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  1. therealsmilf

    Sophie Guidolin #7

    7th thread for Sophie. It's wedding number 3 at 33. But don't ask about her oldest son who she has the closest bond with. Sophie might be pregnant, she might have cancer. We'll never know though because we only see 1%.
  2. V

    Sophie Guidolin #6

    6th thread already for our favourite 1 percenter on the Gold Coast.
  3. F

    Sophie Guidolin #5

    New thread hope I’ve done this right 🙈
  4. greacea

    Sophie Guidolin #4

    Grab a coffee from your $10K coffee machine and pick up where we left off 👌🏻
  5. therealsmilf

    Sophie Guidolin #3

    Third thread for Sophie Guidolin. The attachment parenting expert who chose to move 30 minutes away from her 6 year old twins.
  6. therealsmilf

    Sophie Guidolin #2

    Second thread for Australian "health" Influencer Sophie Guidolin. She was once a fitness model, now she in an expert in quack science and manifesting. She'll teach you how to manifest a life where your youngest children no longer live with you. She definitely hasn't had any work done to her...
  7. lycheemartini

    Sophie Guidolin

    Requested thread for Australian PT Sophie Guidolin. Sophie has been around Instagram a long time. She started off as A Fitness Model’s Diary, documenting her training and days as a fitness competitor. She went on to marry another PT/bodybuilder, open a gym, build The Bod program, have twin...
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