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  1. deadgirlinside

    Tamara Kalinic #18 Career is down the drain; she’s still so vain!

    Recap: 1. She looks like a clown, and her teeth is looking like a horse. 2. Acts smugs in videos/reels. Girl, you’re not impressing us. 3. Still hasn’t done any wedding content. 4. Still doesn’t have a place they call home. 5. Is now planning to decorate an apartment in Dubai. 6. Her body...
  2. deadgirlinside

    Tamara Kalinic #17 She has a ring, but she’s hauling all the bling!

    New thread! Highlights: 1.Tetka has finally gotten the ring she so wishes, but she never did a video explaining the ring. She got proposed to at a sponsored trip at a Belmond hotel, which sponsors Chiara Ferragni’s weekend getaways. 2. Attended the Monaco GP, where she was seen wearing MK...
  3. deadgirlinside

    Tamara Kalinic #16 photoshops her woes, BF doesn’t want to propose!

    New thread here!
  4. deadgirlinside

    Tamara Kalinic #15 Face's about to pop, career's beginning to flop!

    New thread here!
  5. r1mar1ma

    Tamara Kalinic #14 I'll show my bf for money

    So, gaaajz here is the new thread as my suggestion had the most likes. The last thread's summary is still valid: "Tamara has been up to: - Still homeless - Buying a lot of Hermès bags, but are they real/super fakes or just second-hand items? - She must be reading tattle in her spare time...
  6. r1mar1ma

    Tamara Kalinic #13 Tetka do not use

    Hello everyone, As my suggestion got the most votes, here is the new thread, thank you @Mjaumjau for the heads-up! :) The last thread's summary is still valid: "Tamara has been up to: - Still homeless with dirty that has started his influencer career whilst refusing to show his face (for good...
  7. Mjaumjau

    Tamara Kalinic #12 Every day a new face, different race and still no place

    Thank you so much @mishica2 , the thread title is fantastic and a great summary of what has been happening with our tetka seljanka. Tamara has been up to: - Still homeless with dirty that has started his influencer career whilst refusing to show his face (for good reason?) - Buying a lot of...
  8. A

    Tamara Kalinic #11 Homeless, bagless but still shopping at Hehmhezz…

    First time I start a thread so I hope I did it right ! Recap : Tetka’s Paris Airbnb was robbed, you obviously know that because she mentioned it in every single video since then. She also reminds us how strong she is, but won’t go back to said airbnb because of the trauma. She complains about...
  9. klady

    Tamara Kalinic #10 New bag lovelies it's a rarity, only one in Jurop availability, lying is my capability

    Welcome to the new Thread💖 I had to shorten the title to make it fit. Here’s the original thread title: New bag lovelies it's a rarity, only one in Jurop availability, lying is my capability. @Tamliar-lol may you please do the recap? You’re the recap Queen👸 Congrats to @Tamliar-lol for the...
  10. klady

    Tamara Kalinic #9 Milking the robbery with no shame, I can't help it, I love fame

    Tetka, TamTam, Tamara, liar, fake - all names apply. Tamara has recently been robbed. However, despite having recently been robbed, the dummy continues to post designer items and her location letting the robbers know that she’s away from home. This is the second time she’s been robbed. But...
  11. klady

    Tamara Kalinic #8 Tattle members planted, milan wishes still not granted

    We’ve noticed several NEW MEMBER accounts that were created on Sunday, 20 June 2021. The accounts are TamTam’s or her team. The accounts argue back and forth with each other trying to disguise who they are, and will occasionally say something slight toward TamTam. Be ware of new accounts that...
  12. K

    Tamara Kalinic #7 From Peaceheaven to Milan, shopping & reels is her only plan

    Thanks to @mishica2 for the new thread title!
  13. classytikkamasala

    Tamara Kalinic #6 Tamara Karenic

    Thanks to @mishica2 & @Justcuriousss for the thread name. Mod edit there's not room for two titles so it's cropped one in half and made it not seem sense. Tried to correct it
  14. Q

    Tamara Kalinic #5 soo busy working all the time, one day cry next day fly, welcome to th

    Thanks to @Zeldafairy To sum up the last thread: TamTam continues to lie about anything and everything...welcome to the new season of Lies&Litter... Highlights: I travel, you shouldn't Crocodile tears for views Kindness, but I throw shade so so so love that thing...link is below. I don't...
  15. Q

    Tamara Kalinic #4 Meet my crew, my couch is new!

    Thanks to @bolimepipi for this great title......! :)
  16. V

    Tamara Kalinic #3

    Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/tamara-kalinic-2-notre-tam-de-paree-louvree-so-much-her-airbnb-shell-find-a-new-bf-ouioui.7809/ To sum up the last thread: TamTam still lies about anything and everything, she moved out of her rented airbnb flat In Paris, which she pretended was...
  17. M

    Tamara Kalinic #2 Notre Tam de Paree, louvree so much her airbnb. She‘ll find a new bf OuiOui

    New thread for our favorite girl TamTam. Cheers to that and continue here! Lets get this party started 🥂 Also, for our fantastic thread name we should thank to @notahater1010 and @Purgerica
  18. Lenusi87

    Tamara Kalinic - Gimme all the brands, I'll #ad them to death cuz feck sustainability

    Let the rants begin! All things Tamara Kalinic. What we see on her channels? - ads every other insta post - brands brands brands, only brands. Seriously, Tamara, would it hurt to actually promote some local and sustainable brands as well? - so many clothes, I mean, do you actually wear them more...