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  1. V

    Tamara Kalinic #3

    Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/tamara-kalinic-2-notre-tam-de-paree-louvree-so-much-her-airbnb-shell-find-a-new-bf-ouioui.7809/ To sum up the last thread: TamTam still lies about anything and everything, she moved out of her rented airbnb flat In Paris, which she pretended was...
  2. M

    Tamara Kalinic #2 Notre Tam de Paree, louvree so much her airbnb. She‘ll find a new bf OuiOui

    New thread for our favorite girl TamTam. Cheers to that and continue here! Lets get this party started 🥂 Also, for our fantastic thread name we should thank to @notahater1010 and @Purgerica
  3. Lenusi87

    Tamara Kalinic - Gimme all the brands, I'll #ad them to death cuz feck sustainability

    Let the rants begin! All things Tamara Kalinic. What we see on her channels? - ads every other insta post - brands brands brands, only brands. Seriously, Tamara, would it hurt to actually promote some local and sustainable brands as well? - so many clothes, I mean, do you actually wear them more...
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