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  1. L

    Terrie Mcevoy #18 Never forget a Repromed scam, Run fast as you can, can't catch me, I’m the runaway Mam

    Recap - After spending 2.5 years escaping her daughter Dublin at every opportunity, she has decided the perfect time to have lot of time in Dublin is when Sydney is in Portugal. Anyone want to add a more detailed recap? Thanks to @khaigs for the title - hijacked it slightly to include Repromed.
  2. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #17 Terrie Poppins and the Repromed lie, us tattlers will never let that one die

    New thread title by @MiamooMoo 👏
  3. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #16 Off to Ibiza with Perth and the pram, Tattle will never forget your repromed scam

    Thanks to @Crones884 for the thread title. As you were 🩷
  4. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #15 Podcast is dead, baby's burnt red, still waiting for an answer on repromed

    Thanks to @Sky Sports Main Event for the cracker title 👏
  5. S

    Terrie McEvoy #14 Mad bookin flights, always hawking shite, after Repromed how can sleep at night

    Thanks @BeepSchmeep for the title suggestions. Edited slightly to fit. Terrie is away on holidays yet again because she is so grossly unhappy in her own life she is constantly seeking happiness elsewhere. Still flogging shite and "protecting Melbourne's privacy" by only showing 95% of her...
  6. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #13 Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, the Repromed scandal just won’t go away

    Thread title by @SpendTooMuchTimeOnHere As you were ♥️
  7. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #12 Sunburn baby, bottles of gin, shoes fit for the bin. We won’t forget her Repromed sin

    New thread title credit to @omg-icantcope with the essential Repromed add on from @jesseholdon I had to cut out the ali hats to fit the character count, and could have 💩 in the title Anyone want to do a recap?
  8. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #11 Shush about Repromed, Terrie’s trying to sell her Chinese tat instead

    New thread title by @Blondiemum with 43 likes suggested on page 52.
  9. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #10 She’s a cobbler now, new shoes and an sandal, but we won’t forget the Repromed scandal

    Credit to @SpendTooMuchTimeOnHere for the excellent thread title
  10. Abby lockhart

    Terrie McEvoy #9 As useful for travel inspo as she is for fertility advice

    First new thread! Title courtesy of @sellyoursoulforinsta 🙌🏻 …. Now to go back and report! Recap anyone?
  11. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #8 Sydney, Jake and Repromed, I need lots of nights out or I’ll go off my head

    Thanks to @The Foz for the new title
  12. lodgequeen

    Terrie McEvoy #7 Changing the sheets, sharing #af deets, Daveh’s in bed, we won’t forget Repromed

    Thanks to @MiamooMoo for the thread title with most likes. As you were, wenches 🤩
  13. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #6 Don’t mention repromed, Jake and Daveh have to be fed.

    Had to crop it to fit full title by @MiamooMoo was Terrie McEvoy #6 Don’t mention repromed, Jake and Daveh have to be fed. Has to buy her own pram no freebie from the gram
  14. D

    Terrie McEvoy #5 thinks a excel baby list is OK, ignore Repromed scandal till it goes away

    Credit to @Yourwan1986 for the title, had to amend to fit! Full suggestion was: Terrie McEvoy #5 thinks excel baby list (begging) is OK, ignoring Repromed scandal but it ain't going away
  15. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #4 promotes fertility & women's health, only does it for the wealth

    Thanks to @dotiedot for the thread title
  16. Mocaacom

    Terrie McEvoy #3 Spent Xmas in hospital, finger seems fine, able to tan, sell & drink wine

    Credit to @ilikelamp for the thread title.
  17. T

    Terrie McEvoy #2 Eeek all the Jake spam, I’ll work a few shifts but just for the gram!

    Thread title that got the most votes thanks to @raryrary Continue discussing the 'full time mad bastard' antics here... Anyone got a summary of the last thread?
  18. J

    Terrie McEvoy

    Terrie McEvoy is an Irish influencer/nurse/full time mad bastard. Married to Daveeeeeh, can’t forget him!