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  1. Mocaacom

    Little Bow Pip #9 Beg, witch and blag, faker than her handbag

    New thread with the excellent suggest from @Polkadotz inspired by @lulu689 i had to edit the title slightly to remove the curse
  2. F

    Little Bow Pip #8 where will we fly, we’ll go to Dubai, no need for school says Nikki the fool

    credit to @Shinney39 for the new thread
  3. Mocaacom

    LittleBowPip #7 Addicted to her kid, jealous of baby Syd, sells her fams privacy to earn a quick quid

    All credit for new title to @Influencing is not a job
  4. Sunflowerrose

    Littlebowpip #6 Nikki is a dickie, thinks vaccine makes you sickie

    Full thread title (had to condense to fit): "Nikki is a dickie, thinks vaccine makes you sickie, can’t ‘wait’ to be an aunt, only eats a plant" Thanks to @MiamooMoo 🤍🤍
  5. dddddddddddd

    Littlebowpip #5 Little bow Pip wanted a dip. She hopped on a plane fcuk the new strain.

    New thread! Had to amend it to fit - original was: Little bow Pip wanted a dip and didn't know where to find it. She hopped on a plane despite the new strain but didn't leave the lip behind her". Thread title thanks to @Emilee86 Any one for a recap?!
  6. P

    LittleBowPip #4 Don't start a fight, coz only my opinion matters and I'm always right

    Thread 4 for little bow pip slight change cos original too long Thread shout out to @dotiedot
  7. Yel

    LittleBowPip #3

    New thread, if you want to talk about covid please take it to the covid threads so this stays on topic :)
  8. G

    Little Bow Pip LBP #2 Nikki's addicted to Tattle, threatens the Guards to try and rattle

    Thanks to @Mrs Mangle for the thread title! Edit: the character limit cut me off, the last word in the title should be rattle! Previous thread here: Any guesses on what Nikki is going to shill next, now that the nursery is complete and...
  9. Kissmeimirish

    Little Bow Pip LBP

    Irish business/instagrammer/influencer
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