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  1. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #12

    Carry on chatting all things LBC ... Old thread here:
  2. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #11

    New thread with a snazzy new title. Old thread here:
  3. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #10

    Carry on discussing all things LBC. Old thread here.
  4. Yel

    LBC Chit Chat #9

    New thread, Steve is still off the air but has posted a couple of times on social media
  5. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #8 Steve Allen has left the building

    New thread to carry on chit chatting about LBC. Picking up were we left off ... He has become so tedious with that though. He manages to shoe horn it into just about every conversation. It's not that he's wrong, it's just boring from a listener point of view. I was listening to him today...
  6. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #7

    Carry on here LBC Chit Chatters. A new thread for a new day. What is going on with the podcasts at LBC? Nick Abbot has gone Global only. Steve Allen is hit and miss. He's sometimes on Global only and sometimes on my regular podcast provider. they're the only two I do but seems a bit of a mess...
  7. Yel

    LBC Chit Chat #6

    Continue here! -- I love how nick Abbot is still sneering at brextitors for a couple of hours calling them all idiots that were persuaded by a few billionaires that didn't want to be exposed by the EU - this seems like some odd conspiracy theory that I've not heard elsewhere😑. And that...
  8. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #5

    Carry on chit chatting here folks ..... This was the last post from previous thread. I listened to Lammy this morning and I definitely think he's in the wrong profession. His delivery is some sort of mix of courtroom and stage. Elongated pauses. Staccato delivery. It's quite painful. I think...
  9. FenellaTheWitch

    LBC Chit Chat #4

    All things LBC related past and present :) Here is where we left off: The thing is most of those complaints will have come from people who have...
  10. Piff paff puff

    LBC Radio #3

    The bitch is back (Steve Allen) and everything else is pretty much the same.
  11. Piff paff puff

    LBC Radio #2

    Link to previous thread So, quick recap, no one likes listening to James o' Brian, Nick abbot isn't hitting the spot anymore with the stale Brexit talk and same old rants and LBC in general needs a shake up.
  12. SkankHunt42

    LBC Radio

    Mod edit moved from James O'Brien thread Anyone else can't stand him? He's constantly cherry picking things to suit his agenda while moaning about other people doing it. So smug and just likes to hear from people that stroke his ego or agree with him. The moment anyone betters him they're...