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  1. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #12 Sunburn baby, bottles of gin, shoes fit for the bin. We won’t forget her Repromed sin

    New thread title credit to @omg-icantcope with the essential Repromed add on from @jesseholdon I had to cut out the ali hats to fit the character count, and could have 💩 in the title Anyone want to do a recap?
  2. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #11 Shush about Repromed, Terrie’s trying to sell her Chinese tat instead

    New thread title by @Blondiemum with 43 likes suggested on page 52.
  3. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #10 She’s a cobbler now, new shoes and an sandal, but we won’t forget the Repromed scandal

    Credit to @SpendTooMuchTimeOnHere for the excellent thread title
  4. Abby lockhart

    Terrie McEvoy #9 As useful for travel inspo as she is for fertility advice

    First new thread! Title courtesy of @sellyoursoulforinsta 🙌🏻 …. Now to go back and report! Recap anyone?
  5. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #8 Sydney, Jake and Repromed, I need lots of nights out or I’ll go off my head

    Thanks to @The Foz for the new title
  6. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #7 Changing the sheets, sharing #af deets, Daveh’s in bed, we won’t forget Repromed

    Thanks to @MiamooMoo for the thread title with most likes. As you were, wenches 🤩
  7. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #6 Don’t mention repromed, Jake and Daveh have to be fed.

    Had to crop it to fit full title by @MiamooMoo was Terrie McEvoy #6 Don’t mention repromed, Jake and Daveh have to be fed. Has to buy her own pram no freebie from the gram
  8. dddddddddddd

    Terrie McEvoy #5 thinks a excel baby list is OK, ignore Repromed scandal till it goes away

    Credit to @Yourwan1986 for the title, had to amend to fit! Full suggestion was: Terrie McEvoy #5 thinks excel baby list (begging) is OK, ignoring Repromed scandal but it ain't going away
  9. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #4 promotes fertility & women's health, only does it for the wealth

    Thanks to @dotiedot for the thread title
  10. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #3 Spent Xmas in hospital, finger seems fine, able to tan, sell & drink wine

    Credit to @ilikelamp for the thread title.
  11. T

    Terrie McEvoy #2 Eeek all the Jake spam, I’ll work a few shifts but just for the gram!

    Thread title that got the most votes thanks to @raryrary Continue discussing the 'full time mad bastard' antics here... Anyone got a summary of the last thread?
  12. J

    Terrie McEvoy

    Terrie McEvoy is an Irish influencer/nurse/full time mad bastard. Married to Daveeeeeh, can’t forget him!
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