They really will do anything for content. Cunts! 🤬

    Update - Wolf tattoo done on the 27th July 2022!! 👏🏼 Well done 'Stepfather of the Year', it only took you fifteen months since you promised Freddie!! 🙄

    Sophie went to the hairdressers and left Jake minding Leo. Jake was fuming on his stories about how long she had been, all because he was waiting to go to the gym. When Sophie pulled up on the drive, Jake stormed out of the house and left baby Leo crawling outside on the driveway with no socks or shoes on his little feet. 🤬 When Tattle then discussed his controlling behaviour on the thread, Jake and Sophie started filming stories MOCKING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. 😤


    Jake filmed one of his female co-stars in Panto, whilst she was on the toilet, through a glass-blocked wall. The girl was telling him to leave her alone and go away. Jake continued giving a commentary as it was all ‘bantz'. 🤬 A Tattler complained to the theatre about his behaviour and Jake then messaged the Tattler on her Instagram saying he knew she had complained! He had literally HUNTED HER DOWN!! 🤬

    Jake constantly complains about working and being away from the family. He invents illnesses/ailments for attention and then when Tattle say 'he could get a job closer to home’, he twists the narrative to cry TROLL and say people are ‘dad shaming him’ and telling him to ‘get a real job’. HE ALWAYS PLAYS THE VICTIM!! 🎻

    Jake is a fitness fanatic, constantly working out and prides himself on being healthy and looking fit. 💪🏼 He is anxious about cancer because ‘it’s in his family’ . WELL, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU SMOKE THEN?🤔 He called his mum out for smoking, telling her how unhealthy it was and how it made her stink! 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Jake and Sophie in Paris👀🚬 Also Jake at their Engagement Party in August 2021! 🚬


    On Mother’s Day, Jake posted a grid post all about himself because he can’t have the attention being on anyone BUT himself! 🙄

    He was in the garden playing building blocks with Leo, then posted to his story showing himself and Leo with the plastic bag from the blocks over their face! 🤬 WHO TEACHES A 1YR OLD TO PLACE A PLASTIC BAG OVER THEIR HEAD? 🤬 He had either received DM’s or read Tattle and realised how fucking stupid he had been as the stories were quickly deleted. TATTLE ALWAYS KEEPS RECEIPTS! 💯


    Just when you think he can’t stoop any lower, he used the sad passing of Tom Parker (The Wanted) for likes and engagement. 🤬 He didn’t even know Tom! Instead of linking Tom’s wife’s post, (like lots of other people had done), to his story and passing on his condolences, he posted a grid post! 😳 He then linked his grid post to his story to make sure people knew he had posted and they would comment! 🤬 It’s bad enough he uses his dad and brother’s deaths for attention and sympathy constantly but he’s now using a stranger's sad passing because he knew it would get HIM maximum attention. HE IS A DESPICABLE GRIEF THIEF! 🤬

    SOPHIE NOT SUPPORTING HER BABY'S HEAD AND NECK! 🤬 Between this and the fact Leo’s constantly tilted back watching TV, no wonder the poor lamb looks as though he struggles with his neck muscles. ☹

    Safe sleeping advocates! 😱 Why place your newborn baby with his face pressed in against the side of the cot with a wedge positioned at his back so he’s unable to move? 🤬

    Fakey being a complete nuisance on a flight to New York bringing attention to himself by laying on the floor and acting like a complete twat. 🤬


    The 'Look of Love'!!! Says it all. 💯

    He appeared on Loose Women talking about how "he dealt with the trolls" and Leo ran on. All the Loose Woman looked bored to death of him!


    Lisa, Jakes's mum doing an impression of Marlon's stroke in Emmerdale. He reminded her of Quasimodo for some reason. Nasty bitch. Let's hope you never experience a stroke. 🤬

    A post about "how he loves his own company" although he will constantly claim he hates being on his own because of his 'anxiety'. Even mummy will later state he hates being on his own! Bullshit. 💯

    Complaining of a 'bad back' on Mother's Day morning, he went to see a chiropractor. He had been away all week but left Sophie on her own with Leo. As an afterthought, he posted this later on in the day making it all about himself and his father.

    So much for the 'bad back'. 🙄

    And even a handstand! 🙄

    Posing in an MRI Room of all places for a full body check. He even had it filmed.

    A very played-down gig happened today to earn a bit of money at David Lloyd, Colchester. With tickets costing £10 for members and £15 for non-members, as you can expect, it was empty!

    Sophie's new ITS edit range launched. Cheap and nasty clothes ranging from £15-60. She called herself the 'Brand Ambassador' and it went straight to her head. It spectacularly bombed and two days later on the 28th, it went straight to a Sale!! She was dropped with immediate effect! 😂

    Calling Freddie a 'donkey boy' and laughing at the poor boy on a trip to the farm. 🤬

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    An eruption began on Twitter with people up in arms about his relentless trolling of Gemma Owen, Michael Owen's daughter, who was only 19yrs old. He then backtracked calling it only 'banter'. You have to question though why a middle-aged man with children is so obsessed with Love Island in the first place and thinks it's perfectly OK to keep putting down a 19yr old young woman obsessively? Jealousy is a terrible trait. 🤬



    A VERY DANGEROUS post to put up. He replies to NOBODY. Instead, maybe put up emergency numbers such as Samaritans etc. Also another 'grief thief' post. 🤬


    Then he comes up with the most campest beach video ever to be made. Pass the sick bag. No signs of anxiety, a bad back or stricken down with grief here? Pathetic. 🤢


    He can't even have ulcers without broadcasting it! 🤢

    Sophie was filming Leo whilst he was asleep. The metal hook from the shopping trolley was dangerously sticking into his neck. 🤬


    FFS put it away. You look like a crackhead with a sock stuffed down your pants! The 'abs' are weapons grade photoshopped on this one!! 🤢


    This is proof that ALL of his ailments are FAKE when the woman says "So this is almost like a psychological thing" and he quickly turns off. Surprised he actually posted it!!! 😂

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    It was announced that he would be doing a 'Big Night Out With Jake Quickenden' in Scunthorpe! Ticket sales were so terrible that the event was changed to a year later. Nobody was interested and only a handful of tickets were sold so the whole event was completely CANCELLED! 😂

    The Wedding of the Year is fast approaching!🙄 Jobless Jake and the Corpse Bride have ramped up the ads and aff links! 🙄 Well, somebody needs to pay for the two Honeymoons, (Santorini and The Maldives), the Ibiza Wedding and the Loft Conversion and it certainly won’t be these two beggars! 😐 They also had a family break to Devon planned with their moneymakers boys before the first honeymoon but cancelled it the day they were supposed to go because they have too much to do to the house! 🤬 The only people these selfish fuckers think of is themselves! 🤬 After reading the backlash on Tattle, (their go-to place for parenting tips 😂), they back-tracked and took them on an impromptu trip to Chessington World of Adventures. 🙄 Why a mother, if you can call her that, decides to get major works done on the house during the summer holidays, when it should be about spending time with your kids, (more so when you don’t work), is selfish and shows once again they’re more about aesthetics than they are their two boys. 🤬 No doubt the work is an #ad or #gifted so had to be fitted in at this time!


    They tried to play it down and make out Freddie was happy about them not going away! Bullshit! 💩 What child would not want to go away on a beach holiday to do all new exciting things? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just to reinforce the fact they are let-downs, Fakey posted a grid post dedicated to Freddie. 🤢 The only time Freddie features on Fakey's Instagram grid now is when it’s an ad! 🙄 You may be able to fool your minions Jake but we see you for the cock you are! 🐔

    Whilst doing a clear-out for their new floors getting fitted downstairs, Fakey tried to show how ‘real’ they are by showing all the stains/filth in their living room! 🤮 No-one thinks you’re relatable showing shit stains all over your carpet! 🤢 You can joke about it all you like and make out as if it’s not shit! 💩 Tattle always keeps receipts!! We know your carpet has been left stained with shit for the past three months after you posted the shit your genius child did on the floor whilst you were looking after him! 🤢🤮🤢 Vile! How you could leave that there and allow your son to play is beyond comprehension. 🤷🏼‍♀️


    They've been on their first content holidayHoneymoon to Santorini. ☀ Lots of posing, shit reel-making, ads and aff links plus lots of moaning about how expensive everything was! 😂 Instead of enjoying their ‘Honeymoon love bubble' and enjoying every minute with each other like newlyweds should, these two desperados were on social media constantly and when they weren’t on social media, they were filming content to post!! 🙄 Can’t take your eyes off your phones each other! True love - Z List beggy influencer style!!

    On returning from their Honeymoon, where they either couldn’t find or afford gifts for the boys, they took Leo4Likes to Smyth's to buy him a present. He got a ride-on Mini car that cost £140 and a doll & pram. Poor forgotten Fred was given a pack of Pokémon Cards. 🤬 Still sure you treat them both the same? 🤔 The evidence on Instagram says different! ☹ #justiceforfred

    They were home for three days and then off again, this time to Beirut Portugal for Marcel's wedding. Instead of staying near to where the wedding was, making it easier for travel with two young children, they stayed a two hour car journey away in a hotel in the middle of nowhere! 🤷🏼‍♀️ The neighbourhood left a lot to be desired! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Whilst on this break away, everything was once again centred around the Golden Child, having to go out early for dinner because they went to bed at 7:30pm!! Great holiday for poor Freddie! Jake threw poor Freddie in the pool, all for the bants of course, and when he boasted about it on his stories, Freddie said he hated him and then got told off by Jake! Freddie backtracked and said 'he was annoyed at him for doing it'. Always belittling, ignoring or playing mind games with that little boy. 🤬 Then, when it was highlighted on here, Fakey made a reel and grid post with Fred. Sick, bullying bastard! 🤬 We won’t forget the time you gripped that little boy's arm so tight the veins were popping out on your hand you absolute waste of space! 🤬 #justiceforfred


    Link to thread post with video clips:

    The. famous Jackanory Rat Story!
    Link to thread with video clips:

    Congratulations to our 'favourite couple' on their (first) wedding!! 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻🥂 Fakey and Lord Farquad got married on Wednesday 24th August 2022. 🙌🏼 There were subtle hints on their stories, staying in a hotel in London, two witnesses friends with them, LF wearing a white suit á la Danielle Fogarty (Jake’s ex) wedding outfit! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Fakey dressed like he was going punting in Cambridge!! 🤢

    Tattlers waited with bated breath for the all important reel/grid post professing their undying love for each other on the best day of their lives…….and waited…….still waiting! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Nothing, nada, zilch, zero mention of them vowing to spend the rest of their lives together!! 😳 Maybe Instagram's most prolific over-sharers wanted the day to be all about them and have a romantic wedding night together with no distractions of social media/mobile phones? 🤔 Sadly, that was not the case at all! The new Quickenden Sophie Quickenden WAS HOME ALONE WHILST HER NEW HUSBAND PLAYED A GIG AT PONTINS!!! WTAF!!! 😂😂😂 Times must be hard if Fakey left his new bride on their wedding night to sing at a shitty holiday park!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Welcome to the highlife Mrs Quickenden!! 😂


    The Quickendens arrived in Ibiza for 'The Showbiz Wedding of the Year' - (2nd Wedding) - which happened on 4th September 2022. Get the popcorn ready for the shitshow that’s to come!! 🍿🍿

    On 2nd September they went along to Ocean Beach. Sophie had her flaps nearly falling out and Jake was all over Wayne Lineker, the Balearic Botherer. Jake kissed him with more passion than we will ever see him kiss his beard wife! WTF!!! 🤢🤢



    Link to thread post with video clips:





    Late in the evening whilst the wedding reception was in full swing! Make your own mind up! 🌈
    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Anyone who has a different opinion from Fakey is labelled a ‘TROLL’. If there’s a bandwagon to jump on, Jake is on it. Oh yeah, Jake changed his Instagram handle from Jakequickenden14 to simply Jakequickenden because he’s been on a permanent shadow ban for the past few months! 😂 He thought changing his name would magically make his profile visible again, poor lamb!! 😂😂 Stop doxxing, filming in your boxers & buying BOTS. Then maybe your ban will be lifted! 🙄

    Fake Prickenden Blocked Club!

    There are lots in this club and the numbers continue to grow!! 😂 Reasons for being blocked range from telling Fakey some home truths, liking comments of people who tell him some home truths or he searches for Tattler's names to see if they match their Insta handle! He also blocks you if you watch his stories but you don't follow him! Yes, he is sad enough to actually go through the viewing list of his stories and then write down the names and then check whether you actually follow him. What a sad little man he is! This only proves just how much time he has on his hands. Get a fucking job you pathetic prick!! 🤣 IF or indeed WHEN you join the Club, please feel free to wear your badge with pride! 😁

    Jake’s Content:
    , Leo, Himself, Trolls, Himself, Doxxing, Himself, Begging for Followers, Himself, Seeking Validation, Himself, Freddie (if it’s an ad), Himself, Gym, Himself, Ads and last but not least, Himself

    Sophie’s Content:
    #Ads, #Aff Links, Begging, Q&A's - where she asks herself the questions to share more Aff Links, Gym, Chatting Shit, Playing Dress Up with the copious amounts of clothes she’s either bought/been gifted/ordered but then returned, Leo, Freddie (if it’s an ad), Herself.

    Jake and Sophie went to the National Television Awards courtesy of Fake Bake. He wore a revolting pink suit, black clodhopper boots with painted nails and eyeliner. Sophie wore a £130 black dress which later got put on Vinted!
    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Aggy in Dubai - "It's all-inclusive mate".
    Link to thread post with video clip:

    After declaring excrutiating 'anxiety' earlier in the day, he went off on his own to the Pride of Britain Awards where he danced on the carpet in front of Strictly Come Dancing stars and hired a rent a crowd with clipboards who were 'waiting for him'. What a pathetic twat! 🤡
    Link to thread post with video clips:

    We couldn’t let today's ‘Loose Men’ appearance of the Testicular Cancer Check go unnoticed, so here’s the saggy balls for all those who need a laugh!!! 🤢🥕


    Our wonderful couple spent a week after New Year in Dubai, for the second time in three months, and had such a wonderful family time. So wonderful in fact they were both in bed on their phones while Freddie was left to fend for himself and Leo was plonked in front of the TV. What a sad and pathetic photo to capture.


    So Fakey's new ‘manager’ Polly Parrot has sucked off someone at OK Magazine and managed to get Fakey a weekly live slot on Instagram to discuss Dancing on Ice, because he won it years ago don’t you know!! Fakey couldn’t believe his luck! His dreams were finally coming true! He was going to be SO FAMOUS!! Unfortunately, this was short-lived. Neil and Becky, members of the public, flooded the comments about his syrup and asking about his work etc. Our poor Fakey couldn’t bear it and was seen holding in the tears whilst replying to Neil. Oh so professional! The Fakeys changed their profiles to the picture of Fakey crying so he was faced with it on his daily catch up here. (Picture below for a laugh) 😂


    Fakey then took the weekend off social media after the live as a lot of comments were calling him and his beard out for being red raw and burnt on their Tattlemoon. He is Ambassador for Sarcoma UK but allows himself and his wife to be red raw and wear Factor 8 Suncream and even sun oil!! Pictures below show just how awful their skin was and they were both peeling plus they were boasting about it! Some Ambassador for a Cancer Charity! 🤬



    Tattlers were right to assume our Fakey had something to hide because he cannot stay off his phone longer than five minutes. A lovely new member came on to spill the best tea. The one and only Fakey had bagged himself a spot on The Masked Singer. Our Fakey on live National TV you say? Of course not!! He’s on the Butlin's version of The Masked Singer!! 😂 Our wonderful @CrazyBaldhead made the below picture to represent our favourite Butlin's man Fakey himself!! 😂


    Now if that wasn’t enough, our wonderful Fakeys found a video shared of the man himself doing his show. The crowd all eagerly awaited to see who’s behind the Mask, only to silence the cheers when they see it’s Jake Quickenden and wish he’d put the Mask back on! 😂 Shame they didn’t all scream and cheer for him like they did when Barry from Eastenders was unmasked. This Butlin's stint really is the gift that keeps on giving!




    Today our Fakey was spotted eating the one and only NikNak’s for lunch! 😂 We have never seen him eat them before but he’s always got to get his sly digs in at us ‘trolls’. Shame is Fakey, you’re just making yourself look ridiculous instead. 😂


    Fakey appeared on Steph's Packed Lunch on C4. When asked if he knew the sex of the baby (Leo) at the time, he replied "No we didn't. I found out when he was born and when I looked, it was the same size as mine!" He thought this was funny but his comment, considering it was a daytime programme, was highly inappropriate! Complaints were sent to both C4 and Ofcom for discussing a child's genitalia on TV.

    Help! My House is Haunted - although the only thing haunting him is his dead 'career'. 👻👻
    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Very, very disturbing clips from Flapz getting the boys ready this morning. She was manic, very agitated, talking fast gibberish, repeatedly brushing NikNak's hair, and this child clearly has a bald spot now from having his hair tied too tightly. She looked like she had clearly taken drugs as she was talking through her front teeth and her jaw was swinging. Clip linked below. ❄
    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Comments were left on Oktagon's IG page by 'Penfold' sticking up for Fakey, (rather a bit too much), and going as far as contacting one of our Fakeys personally on Facebook. The dogs on Penfold's profile picture were the same as in one of Polly Parrot the Publicist's IG pictures. All screenshots can be found from the start of thread #64. Polly the Publicist has shown herself up in the past by acting like a besotted 'fan girl' 🤢🤢 but has this just shown how utterly unprofessional she is? Both her and Fakey have known each other for quite a few years beforehand as a picture was found of them together. Polly has therefore shown she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and should probably not go on Instagram commenting rubbish after a few too many wines or was it Fakey himself? 🤔

    What an unprofessional idiot and a troll you are Polly Beth Maclellan if it was you but 'you are the Boss' aren't you as clearly stated in one of the IG comments! 🤡 No wonder she only has a few clients. 👍








    Fakey put up a story saying that this evening he would be attending 'Parliament' when in fact it was actually 10 Downing Street. 🤡 As usual, he did not explain in detail about the small charity and never even mentioned their name which was Sibling Support UK. It was purely just another excuse for the world's biggest grief thief to exploit yet another opportunity for his own publicity. All he mentioned was what food and drink he had consumed. Polly Parrot attended alongside him so she had obviously arranged this. Let's hope the insincere grief thief doesn't make any money off of the back of it. 🤬



    Fakey ran the London Marathon dressed as a bone to raise money for Sarcoma. He was also compared to looking like a tooth and a sanitary pad, which were a bit more apt!


    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Zelda, NikNak and Fakey went to the farm today. Zelda was down for the weekend as Flapz and Freddie weren't there and Fakey can't cope on his own with his own child! Fakey repeatedly likened his own mother to a donkey during the day which was beyond disrespectful. 🤬 Whilst Zelda and NikNak were eating, Fakey tried to grab his mother's cheesecake very aggressively. It was VERY uneasy to watch, especially seeing the look on that child's face. When will this prick ever grow up? 🤬

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Fakey put a very disturbing 'fire' filter on NikNak and himself asking him "Are you hot, are you hot?" and laughed about it. Absolutely disgusting to teach a child that age, or at any age, that fire is funny. 🤬 It will be even less funny if one day there is a house fire and they're sleeping on different levels. It's about time this prick grew up and actually became a responsible parent. 🤬

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Fakey put up a chauvenistic reel by Matt Walsh, the American Political Commentator, entitled "How to Make a Man Happy".

    "He wants to walk in the door after work and his children run up to him and say 'Hi daddy' and they give him a hug and his wife comes over, kisses him and dinner's on the stove. Everyone is happy.

    So if your husband seems bitter and angry, you might consider whether you have given him any of those things any time".

    Vile. Just vile. Marriage is a working partnership. Not just all down to the wife. Dinner on the stove? This is NOT the 1930's. Fakey does not even work!


    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Fakey shared this mentally disturbing edit on his stories this morning. Seriously, whoever creates these unhinged atrocities needs certifying. Is he going to behave like Charlotte Dawson and get cardboard cut-outs of his dead father and brother and have them in the house too? 🤪

    Has Fakey got the 'fastest growing hair in the West' or has he just changed his syrup? 😂
    Left Pic: 09/05 - Right: 02/05.

    Here we go again! Pulling the fake 'Anxiety card'. The real reason Fakey keeps on about his 'mental health' as well as his 'grief' is to monetise it and get work from it. Well, the Fakeys were VERY pleased that he didn't succeed as this week is Mental Health Week and Fakey didn't manage to get on the Panel of Loose Men although he would have cut his right arm off for that! 💯 He claimed to have woken up with 'anxiety' and put up a reel of himself looking all 'sad' sitting in his tiny bath in the loft whilst sad music was playing. 🙄 Meanwhile that evening, he was at some bottom-feeder Event in London where he was laughing, joking and drinking. The story of 'The Boy who cried Wolf' springs to mind.

    Be careful what you wish for Fakey! 🤬


    After Fakey, Flapz and NikNak had spent a weekend away at Zelda's house, Freddie had an awards presentation when they were all away - which they all missed. Fakey filmed a story with Freddie opening a present from his brother. Fakey was very passive aggressive to poor Freddie when he struggled to pronounce Aurora and missed it out. Fakey sounded pissed as a fart and could barely string a sentence together. He also sounded very nasal. 🍷🍷❄❄

    Really not a good look and quite concerning for those children. His slurring is very apparent in this video.

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Fakey, the slurring drunk! 🍷🍷

    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Fakey did another very dangerous, misinformative reel about Anxiety. Apparently, if you suffer with anxiety you can go to work and socialise with friends down the pub. 🤬 Who the fuck is he to speak about Mental Health issues? Firstly, he is NOT QUALIFIED TO DO SO. Secondly, people who truly suffer with anxiety know how debilitating and horrific it can be. Some people are too anxious to even leave their house. All this is to up his engagement. He won't even bother replying to the people who left comments who truly suffer with it. He is a fucking disgrace and is very dangerous in doing this. 🤬


    After months of the Fakeys questioning why NikNak was still in a baby cot, hey presto, a bed appeared for him! Fakey spent most of the day (4hrs) putting the flat-pack bed together and then spent the rest of it bragging that he had done 'a two person job' on his own! He then did a garden tub reel saying "If you put your mind to it you can do anything! I put a bed up by myself when it was a two person job. What have you done with your day?" Well, most people actually go to work to earn a living you twat. Talk about having lost a grip on reality! Maybe he should just get a proper job ffs and stop reading Tattle! 🤡 Also note that he was slurring again (especially noticeable towards the end). Has he been drinking again? 🍷🍷
    Link to thread post with video clips:



    One of the Fakeys did a bit of research into the new bed as it was highly unsuitable for a 2yr old child. They found out that this new bed was not suitable for a 2yr old AT ALL and was recommended for children OVER the age of 6yrs. Literally not one brain cell between the pair of these idiots! 🤬



    Fakey travelled on his own to Manchester to see his brother and nephew and saw Manchester United play. He totally embarrassed himself by acting like a right fangirl in front of Will Mellor. He was probably hounding him about how to get on Strictly! 😂

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Fakey has 'fweinds' around for the weekend! Yes, 'fweinds'. He has reminded everybody of this fact about a thousand times now! He was so excited, he even did a reel about it sitting in his 'ice bath' with steam coming off the 'icy cold water' and he even had a coffee in it whilst saying how grateful he was! 🤡

    That look was for Tattle though!! 😂

    He then went into NikNak's bedroom first thing wearing Flapz's face mask. What responsible parent would even think of doing this to a 2yr old child? 🤬

    He found the poor child laying on the floor and found it amusing. Obviously these two cretins don't check on him during the night. They were both probably too pissed. The child's bed is highly unsuitable as it is (suitable for 6yrs+) let alone the fact that they have no stair gates in the house. This is honestly a recipe for disaster. 🤬

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Too busy on his phone to notice that his child is absolutely soaked through, needs a quick bath and a change of clothes. What a shit parent he is. 🤬


    So Flapz has taken Freddie and NikNak away to Turkey with a friend and her son whilst Fakey 'couldn't go as he has a trip to America'. He therefore "is going to sit around in his boxers for five days". In other words, the Father of the Year just used this 'America trip' as an excuse not to go away on a family trip. He had only seen Freddie for ten minutes as Freddie was away at his dad's wedding in Mykonos.

    When he went to see Manchester United play with his brother and nephew last week, Freddie was bought a bag, although somebody pointed out that it was a freebie gift bag, and a lanyard. Poor Freddie. Why not a shirt or something more age-appropriate? Mind you, that would mean actually buying it with his own money!

    Roy Cropper wants his bag back!!

    Meanwhile, NikNak was climbing all over his bedding and the dining table in his trainers, 🤢 opening the front door on his own and Fakey couldn't pronounce the word Toblerone and slurred "Toblelone". Had he been drinking again? 🤔 🍷🍷

    When they all left for the airport, although nobody seemed that bothered that they were leaving him behind, Fakey appeared to give Flapz the middle finger. Not very appropriate especially when there are young children present.

    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Is this FINALLY an admission that he does indeed wear a syrup, otherwise known as a 'hair system', or is he still claiming it's a 'hair transplant'? 🤔 This is the company that he advertised for a few years ago and he even introduced his mate Martin to the 'world of hair systems'. 😂😂 Luckily, Martin eventually got rid of his 'hair system' and has now owned his baldness instead of looking like a right syrup-wearing wanker! Well done Martin! 👍

    Be more like Martin and own your bald head Fakey! 👍

    The company advertisement! 😂😂


    No wonder Martin got rid of his. They look utterly ridiculous!! 😂😂


    Fakey was today promoting Soccer Aid. He isn't participating in it but is "supporting" it. What exactly is he doing there? Handing out water and oranges at half-time? On bin patrol? Fancy choosing to go all the way to Manchester when you would have been away from your family for nearly two weeks, just to go to an event that you aren't even involved in. He's only going because he's desperate and has been overlooked yet again this year and he's hoping to get the nod for 2024 instead! 💯


    Yet more ridiculous, unfunny icks with his fake, grating laugh. 🤢 To think he actually didn't go away with his family on holiday to Turkey only to just sit at home doing this crap is unbelievable! Absolutely pathetic. 💯

    How ironic! 😂


    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Meanwhile, out in Turkey, Flapz did a story about her 'having to have a cute little up-do for the next five days as her hairdryer and curlers don't work in the plugs'. 🤡 Has she ever heard of a Travel Plug Adapter or doesn't she realise that there are actual shops in Turkey that you can go to and BUY one. What an absolute idiot. Those children don't stand a chance! A flea has more IQ than this clown. 💯


    Link to thread post with video clip:

    What a horrid little brat. Saying NO, stamping his foot, then putting his head through a food serving hatch because he wants ice cream after breakfast. Meanwhile, Flapz is just laughing at him. Terrible parenting. That child needs discipline. 🤬

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Fakey's feeling sorry for himself. 'Missing them' - don't make us laugh!! When he saw them all off he gave them the middle finger. He's obviously missing somebody to bully. He could have gone away to Turkey with his family, as he doesn't fly out to America until Sunday 4th, but he chose not to. All he's done this week is post absolute crap and he's not had any work whatsoever! Why is he even going to America? He reckons it's work so let's wait and see! 🤔

    One of our lovely Fakeys spotted this on Amy Childs' IG promoting the event. The grief thief strikes again. 🤬 Fakey didn't even know Tom Parker but on his sad passing, he made a grid post for Tom all about himself to up his engagement. He'll do anything to give himself exposure. He hasn't even promoted this event on his own IG yet. 🤬

    Oh look, an alcohol-free Kopparberg now!! 🤪

    For two adults that are so obsessed with themselves and their weight, they sure are setting their child up for childhood obesity problems by constantly giving him food. He is ALWAYS eating! 🐷

    The ignorance of this stupid bitch is utterly terrifying. 🤡 Boasting about 'cute tan lines' on a child whilst she stands there sunburnt herself. CHILDREN SHOULD BE PROTECTED FROM THE SUN AT ALL TIMES. THIS IS SKIN DAMAGE. IT IS NOT 'CUTE' WHATSOEVER. HER HUSBAND IS AN AMBASSADOR FOR SARCOMA, A CANCER CHARITY. HIS FATHER AND BROTHER DIED FROM CANCER. WHAT A COMPLETE DISGRACE. 🤬

    Meanwhile, Fakey is in America 'busy doing nothing' yet again! We really think this is another desperate ploy to add to his CV and make him look in demand. Why would the USA need him, of all people, to advertise!!! 😂😂 More importantly, his 'anxiety and grief' have magically disappeared too! Funny that! 🤬 Maybe, he wants to branch out into travel, either presenting, as he's calling himself 'a presenter' nowadays, or he's thinking about travel blogs etc. One thing he's forgetting though is that he's married with kids and not young, free and single. Fancy not going on a family holiday but instead going on this timewaster and putting #ad on your stories to make yourself look busy and in demand. Talk about having a mid-life crisis!! 😂😂


    I think you mean MURALS Fakey? 🤡

    This is a MURIEL. 👍

    After he caught up on Tattle, this was his very aggy response! What a sad little cretin he is. Vile creature! 🤡
    Link to thread post with video link:


    So much for 'missing his family' and 'alcohol-free' eh? What a fucking joke you are Fakey! You utter Pisshead! 🍷🍷





    Could he love himself any more? 🤢 He definitely sees different in the mirror to what everybody else sees! 🤢

    By the way, Bet Lynch wants her blouse back!

    Catching up on Tattle?


    No wonder she found this relatable. We've never seen such a fake relationship! 💯

    Link to thread post with video clip:

    Oh dear! Instead of pretending you have a real Gucci belt instead of your usual fake, cheap items.....

    We recommend that you watch what your 'husband' is up to when he's away on his own acting like a single man! He certainly doesn't look like he's missing his family does he? In fact, he dirty deleted the video that he was tagged in with that young French girl. Says it all really! Get some self-respect Sophie. Lucky that Tattle always keeps receipts!! 💯

    Link to thread post with video clips:

    Oh look, a deflection post! 'Father of the Year' strikes again. 🙄 You're not missing your family at all Fakey because you're having WAY too much fun without them!

    What a FAKE post. Those children are definitely not your main priority, let alone your 'wife'. Pathetic, selfish, vain, egotistical creature. No mention of your 'wife' at all. Not even married a year yet you cannot wait to leave them all. Tell us that your 'marriage' is 'dead in the water' without telling us! What an exhausting, fake life to lead. 🤬


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