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  1. cobette

    John Stones #6 John was nearly sick but we still don't have the ick

    Title courtesy of @Ceejay23 RECAP: Who cares!? Nothing else matters other than he is a Champion again đź’™ đź’™ đź’™ CONGRATULATIONS BAE! WE LOVE YOU!
  2. cobette

    John Stones #5 CL final? Nah, you're alright. Bae's got bigger plans that night.

    It's a new day and a new thread JS lovers. Anyone do anything interesting last night?! Title courtesy of @Gossgossgoss9888 RECAP: - Bae become an actor - We discovered he likes gammon and eggs - Rubens returned - Bae revealed he is a serial outfit repeater - He has horrendous table manners...
  3. cobette

    John Stones #4 Rubens is a bore

    Title thanks to @Violetroselily Recap: We all still want to do unspeakable things to the fittest man on the planet Thread sponsored by Ruben Dias:
  4. V

    John Stones #3 Bae's groin's hurt so he can't thrust, but we're all overcome with lust

    Title thanks to @Gossgossgoss9888 Recap: Still the fittest man alive No thread should be without this video. Marry me please
  5. V

    John Stones #2 The lion, the witch and the audacity

    No bikes allowed Thank you @secrethush for the title Recap: John is still a fucking dreamboat and we love him
  6. iLoveNectarines

    John Stones

    Think it's about time he had his own thread...
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