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  1. tc&co

    Sophie Guidolin #36 Betty cocker is off her rocker. Lumpy tits and *ouuuuuchy* flabby bits

    Follow on thread for the infamous Sophie Guidolin nee Watson Wallace Firgaira. Mother (well, so to speak) to Kai, Ryder, Aria & Evie and Pixie (dec.) Title thanks to @in_fellation_to (cracker title!) be kind baby gurls, you never know what someone is going through… PS. Read the wiki, it will...
  2. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #35 More hospital bracelets than cocks, that’s no mean feat

    New thread thanks @Motherthreebeige for the thread name! This coming week marks the anniversary of the passing of little Pixie…I wonder how Sophie will make the day about herself and what bs she will spin.. It looks like she might be on the one on one trip booked with Aria/Evie? (whoever the...
  3. V

    Sophie Guidolin #34

    Another thread dedicated to the 1% we see of Sophie Loafie Watson Guidolin Wallace Firgaira. Remember to always be kind baby girls. Mod edit: is there an actual title to use? No offense but the "too boring for a title" title has been done to death on tattle, yes it always gets lots of votes...
  4. therealsmilf

    Sophie Guidolin #33 Project You with Thick Thighs & Munted Tits

    Sophie is the gift that keeps on giving
  5. tc&co

    Sophie Guidolin #32 A lying sod with a botched bod and fakes DMs to give her mool plans the nod

    Please read the wiki… A follow on thread about the not so secret life of Sophie Guidolin scamming her way through life.
  6. phonies

    Sophie Guidolin #31 It’s cool to customise your mool, doggy paddle in the pool and stay natrool

    Hello Loafers and welcome to Project You, where it’ll cost you $397 every 13 weeks if you forget to cancel the new Sophie Guidolin thread. The title is a shorter version of the OG “It’s cool to customise your mool, doggy paddle in the pool, make all the alpha males drool and stay natrool”. I...
  7. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #30 primping, posing, prancing, preening and prick teasing her way through life

    Thanks @EveryDaysASoulDay for the thread name!
  8. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #29 Loaf’s boobs might explode her skin is so tight and her lips are giving us all a fright

    New thread thanks @phonies - had to trim original title wouldn’t fit though it’s now xxxxs like our fave Sophie Guidolin #29 Loaf’s boobs might explode coz her skin is so tight and her lips are giving us all a fright, but it’s ALL natural right?
  9. phonies

    Sophie Guidolin #28 Keloid scars, surgery bras, fashion faux pas & misplaced vaginas

    Baby girls, the @Motherthreebeige collection has arrived for its VIP launch! It features 4 amazing items which may not be available for very long so like a penis, get on it quick so you don't miss out! Dare to change your life in 1 click NOW! 'Keloid scar' belt that covers your whole tummy...
  10. tryharder

    Sophie Guidolin #27 Using men, feeling zen and 33 again

    Thanks to @phonies for another great thread title. --- Her darting eyes, the hesitation in her voice, the laughing - this needs to go in the wiki as a blueprint for how she acts when she’s lying. I mean, if her lips are moving, she’s lying.
  11. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #26 Welcome to the bakery of lies, thick thighs and friends cutting ties

    Thanks for the thread name @phonies
  12. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #25 Loaf says she can only organism when she’s in love, pull the other one bruv

    Thanks @tryharder for the thread name you essentially get a free copy of the m0st beautiful book More than Words signed by Loaf herself such a vibe xx
  13. V

    Sophie Guidolin #24 business extraordinaire. Erased 2022 with a trim of her hair.

    Thanks @MuchProfeshAthlete for the thread title. New members please read the wiki up top!
  14. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #23 One month, two months, 3 months, four. Loaf can’t keep track of her revolving door.

    Thanks for the thread name @MuchProfeshAthlete ! --- *New readers please refer to the wiki at the top of the page (pink button💕)*
  15. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #22 Sham-paign shoot at Coachella so Loaf can ride her new fella *p.s read the wiki*

    Thanks @Triceratops ! Had to shorten but winning thread name was Sophie Guidolin #22 - Sham-paign shoot at Coachella so Loaf can ride her new fella. She's not grief-stricken, read the wiki and you'll sicken Recap away @robbolife 🤣
  16. MostSegsualNarc

    Sophie Guidolin #21 While Loaf's Out Scouting for the next big 'D', our bestie 'B' is the real MVP.

    New thread. I'm useless at recaps, but if anyone funny wants to have a crack at it - go for your life. I'll shout you a $350 bottle of tequila to share with this week's paid besties at Coochella.
  17. therealsmilf

    Sophie Guidolin #20 Pixie and her 4 healthy kids get the flick because she's found her next wick

    Sophie Guidolin - here we go. Another man, another thread. Mod edit please create threads in the same forum as all the others and report when opening so the last one can be close.
  18. kearns legal letter

    Sophie Guidolin #19 Yep our girl can’t do maths but she can do people from MAFS

    Thread 20, here we go…. Credit to @clearharper for this cracker of a title Oops it’s only #19. I’ve requested the title edit 🤦‍♀️🫣
  19. Flourish&Fulfilled

    Sophie Guidolin #18 Fresh lips, Tori Spelling tits!

    Happy Saturday guys! Thanks @PourMeAMegaPint for the new thread name with help from @icthruBS ! Bringing Kai’s little snark over to this thread…. 🧚🏼
  20. kearns legal letter

    Sophie Guidolin #17 won’t ever admit to an MT but the firgs are giving us silent tea

    New thread, If anyone wants to do a TLDR, go ahead…. Mod edit swear words are not allowed in titles. Title didn't add anything, they're supposed to be somewhat interesting not just call them a cunt. Report if there's one to use.
  21. kearns legal letter

    Sophie Guidolin #15 blisters on her heels, blisters on her lips. 2023 due for her 10th pair of tits

    We’re up to thread 15 already. Congrats goes to @influenzer_takedown on the winning thread title. You win a voucher to get your lips filled or a years supply of Lust Minerals, your choice. Anyone want to do a TLDR?
  22. Tall Tales

    Sophie Guidolin #14 It doesn't need a second thought, Sophie's heading to divorce court!

    New thread - Title thanks to moi :ROFLMAO: The ego's of these influezners must be rubbing off on me :ROFLMAO: Kidding - Carry on.. See the Wiki for all the info.. And remember guys........ --- Thought I'd bring this over from the previous thread. We last saw Sophie in a Ice bath.. Where...
  23. Y

    Sophie Guidolin #13

    Here’s the new thread folks.
  24. N

    Sophie Guidolin #12

    Sophie Guidolin #12