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  1. EddieMonsoon

    TheTaylormadeHome #12 Birthday in the snow for boss babe Flo. She’s Klarnered the gear but still no idea

    Thanks to @no flouncing for the thread title 😊 Just the usual nonsense from the lying chav.. Been on a holiday she couldn’t hide her disdain for, spent more time with Bens friends children this month than her own and she couldn’t give a shit… she’s happy as Larry without her kids. Not sure...
  2. EddieMonsoon

    TheTaylorMadeHome #11 Benny is Flo’s tiny best friend but sadly she’s forgotten about George yet again.

    Thanks to @Isa_Drennan for the thread title. Quick recap : House is still basic & bare … and dirty. The baths never had a proper clean since she got it due to it being cleaned with the toilet cloth , sheets never get washed either, they get sprayed with zoflora instead 🤢 She still doesn’t...
  3. T

    The TaylorMade Home #10 Bens a gr8 carpenter, hes had an idea-theyll kit their mansion with stuff from ikea

    Thank you @notaninstahun_hun for the tread suggestion with 20 likes — #996 on tread #9 *edited to fit* recap to follow as we are well over on the comments — oh no, that’s not a lie.
  4. EddieMonsoon

    The Taylormade home # 9 The lies keep FLOing so fast she can’t keep up @thetaylomafr

    Thanks to @Justmebeingnosey for the thread title 🙃 Flo is still lying relentlessly and depriving her children. She’s also still skint despite what she Claims … you just need to glance at her kids or her house to see that. Still dirty as hell aswell I bet that house stinks. Keeps trying to...
  5. J

    The TaylorMade Home #8 Flo's a dirty skank and the cheapo reno is rank!

    Thank you to @Birdinthesky for the new thread name.
  6. T

    The TaylorMade Home #7 Life with Flo is definitely a sham, specially with Ben missing his van

    Thank you @candlesareforlife for the thread suggestion!
  7. EddieMonsoon

    The Taylormade Home #6 Flo thinks she’s a milf but her face is full of filth

    @Gonefishing thanks for the title 🙃 Flo is , as always still compulsively Lying, Has a very strange creepy obsession with Harry, And has done nothing with her own kids the whole summer holidays, doubtful she’s washed the whole time either tbh 😂 We all know the rest 😂
  8. EddieMonsoon

    The Taylormade Home #5 Flo & Ben live like Rock Stars whilst their kids get treated like they live behind bars

    Thanks to @1-2/3:4 for the thread title. Flo is still compulsively lying about everything, turns out Ben also tells a few himself. She can’t decide if she’s an influencer or content creator even tho she gets a ridiculously low engagement on grid posts admitted she needed help growing her...
  9. EddieMonsoon

    The taylormade home #4 Is she a Dr, Vlogger or builder pro? No one gives a, she’s got no flow

    Thanks to @Tattldurcage for the thread suggestion. The Compulsive lies are coming thick and fast daily now Hygiene standards are getting poorer and poorer All the “ great” work/content she promised her followers yet all we’ve seen is jail beds and some games room in the garden.. also claims...
  10. EddieMonsoon

    The Taylormade Home #3 Wearing nothing but a bra so she can flog her lumi spa

    New thread @Gonefishing title 🙃🙃 Quick recap: She’s still struggling and whining about homeschooling even tho she does an hour a day if the kids are lucky. Still constantly breaking the rules but goes to some lengths to deny it. Face Dildo is apparently still “amaaazzzingggg” even tho she’s...
  11. EddieMonsoon

    The Taylormade Home #2 come on now Flo how much lower can you go

    @strugglingmother2020 your thread suggestion got the most likes I think 😂 this is the first time I’ve made a thread so I hope I’ve done it right
  12. R

    The Taylor Made Home

    Would love if a thread could be posted on Florence Taylor, Instagrammer The Taylor Made Home. She is a lifestyle & Home blogger 😁 xx
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