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  1. br0wser

    Syd and Ell #16 Why would we want to watch? Really pulling content out from the air now yikes

    New thread. Suggestions were minimal and something along these lines was one of the top liked by @Hehelaura and fits for them both. Recap: They’re becoming more irrelevant by the day
  2. B

    Syd and Ell #15 Syd’s personality trait is being Ocean’s mum, Luxury stationary? Ell, are you ok hun?

    Thank you @Pickles1360 for the thread title!🩵 Osh’s mum would love it😬
  3. br0wser

    Syd and Ell #14 Both got us snoring from being so boring

    Most popular title suggestion from @laulau29 🤍 Syd is still pregnant Ell is still nice but boring Recap over?
  4. gossipgirl59

    Syd and Ell #13 Molly’s gone, Ell’s still thriving, Syd’s up the duff to keep her content surviving

    Credits for the thread title go to @rchl1234 Recap: - Syd is pregnant and was shoving her pregnancy stick with her piss at everyone’s faces - Molly the hamster and Syd seemed to have fell out - Ell has nice hair
  5. Yel

    Syd&Elle #12 Gorgeous gorgeous girls love Elle and not Syd

    New thread, created using the most popular comment from the last thread. Please stop tone policing what you think is acceptable on a gossip forum, if you think something should be spoken about report it for us to deal with. Thanks
  6. Peaches_xox

    Syd&Ell #11 Ells back on YT cute as ever, Syds racist tweets wont get past us, never!

    Previous thread : Recap - - Ell is back on YT and most of us agree that she is pure and good vibes and super happy to see her back. She’s so mature she hasn’t mentioned the fall out once unlike Syd...
  7. br0ws3r

    Syd&Ell #10 48FortyNine oops sorry Elsy I stole your design x

    Unreal title suggestion from @spillthetea23 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 If anyone would care to do a recap it would be most appreciated 💋
  8. Peaches_xox

    SydandEll #9 Ell’s glowing & getting fitter, Syds still bitter & deleting Twitter

    Shout out to @guccigang for the thread title! Anybody care to do a recap? Previous thread:
  9. lesleybanks

    SydandEll #8 Syd’s channel put the friendship to bed, sorry you still get a joint thread

    Welcome welcome everyone! Credit to @briannajaynehawkes for the hilarious and accurate title, sadly had to shorten it to make it fit Still giving the girls a joint thread simply just because it’s amusing 🤷🏼‍♀️ RECAP: - The girls’ friendship is well and truly over (still not properly...
  10. Peaches_xox

    SydandEll #7 Lots of Syd, no Ell, what actually happened? Molly will tell

    Well done to @br0ws3r on the thread suggestion! recap is: They’ve broken up. We are completely not shocked. Syd has gone solo and started her own channel. We don’t know what Ell‘s plans are yet. Syd has been doing the most to befriend every single influencer. Ell seems to be doing her own...
  11. br0ws3r

    SydandEll #6 Molly's the rebound, Ell's showing class, Syd's keeping busy licking ass

    Well done to @justlooking25 for claiming the new title with 150 likes 👏 Quick rundown: - They still haven't addressed the end of their friendship however we're all expecting a statement imminently - Ell didn't attend Syd's birthday meal which sent fans into a frenzy. She also turned the...
  12. GeminiBabe

    SydandEll #5 forever friendship has come to an end but if the price is right they'll still pretend

    @gossboss14 congrats on your title!! :love: Welcome to a new thread girlsss, here's a quick recap, please add anything I forgot: -Syd went off to Portugal after lying that she had her second vaccine, to tAkE cAre of her nan -she acted as if it was a one way ticket even though she quickly...
  13. Grigiogirls

    Sydandell #4 Friends no more, now Molly galore, Syd dropped Ell cos she’s a bore

    Had to make a new thread because we were heading well over 1k posts! This was the title suggestion with the most likes ☺ @Jammydodger1212 👏🏼 (hope I’ve done this right?)
  14. eggfriedrice

    Sydandell #3

    Had to start a new thread as the previous one had gone over 1000 posts. Couldn't find any thread title suggestions on the previous thread (first time making a thread so forgive me haha) Carry on here guys 🥰 Also please can someone do an updated recap! This is a recap from their previous...
  15. F

    Sydandell #2 Syd thinks she’s Hailey Bieber, come on Ell it’s time to leave her

    My first time doing this! Hope I did it right. New thread name thanks to @Wowso33712 ❤️❤️
  16. B


    I can't find a thread for them, so I'm creating one. They entertain me, but they do too many ads and I swear half of their videos are trying on clothes they've bought for each other.