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    WARNING: Some contents may be triggering.


    Charlotte Emily Lesley Dawson
    was born on the 3rd October 1992 to the late Les Dawson and his gold-digging second wife Tracy.

    Leslie Dawson (DOB: 02/02/1931-10/06/1993), Charlotte's father, was an English Comedian, Actor, Writer and Presenter, who is best remembered for his deadpan style, mother-in-law & wife jokes and had a successful career spanning over 30yrs. Les was married to his first wife and the love of his life Margaret 'Meg' from 25/10/1960 until Meg's tragic death on 15/04/1986 from cancer. She was only 48yrs old when she died. RIP. They had three children: Julie, Pamela & Stuart and led a very private life away from the spotlight.

    Les was a very humble, hard-working, erudite family man who wrote poetry, had a huge love of literature, with a library of over 4,000 books, a pianist and was multi-lingual: French, German, Italian and Japanese. He was also unfortunately a heavy smoker and drinker and suffered health problems. The death of his beloved Meg from cancer spiralled him into deep depression, heavy drinking and even turned him grey overnight. At this point in his life he was extremely vulnerable.

    Les first met Tracy Roper (DOB: 06/05/1951) at the St. Ives Hotel, Lytham St. Annes, which was a local hotel near his mansion and his favoured 'watering hole'. (Meg's wake was even held at the St. Ives after her funeral). Tracy was working as a barmaid there and was already married with two children - Richard & Samantha Roper. Tracy 'offered Les a shoulder to cry on' as the locals were all aware that Meg was seriously ill dying from cancer and Les and Tracy grew closer. Tracy was 20yrs younger than Les and Tracy's past is almost untraceable. However, her ex-husband Richard Roper, sold stories to newspapers about knowing of their affair and Tracy coming home in the early hours very drunk after being with Les. Les and Tracy married in 1989 and Charlotte was eventually born in October 1992.


    Whilst attending a hospital in Manchester for a routine medical check-up with his second wife Tracy, Les suffered a major heart attack in the waiting room and he sadly passed away at the age of 62yrs old. Charlotte was only eight months old.

    Here's a clip of Les, how he should be remembered, on stage with his beloved dance troupe The Roly Polys. πŸ’–


    Following Les' death, Tracy had a bitter two year long legal dispute with his older children over who should pay for the funeral costs. The lion's share of the Dawson Estate was left to Tracy and Charlotte while a separate Trust Fund was set up for Les' three older children. They are all still estranged to this day and Les' children remain silent and dignified. They must despair about 'the gruesome twosome' constantly using their father's name and fame to make money for themselves.

    As the young Charlotte grew up, Tracy was still obsessed with Les and taught her young daughter to 'raise a spoonful of food to daddy in Heaven' during every meal and this created an unhealthy obsession with her father which carried on into adulthood. A cardboard cut-out of her father was forever present in her new home with Matt Sarsfield in Leigh, Manchester and was also being taken to numerous functions. When she gave birth to her first son, Noah Dawson Sarsfield, history would again repeat itself by Chazza encouraging the poor child to repeatedly kiss the cardboard cut-out of 'grandad', visit the Les statue ('Granite Grandad') and make him kiss it, kick a ball to cardboard Les (well, the cut-out ain't gonna kick it back is it?), and even being told to clean it!!! The heavy, unhealthy brainwashing of the young Charlotte about her father by Tracy was clearly off the scale and has made her mentally unhinged!



    The mansion was proving difficult for Tracy to run as she was having financial difficulties after ruthlessly blowing nearly all of Les' inheritance over the years. Tracy met John Chadwick, a local businessman in Lytham St. Annes and the DWP ran an investigation into benefit fraud. Tracy was claiming Widows Benefit but denied that her new partner had moved into the mansion. Both parties strongly denied these accusations claiming their innocence. After interviews with the DWP Fraud Department, they claimed that it was a 'platonic relationship' as 'he had his own house and when staying over, he stayed in one of the spare bedrooms'. You have to wonder why Our Trace applied for Widows Benefit in the first place whilst sitting in a £1.5m mansion? Over the years after Les' death, she literally blew most of the inheritance money and had to pay the huge legal fees fighting Les' children about the funeral payment. Again, why fight the children - he was YOUR husband? Money was more important obviously. Pure greed. 🀬

    Pictured: John Chadwick, Tracy, a 10yr old Charlotte and Lucy the dog.

    In 2008, the statue of Les Dawson was unveiled by Tracy and Chazza. None of Les' children attended the unveiling of the statue or made any comment about the statue whatsoever. They all completely snubbed the event and kept a dignified silence. At the time of the erection of the hideous Les statue, Our Trace and Chazza received threats including acid attack threats. At one point, police protection was involved. It's blatantly obvious that the 'gruesome twosome' have upset and offended a lot of people with their ruthless exploitation of Les' memory and legacy in the past and they still continue to exploit him to this day. Les has been the main source of income for them both and they continue to ride on Les' coat-tails.

    The statue resembled Christopher Biggins/The Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz!!

    They visit the statue making sure it always gets publicity in the papers. Chazza has even been pictured ridiculously feeding chips n' graveh to the statue. πŸ™„

    In 2012, the mansion had to be put up for sale and all contents were auctioned off as Tracy could not afford to pay the bills and she was obviously living way beyond her means. Tracy and Charlotte were forced to move out to somewhere a lot smaller. The mansion was literally kept like a shrine to Les and everything, even including his bed, ornaments and furniture had to be sold in an auction to raise monies.

    There was an article in the Daily Mail of Chazza starting to train for a Charity mountain climb. The Charity was the Red Cross and she was planning to climb Mount Kilimanjero in Africa. She raised Β£4k and climbed the mountain on 28/06/2014.

    January 2014
    Charlotte Dawson
    , the NZ/Australian TV personality, became friends with Chazza through Twitter. It was arranged that Chazza looked after her home whilst she was away on holiday in Bali but upon her return, Chazza, who was 21yrs old at the time, had totally trashed her home holding alcohol-fuelled parties and she wasn't insured. Already troubled, Charlotte Dawson was found dead on the 22/02/2014. She had unfortunately committed suicide. RIP.

    Reality TV

    Before Chazza hit the reaity shows she made a few make-up tutorials on YouTube and a few vlogs. One of her make-up tutorials featured her using food as make-up!! Mushy Peas: eyes, Gravy: contour & brows, Tartare Sauce: highlighter and Ketchup: lips. 🀒


    Chazza had a small part in Rough and Ready (2015) playing 'Dream Girl'.

    Chazza came to 'showbiz light' when she appeared on Ex On The Beach (2016) and had 'encounters' with Gary Beadle, Jordan Davies, a threesome with Gaz & Olivia, performed a sex act on Stephen Bear and compared vaginas with Jemma Lucy and Olivia Walsh on screen. She even faked a lesbian relationship with Jemma Lucy after the show had finished for publicity. She was hungry for z-list fame. 🀒🀒🀒

    She first appeared on Celebs Go Dating (2017) and got off with Frankie Cocozza. This ended badly and she slammed him afterwards in the papers.

    On Just Tattoo Of Us (2017) we saw Chazza get a huge tattoo of a gurning Les on the back of her neck.

    She appeared on Five Star Hotel (2018) alongside Spencer Matthews, Lydia Bright, Georgina Leigh Cartwell and Travis (who was a former love interest), and began flirting with him. She told Travis "she loved a good sausage" before turning to Spencer Matthews saying "he wants me for breakfast". The rest of the cast were also questioning whether she was wearing any knickers throughout the show. Classy. 🀒

    She appeared on Celebs On The Farm (2018) alongside Megan McKenna where she stripped off and mistook an alpaca for a giraffe. 🀑

    She appeared on MTV Cribs (2019) showing the crew around her 'boudoir' bedroom and her vast collection of trashy outfits. Her feather-laden clothes were something only Dame Edna could get away with!

    Matt Sarsfield appeared on Celebs Go Dating (2020) alongside Chazza. They ended up having 'couples therapy' after numerous toxic splits because of Chazza's lying and wayward partying ways.

    Chazza and Matt appeared on Your Face Or Mine (2018) hosted by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan and had a very cringeworthy moment when Matt and Chazza were confronted with her ex Frankie Cocozza as he was brought on and sat between them on the sofa! Chazza was squirming and Matt was mortified!! πŸ˜…

    On Love Squad (2019) she was the Host for this MTV dating show where she reckoned she 'was the new Cilla Black' after she had met 'the love of her life' in Matt Sarsfield. Like many of these 'reality shows' it wasn't very successful.

    On Come Dine With Me - Xmas Special (2019) she cooked for some very unfortunate guests and admitted that she had never cooked in her life let alone peel an onion. Instead of using a knife, she used a vegetable peeler! To say the other guests were brave was an understatement! The food was completely inedible. Chazza was totally clueless to actually cooking a meal and appeared to possess no basic life skills whatsoever!

    On MTV's Celebrity Bumps (2021) Charlotte appeared alongside Matt where her Pregnancy with Noah was followed, she opened up about Gestational Diabetes and she gave birth on camera.

    The Drunken Attention Seeker!

    Stumbling down the road with Love Island's Jessica Hayes

    28/06/2016 The wedding guest from absolute Hell!

    01/07/2016 Judging 'Miss Swimsuit USA' in Manchester and flashing her private parts. Classy!

    28/07/2016 Out in London with Sam 'Gurning' Giffen.

    09/09/2016 At the Neighbourhood Bar & Restaurant, Manchester.

    12/09/2016 Out with Sam 'Gurning' Giffen.

    18/09/2016 Fondling Jemma Lucy in the back of a cab.

    03/10/2016 Slaughtered in Ibiza. ❄

    14/10/2016 Upstaging YET ANOTHER bride!

    23/10/2016 Simulating sex with a stranger.

    12/09/2017 At the launch of 'The Agency', London.

    27/07/2018 Out for 'a meal' with Matt. Classy!

    08/03/2019 Grabbing Christine McGuinness' breast after a boozy bash in Manchester.

    Private Life

    Matthew David Sarsfield (DOB: 10/09/1991)
    used to be a professional rugby league player and is now a plasterer. Chazza first met Matt in November 2016 after a fling with Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle but just a few months later in February 2017, the couple had parted ways after it was reported the couple clashed over her wild partying and constant lies.

    During their first split, Chazza joined the cast of Celebs Go Dating looking for love and her raucous behaviour was picked up on by the dating experts on the E4 reality show. They said she was 'sabotaging herself' and Chazza confessed the reasons behind her actions were due to her heartbreak over Matt. "I am so in love with him. I gave him my heart and soul but it just wasn't enough. It still didn't work" she said of her then ex.

    Fellow famous singleton and former X Factor star Frankie Cocozza also appeared, and by the end of Series 3 at the final mixer, the pair made their feelings clear for each other. By the time the show had aired, the pair were already over and Chazza jetted off to Greece to celebrate her birthday with friends but Frankie was nowhere to be seen.

    Eight months after Matt called time on his relationship with Chazza, the couple rekindled their romance. They went on to buy their first house together and then after settling into their new home, the couple were faced with Frankie once more in December 2018 on Your Face Or Mine unexpectedly. They were both mortified!


    In 2018, Matt was arrested for an unprovoked, drunken attack in a bar. He left his victim needing 15 stitches to his bottom lip and was scarred for life. He pleaded guilty and Matt received a six month sentence suspended for two years, 150hrs of unpaid work and paid Β£2,000 compensation to the poor victim. What a nasty, drunken thug who clearly has a nasty, aggressive streak.

    Matt in his rugby days. What a belter he is! Come ere yew!! 🀒



    After living together for just over a year, Chazza and Matt signed up to appear on Celebs Go Dating together to iron out their issues. By the time the show had finished airing in March 2020, it was believed that the couple had split up once again as The Sun reported that Matt had called time on their relationship leaving her "heartbroken".

    However, Chazza confirmed to OK! that it was rubbish and they had just had an argument and she had stayed with her mum for a few days to 'have a breather'. Chazza said the biggest problem they faced in therapy was 'lack of communication' and 'not spending much time together'.

    Chazza and Matt announced they were expecting a baby during Lockdown in August 2020 which 'came as a shock as it wasn't planned'. Sharing that they had tried for a baby the year before previously to save their relationship but it didn't happen, they now believed it was the right time for them to start a family. Not strictly true though as they even split up a couple of months before she actually fell pregnant. 'Band-aid' babies very rarely heal an already failing, toxic relationship and these two are more 'on and off' than a light switch!

    One of her followers noticed the face of Les in Noah's scan. Can you see him? πŸ€”

    Matt got down on one knee in front of Les' statue in September 2020. He most probably felt pressurised to do so and by the looks of it, Chazza had arranged all the details (especially the paid paps). How photoshopped is this picture? πŸ˜‚

    It's a Boy!! The Baby Gender Reveal also had cardboard cut-out Les present.

    Noah's Arrival

    Noah Dawson Sarsfield
    finally arrived into the world on 26th January 2021 by forceps delivery at 10:42am, weighing 7lbs 13oz at Warrington Hospital. The birth was filmed for MTV Celebrity Bumps. As you can see from this picture, privacy didn't exist in the delivery room and Matt posted this on his IG stories as Chazza was in labour in front of cameras.


    Life as a new parent is very daunting. We all make mistakes but the mistakes she's made regarding Noah are disgusting, stupid and downright dangerous. Chazza made a decision to breastfeed her newborn and started calling her breasts 'udders'. Many stories were posted of her breastfeeding Noah and she even got called out for sexualising breastfeeding at one point. Her takeaways at this point were getting out of control ie nearly every night. On 4th February, they created an IG account for the newborn Noah and started using the baby for ads.

    Chazza put up an IG story of baby Noah sleeping in a 'sleepyhead nest' balancing dangerously on an ironing board. How thick can you possibly get? He could have dropped onto the floor. 🀬 This story was quickly dirty deleted but luckily we have the receipt.

    Chazza was fuming at the 'mum police' on her stories as she was pulled up for leaving a phone charger dangling into the cot whilst Noah was laying in it. This actually made the papers because of the backlash.

    She put up a post about Matt actually taking on the Dawson name when they get married which is a rather strange agreement for a man to take the woman's maiden name(?) We highly doubt they will ever make it down the aisle. They have zero chemistry, are completely toxic together and it's plain to see he enjoys the lifestyle she gives him.

    As Noah was born during Lockdown, they continuously broke the rules by having visitors over and Matt even had his hair cut by a mobile barber at their house. He put up this post, which was dirty deleted, and insisted it was 'a barber appreciation post'. 🀑 In his next story, he was wearing the exact same clothes and had neatly trimmed hair.

    More belly grabbing and gurning ensued along with gifted freebies and yet more undeclared ads (which she is famous for). She posted about the baby blues 'finally arriving' and then posted an unsavoury reel of her wearing a maternity pad and breast pads which she had done.


    Chazza left Noah in a bouncer on the worktop. 🀬

    Chazza put up a post about Noah getting 'trolled' and being called ugly. Well protect him and stop filming your baby all the time and why open an IG account for him? The same day Chazza and Our Trace took Noah to meet 'Granite Grandad' for the first time!

    Chazza put up an advert for a babygrow modelled by her own son Noah with MILF on the front of it. She wrote on her post 'that it would be perfect for Mother's Day'. WTF?? 🀒 Again, there was a lot of backlash as to why the hell would a child wear that? We all know what MILF stands for!! 🀬 The post quickly got removed and so did the item on the Dawsylicious website. For some reason, she has her mum saved under MILF on her phone. 🀒


    Another obsessive article - New Magazine.
    'My dad would idolise Noah - he gave me strength during the birth'. πŸ™„

    She posted a rant aimed at Tattle regarding 'her friend' Vicky Pattison although Vicky had slated her publicly for performing a sex act on sex offender Stephen Bear on Ex On The Beach and then sleeping with him. Tattle tells the truth and thanks for the publicity Chazza! πŸ‘



    Tracy turned 70yrs old. Pictured alongside her half-sister Samantha.

    Chazza received some bad news from the doctor. She needs to sort her diet out because let's face it, all she does is eat rubbish, and she is at high risk of becoming a diabetic. Her dad had it and her mum suffers from it. Check out the fake crying. There aren't any tears!


    On her IG stories she was feeding Noah as he was nearly lying down and not sitting upright. She claimed to have many messages from 'trolls' and had another massive rant.

    Chazza's brother-in-law took his own life and they created a Go Fund Me. Sammy (half-sister) found love again shortly afterwards.

    Tracy and Chazza appeared in the documentary Les Dawson - The Lost Tapes. The documentary unearthed previously unseen family footage and clips and discovered the real Les away from the spotlight, the family man and the comedian to mark what might have been his 90th birthday.

    Noah was filmed dangerously sitting on a table in a stroller that was meant for the floor. (This was quickly dirty deleted). 🀬

    Instead of filming him, change his nappy ffs. Absolutely disgraceful. (This was quickly dirty deleted). 🀬

    Please just stop filming! Nobody needs to see this.

    Really not a good advertisement for Dawsylicious Tanning. You look like a cross between Mr Burns out of The Simpsons and a cheesy Wotsit! Too tanned to give a chuffin damn eh? Come ere yew!! 🍊

    Chazza was 'viciously trolled' for feeding Noah a chip. She hit back saying 'he's my son, I can do what I want'. After this, chips would basically become a staple of this boy's unhealthy diet.

    The real side of Chazza! The mask finally slipped when she realised Matt was filming!

    Heavy celebrations for Matt's Birthday and yet another hangover!

    Chazza's 29th Birthday celebrations!


    That's it Chazza you worry about having your nails done and ignore the fact that your baby's ears are full of wax. 🀬 Priorities eh?

    Chazza the Chef and certainly nothing to be proud of. Dry as a bone chicken, overcooked broccolli and microwave rice. Fit for the bin. 🀒

    Obsessed! Yes, obsessed with looking like a member of the Jumanji cast! 🀑

    Poor child all hunched up and still has a bib around his neck in an unsafe cot. 🀬

    Hey Matt, we can see right up your nose!! ❄❄

    Chazza looking absolutely off her chops! ❄❄The drastic weight loss over the last few months is VERY apparent now!

    Belleh Blasters Diet Scam

    On Boxing Day, we saw the launch of Belleh Blasters, preying on the vulnerable and extremely gullible for the New Year.


    The 'Diet' was devised by TV Dietician Jo Travers and 'based on the science of calorie deficit with Ready Meal and Takeaway Options'. If you are stupid enough to part with your money, you can even tune in to fifteen minute work-outs with Chazza and Jo, which aren't really work-outs at all!! There are much better, FREE work-outs available on YouTube. In fact, just use your common sense and do it yourself, and save your hard-earned money instead of giving it to this scammer!

    A calorie deficit diet is not rocket science!

    At the time, a qualified fitness and eating disorder expert put on her IG page a warning against scam diets like this and used Chazza's body (blanking out her face). This resulted in Matt, Chazza's other half, bodyshaming her.



    Bit rich coming from that freeloading cretin!

    We all have a fair idea just how Chazza lost 4st+ of 'timber' so quickly, or was it 3st+? ❄❄ In fact, as per usual, she couldn't remember her lies. She put the weight back on quick enough after the launch of this diet scam by her constant, excessive intake of alcohol, snacks and takeaways. Whilst she was advertising this 'amazing diet', behind the scenes she was feeding Noah rubbish daily, eating rubbish herself and drinking alcohol.

    Classy Advertising! 🀒

    No way is that a 5lb loss! πŸ™„


    A diet for the utterly gullible! πŸ’―

    Ridiculous photoshopping (right picture) and false advertising! πŸ™„

    What a miracle in just 7 days! πŸ™„

    Not even the same person. Note the totally different tattoos! πŸ™„

    A McDonald's Happy Meal! πŸ™„

    A frozen microwave lasagne! πŸ™„


    You're even allowed low-calorie frozen or refridgerated pre-made microwave meals or even a McDonald's or a KFC! Chuff off Chazza you scammer! 🀬

    What happened to the 'Chunkeh but Funkeh' Chazza? It's all very well promoting a scam diet for the Β£'s but you don't even follow your own Plan in reality do you Chazza? You're not even qualified. Repeatedly sharing 'before & after' pictures that were heavily edited is shameful and should be more heavily regulated. It was very clear that she never changed her diet and followed her own Plan as all the weight crept back on plus much more! This only displayed her clear priority of profiteering and lack of morals.

    Chazza posted a naked picture of Matt on one of her IG stories then swiftly deleted it. You should've put it with your 'diet plan'. Looking at him is enough to put ANYBODY off of their food! πŸ’― 🀒

    She posted on her stories 'that she couldn't be arsed to go out on New Year's Eve so 'she was getting steaming at home'. It looked like she was getting into practice here!

    A huge 1st Birthday Party was held for Noah with more adults present than children. Even cardboard cut-out Les was invited! They all got steaming drunk and Chazza took days to recover from it. All in all, it was just a complete and utter piss up.





    Noah became unwell with a very high temperature reaching 39.7Β°C and they called an ambulance for him. She was so scared that she made IG stories about it whilst waiting. πŸ™„

    Happy Birthday Daddy! The pilgrimage to Les' statue was made, this time to mark his 'Birthday'.

    A lazy day in PJs and loads of TV. Nothing new there then as she only ever gets dressed to go out partying and Noah is constantly stuck in front of a screen.

    Instead of lazing around all day Chazza, you should clear up Noah's shit off the carpet. 🀒

    The Pissed-Up Dubai Trip

    They all flew to Dubai to Anantara, The Palm for a month for their 'first family holiday engaged' which was a complete piss-up from the very beginning. They had more luggage than royalty and the drinking started at the airport with him knocking back pints and her knocking back the gins. Once on board, spirits were knocked back on the flight also and what looked like a Calpol bottle on the airplane's floor to most probably knock Noah out for the flight duration.





    For the majority of this holiday, Noah was up until 2am still out with his drunk parents and their friends. He had no toys to play with and had no sun hat on his head in the hot sun, until Chazza caught up on Tattle and got him one. He got sunburnt and looked exhausted with dark circles under his eyes and was palmed off with babysitting services. At 10:30am Matt was drinking beer with Noah on his lap and all the child's main diet consisted of was chips, pizza and Nutella pancakes every day. Whilst they were drinking day and night and acting like they were on a jolly in Magaluf, they were both co-sleeping with Noah. 🀬

    Noah's bare bottom was also shown on one of her stories, he was given beer to sip and Chazza was constantly doing ads throughout and got shadow banned on IG.

    A face that only a mother could love. 🀒

    What a catfish! πŸ˜‚


    Classy! Look at the fake tan tidemarks on her neck and food remnants on her face! 🀒

    The mask slips yet again!

    Noah still up eating Chinese at 9pm. 🀬

    Call the fashion police immediately! 🀒

    And as for his man bag. Does he keep his colouring books in it? 🀑

    They both left Noah unsupervised in the pool and he started floating away while they ignored him. 🀬

    Matt dunked Noah underwater for no reason and thought it was funny but the poor child swallowed water and was gasping for breath. You can see the colour has completely drained from Noah's face. He's as white as a sheet. 🀬

    Drunk yet again. 🀬

    Another pissed-up night out with friends after leaving Noah yet again with a babysitter. This time smashing plates. Matt smashed one over his head and then smashed one over his friend's head. WTF!





    Matt giving Noah beer. 🀬
    Screenshot_20230410-184329 (1)~2.png

    Yet another pissed up night out.

    Covered in vomit on the flight home. 🀒

    Matt got a new car. Not bad considering he doesn't actually do anything. Leech.

    Noah in his car seat facing forward with extremely loose straps. 🀬

    Away for the weekend with their close friends Paul Kelly MMA (Sideshow Smack) and wife Jazmin Elisabeth (Wonky Tits) to London. Pictured af The O2, Docklands, London for the Boxing.

    The photoshop is out of control on this one! πŸ˜…

    Paul Kelly MMA, a very close friend of Chazza and Pob, was sentenced to 13yrs in prison following a trial in 2013 for supplying Class A drugs to criminals in the Kirkby area. In March 2023, he was recalled to prison after an x-rated video was posted on his social media which showed him having sex with two escorts.

    Paul Kelly passing something to Chazza whilst out. What could it be? πŸ€” ❄

    Whilst they stayed in London, they left Noah with a babysitter so they could go out. When they went down for breakfast they let Noah crawl about on the dining room floor near tables that had trailing tableclothes onto the floor. They even took him to a McDonald's and gave him a Happy Meal and spilt drink all over the table which then poured onto the floor and didn't bother to clean it up.

    Rant at 'trolls' again. πŸ™„

    Once back home she appeared very full of a Columbian cold on her stories! ❄❄

    Get your priorities right ffs.

    To be a good mum you have to put Noah first.

    The Nasty Red Mark on Noah's Cheek

    On Mother's Day, Chazza received a card from Our Trace and Matt cooked her breakfast. Later on she visited Les' statue with Our Trace. A bowl, cutlery and toys also made an appearance as reading Tattle is where she clearly gets her parenting advice from!! Noah was also still up past 9pm being encouraged to do 'shakeh shakeh'.



    Noah was standing on a highchair in a restaurant doing 'shakeh shakeh' whilst eating. Chazza was finding this hilarious as she was busy filming him regardless of the potential danger. 🀬

    The Party Weekend & Noah's Accident

    08/04/22 - FRIDAY

    Chazza & Inspector Gadget Matt attended Ladies Day at Aintree Racecourse. Noah was looked after by his grandparents. Chazza wore a horrific pink monstrosity and he kept his flasher's mac done up all day long. They acted loud, chavvy and trashy at the table and drew a lot of attention to themselves. πŸ™„



    After Ladies Day, Chazza had a quick change as she had spilt 'a shot of soup down herself' and then they both went onto a Wedding Reception for yet more partying.

    09/04/22 - SATURDAY
    Off out again for the evening. Yet another Wedding Reception although Matt wore a t-shirt and stuck out like a sore thumb as other guests were dressed smartly. This time they brought along poor Noah.

    Noah was crawling around (9pm) on the floor whilst drunken adults were dancing around him and the music was absolutely blaring. He was also being passed around by drunken adults with his 'mother' shouting loudly. He was also filmed being given beers by more than one man. NO WORDS AT ALL. 🀬






    Stories were put up on IG of Noah running around this party in just a nappy. 🀬 These were all swiftly deleted. Luckily, Tattle always has receipts. πŸ‘

    10/04/22 - SUNDAY (NOAH'S ACCIDENT)
    At breakfast time, Chazza was kicking off about people 'messaging' her last night and was angry. She was JUSTIFYING Noah being up late "BECAUSE HE'S A LITTLE PARTY ANIMAL" and she was sniffing constantly. No he's not a party animal, he is a one year old child you despicable bitch. 🀬 She was also saying that Noah 'was in a routine'. That child has NEVER been in any kind of routine whatsoever! 🀬

    When a person has to justify their lifestyle with such regular occurence, they know they're in the wrong! πŸ’―

    Noah looked absolutely wiped out. His poor little face. Let him sleep, let him rest and for God's sake feed that poor little boy some decent food. πŸ˜’

    And just when you thought they couldn't be any more irresponsible and selfish, they dragged that poor little boy out YET AGAIN to an afternoon/evening Christening Party. He was dressed like a Victorian ghost child.🀬


    So, this was the THIRD NIGHT OUT for Chazza and Matt and the SECOND NIGHT OUT consecutively for poor little Noah. It's a shame they didn't leave him safe at home that night because what happened to this poor little boy at this party was purely down to his disgusting, selfish parents' UTTER NEGLECT. They were obviously NOT keeping an eye on him to let it happen. 🀬

    NOAH ENDED UP IN A&E but that didn't stop Chazza filming IG stories at the hospital with a put-on 'sad face' and posing with Noah's vomit in her hair but she didn't say the actual reason why they were there. How had they taken Noah to A&E as they most probably had been drinking? Let's face it, they're a couple of pissheads/cokeheads. Imagine seeing parents with a very poorly child in A&E who were inebriated. 🀬

    Just what in the name of God happened to this helpless child at this party? He wasn't being looked after properly that's for sure. There were so many questions then and there are still many questions still to this day.

    UPDATE: Noah had banged his head and cheek on 'a table leg' and kept projectile vomiting until he passed out. 🀬

    Did Noah's accident raise a red flag at the hospital to Social Services? 🚩

    A Tattler came on who was a nurse and she commented "Well, that was one hell of a bang on that 'table leg'. I'm a nurse and that only happens with really bad head injuries. I highly doubt it was a table leg but it depends how he fell etc. Regardless, it must have been a very nasty bang. To be honest, I would not be broadcasting this if I had received so many hate messages but she is opening herself up again and she deserves all the abuse. They deserve every BAD word said about them. THE PAIR OF THEM ARE AWFUL, UNFIT PARENTS. 🀬

    Had Noah been dropped onto the floor or been acidentally kicked by somebody if he had crawled underneath a table? Surely banging his head on a table leg would not have led to projectile vomiting so badly that he passed out? Babies have 'bumps' all the time.

    After they had been seen in A&E they didn't take him home but instead went back to the hotel. In the morning they went down for breakfast with Noah sat in a highchair in front of a tablet. He looked absolutely dreadful, bewildered and had bruising to his little face. Why was this poor child not safe at home resting after such a traumatic accident? What utterly selfish behaviour again. 🀬

    Notable References

    The Belters: Our collective name on the Chazza threads.
    The Gruesome Twosome: Chazza & Our Trace.
    Charlotte: Chazza, Slob, Wallace, FlatArse.
    Matt: Pob, Melted Ken, Inspector Gadget, Kryten Ken, WaxMeltKen, MattBot.
    Noah: Nowhere, Feral (F1), Victorian Child, Window Child, Urchin, Party Animal, Chucky.
    Jude: Feral 2 (F2)
    Tracy: Our Trace, Ozzy Osbourne, Bagpuss.
    John Chadwick: Our Trace's Partner.
    Samantha: Sammy Shitstains (Half-Sister).
    Kirsty Fieldhouse: Matt's Sister.
    Amanda Harrington: Mandy Harro (Friend).
    Bliss Farrah Whiteside: Squidward (Friend).
    Sam Giffen: Gurning Giffen (Friend).
    Paul Kelly MMA: Sideshow Smack (Friend).
    Jazmin Elisabeth: Wonky Tits (Friend).
    The Roly Polys: Les' Supporting Dance Troup.
    Big Mo/Maureen Moreland: Leading Lady of The Roly Polys & friend of Les. (RIP).
    Castle Greyskull: Their soulless, grey house.