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  1. F

    Little Bow Pip #12 Everything’s fake, all for the gram, holidays on credit, christening, rented house and

    credit to @MiamooMoo for the excellent title, had to edit it slightly to fit here’s the full version “Everything’s fake, all for the gram, holidays on credit, christening, rented house and jeep all just a sham” anyone with a recap?
  2. D

    Little Bow Pip #11 Fur coat no Nikkers!

    New thread for the best entrepreneur in Ireland title by @youramuppet and @Joyrider84
  3. Mocaacom

    Little Bow Pip #10 Little Bow Pip has literally lost her sheep

    Mod edit the "too boring for a title" thread title has been done to death over the years. It gets votes but leaving it blank says it without the 40th thread with the same thread title. Thanks.
  4. Mocaacom

    Little Bow Pip #9 Beg, witch and blag, faker than her handbag

    New thread with the excellent suggest from @Polkadotz inspired by @lulu689 i had to edit the title slightly to remove the curse
  5. F

    Little Bow Pip #8 where will we fly, we’ll go to Dubai, no need for school says Nikki the fool

    credit to @Shinney39 for the new thread
  6. Mocaacom

    LittleBowPip #7 Addicted to her kid, jealous of baby Syd, sells her fams privacy to earn a quick quid

    All credit for new title to @Influencing is not a job
  7. Sunflowerrose

    Littlebowpip #6 Nikki is a dickie, thinks vaccine makes you sickie

    Full thread title (had to condense to fit): "Nikki is a dickie, thinks vaccine makes you sickie, can’t ‘wait’ to be an aunt, only eats a plant" Thanks to @MiamooMoo 🤍🤍
  8. D

    Littlebowpip #5 Little bow Pip wanted a dip. She hopped on a plane fcuk the new strain.

    New thread! Had to amend it to fit - original was: Little bow Pip wanted a dip and didn't know where to find it. She hopped on a plane despite the new strain but didn't leave the lip behind her". Thread title thanks to @Emilee86 Any one for a recap?!
  9. P

    LittleBowPip #4 Don't start a fight, coz only my opinion matters and I'm always right

    Thread 4 for little bow pip slight change cos original too long Thread shout out to @dotiedot
  10. Yel

    LittleBowPip #3

    New thread, if you want to talk about covid please take it to the covid threads so this stays on topic :)
  11. G

    Little Bow Pip LBP #2 Nikki's addicted to Tattle, threatens the Guards to try and rattle

    Thanks to @Mrs Mangle for the thread title! Edit: the character limit cut me off, the last word in the title should be rattle! Previous thread here: Any guesses on what Nikki is going to shill next, now that the nursery is complete and...
  12. Kissmeimirish

    Little Bow Pip LBP

    Irish business/instagrammer/influencer