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    TheTaylorMadeHome #13 His kids dont want2stay,anuva reno on way, muvahoods a chore her kids sleep on the floor

    Brilliant recap as a thread suggestion from @S9481 (edited to fit - chav style editing, very fitting IMO) ORIGINAL: Thread suggestion: Bens kids don't want to stay, so another reno on the way, motherhood is a chore, her squids are sleeping on the floor Not much of a recap, our queen Flo is...
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    TheTaylormadeHome #12 Birthday in the snow for boss babe Flo. She’s Klarnered the gear but still no idea

    Thanks to @no flouncing for the thread title 😊 Just the usual nonsense from the lying chav.. Been on a holiday she couldn’t hide her disdain for, spent more time with Bens friends children this month than her own and she couldn’t give a shit… she’s happy as Larry without her kids. Not sure...
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    TheTaylorMadeHome #11 Benny is Flo’s tiny best friend but sadly she’s forgotten about George yet again.

    Thanks to @Isa_Drennan for the thread title. Quick recap : House is still basic & bare … and dirty. The baths never had a proper clean since she got it due to it being cleaned with the toilet cloth , sheets never get washed either, they get sprayed with zoflora instead 🤢 She still doesn’t...
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    The TaylorMade Home #10 Bens a gr8 carpenter, hes had an idea-theyll kit their mansion with stuff from ikea

    Thank you @notaninstahun_hun for the tread suggestion with 20 likes — #996 on tread #9 *edited to fit* recap to follow as we are well over on the comments — oh no, that’s not a lie.
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    The Taylormade home # 9 The lies keep FLOing so fast she can’t keep up @thetaylomafr

    Thanks to @Justmebeingnosey for the thread title 🙃 Flo is still lying relentlessly and depriving her children. She’s also still skint despite what she Claims … you just need to glance at her kids or her house to see that. Still dirty as hell aswell I bet that house stinks. Keeps trying to...
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    The TaylorMade Home #8 Flo's a dirty skank and the cheapo reno is rank!

    Thank you to @Birdinthesky for the new thread name.
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    The TaylorMade Home #7 Life with Flo is definitely a sham, specially with Ben missing his van

    Thank you @candlesareforlife for the thread suggestion!
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    The Taylormade Home #6 Flo thinks she’s a milf but her face is full of filth

    @Gonefishing thanks for the title 🙃 Flo is , as always still compulsively Lying, Has a very strange creepy obsession with Harry, And has done nothing with her own kids the whole summer holidays, doubtful she’s washed the whole time either tbh 😂 We all know the rest 😂
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    The Taylormade Home #5 Flo & Ben live like Rock Stars whilst their kids get treated like they live behind bars

    Thanks to @1-2/3:4 for the thread title. Flo is still compulsively lying about everything, turns out Ben also tells a few himself. She can’t decide if she’s an influencer or content creator even tho she gets a ridiculously low engagement on grid posts admitted she needed help growing her...
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    The taylormade home #4 Is she a Dr, Vlogger or builder pro? No one gives a, she’s got no flow

    Thanks to @Tattldurcage for the thread suggestion. The Compulsive lies are coming thick and fast daily now Hygiene standards are getting poorer and poorer All the “ great” work/content she promised her followers yet all we’ve seen is jail beds and some games room in the garden.. also claims...
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    The Taylormade Home #3 Wearing nothing but a bra so she can flog her lumi spa

    New thread @Gonefishing title 🙃🙃 Quick recap: She’s still struggling and whining about homeschooling even tho she does an hour a day if the kids are lucky. Still constantly breaking the rules but goes to some lengths to deny it. Face Dildo is apparently still “amaaazzzingggg” even tho she’s...
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    The Taylormade Home #2 come on now Flo how much lower can you go

    @strugglingmother2020 your thread suggestion got the most likes I think 😂 this is the first time I’ve made a thread so I hope I’ve done it right
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    The Taylor Made Home

    Would love if a thread could be posted on Florence Taylor, Instagrammer The Taylor Made Home. She is a lifestyle & Home blogger 😁 xx