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  1. karmadrama

    Team RH #12 WJS thinks he's cool and hunky, but reality is he's just a roid junkie

    Thanks to @charlied0106 for the title (again) 😊 Old thread is here…
  2. karmadrama

    TeamRH #11 WJS thinks he's the main man, but he's just full of it and a desperate Dan

    New thread. Thanks to @charlied0106 for the title suggestion.
  3. C

    TeamRH #10 Richie Howey and his world class app, he’s a bully and a liar and is full of crap!

    Share your TeamRH experience here. Don’t over share if you want to remain anonymous. If anyone wants to be included in the ex member/employee count of ‘disgruntleds’ we counted up to 49 in previous thread. Only counting if members here wish to be counted so put a note in your post if you do or...
  4. S

    TeamRH #9 Richies rug is a disgrace and Trustpilot is on his case!

    Thanks to @Saladdodger22 for the thread. Can anyone update?
  5. N

    TeamRH #8 When you order James Smith on Wish and they send Richie Howey…

    New Thread - think this was the one with most likes (sorry if not I’m new to this 🙈) Could someone do a recap? Also people get writing your honest trustpilot reviews 😊
  6. Twinkle6

    TeamRH #7 ‘Life Plan' with a crappy app, slags members off in a vile WhatsApp chat!

    A SEVENTH thread eh, who wants to recap ? 🤣 Well done @Saladdodger22 for the winning title thanks @PinkGin123 for the image
  7. Grippy

    TeamRH #6 play the victim, woe is me; the truth’s coming out, just you see

    Title suggested by @PLL. Link to previous thread:
  8. G

    TeamRH #5 Richie trustpilot he loves to flag, but we all know he's just a massive beanbag!

    thanks to @Saladdodger22 for the new thread name Links to previous threads
  9. Thank(space)you

    TeamRH #4 Richie cares more about his hairline than your waistline

    Link to previous thread: Well done @Twinkle6 for the winning title Please can someone recap
  10. R

    TeamRH #3 What Trustpilot does not tell you!

    Previous threads #1
  11. S

    TeamRH #2 ego stroking, leave a 5* review or I'm coming after you

    Thanks to @ChubClubThug for the title! Previous thread: TeamRH | Tattle Life
  12. K


    Online fitness/ fat loss organisation. I’ve started this thread as there seem to be a lot of us who’ve had problems with them.