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  1. maccamacc

    John Stones #61 finally back on the pitch hurrah

    An unoriginal title oops Our man is back !
  2. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #60 He’s Got Lemon In His Hair, We Wish He Was In His Underwear

    🩷 welcome to thread 60 for the beautiful, magnificent John Stones 🩷 gorgeous @Gossgossgoss9888 with the winning title. ( there is some confusion with the suggestion I hope I have done it right ) Quick recap: 🩷 today was the last day of pre season 🩷 he turned up to pre season with lemon 🍋...
  3. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #59 Might be losing his partner in crime.. with us right here he will be just fine

    Soooo @maccamacc suggested this title. However I have read Kyle may be staying after all…only time will tell. bae looks absolutely delicious playing for England tonight :: I’m not happy about these screenshots cos I’m on my iPad but never mind I’m sure we’ll all get over it can I just say...
  4. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #58 Jonny, Jonny Stones, Jonny, Jonny Stoonnnessss 🎶 🎵

    Johnny stones will always give me goosebumps. Absolutely love it when they sing for him 🥰🥰🥰 New thread for our number five. Our fifth time premier league winner. Our bae. Our gorgeous man from Barnsley he’s sexy. That is all Continue darlings 💞💞💞💞
  5. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #57 He assists, he scores, he's got us on all fours

    Ok I took one for the team and did the new thread. I am now head of John stones fan club admin 🤣🤣🤣 @Gossgossgoss9888 with her dirty filthy incredible suggestion 💕 Continue thirsting. Please post your fav pics of bae 🩷🩵🤍 Sexy bae 🔥 🍑
  6. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #56 CB, RB and running the midfield, we'll get on our knees for a taste of his yield

    🍑New thread thanks to queen @Violetroselily 🍑Wow wow 56 threads for the lush John 😍. He deserves the world. Best RB / CB & now CM everrr ever 🥳 🍑he got his Willy out for @cobette 🍑 Man City is his home and he loves us all. Long may his good reign continue. Those precious hammys need...
  7. maccamacc

    John Stones #55 Hearts are pounding, palms are clammy, has he finally healed his delicate hammy

    Thank you @Gossgossgoss9888 for thread title baby is proud of goss and the thread is in her honour ❤️ LETS PRAY ITS BAE DAY TODAY
  8. einahpets93

    John Stones #54 Bae’s absence is causing some tension. Come back soon so you can get all the attention

    he’s happy there’s a new thread please take the poll seriously
  9. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #53 Baby’s injured, his hammy is hurt, we hope he’s okay and still able to flirt

    Looking at the title votes our very own @sugarfairy23 is the winner. Tied with @maccamacc but I can’t condone swearing and pep slander in the title 🤪🤪 Bae is non existent once again. How many times are we gonna go through this. Does it get any easier. But we can let him off cos he’s got a new...
  10. einahpets93

    John Stones # 52 Pretty Eyes, Sexy Thighs. We hope to see him today, otherwise we’ll all cry.

    I’ve become that person who now makes a thread with their own title suggestion - I’ve just been sick in my mouth… I tell you who else has been sick in their mouth… this guy this week saw him looking all beautiful in training And then winning a match…. hopefully another appearance...
  11. maccamacc

    John Stones #51 his loins are so hot his locker room seat’s all shot

    Don’t say I don’t look after yous all
  12. maccamacc

    John Stones #49 It’s nearly Christmas Day, which one of us will be lucky enough to unwrap bae

    Baby has gone awol after devastating world cup loss but he will be back soon ❤ until then: thirst
  13. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #48 The hottest man on the planet

    I’m taking charge as we don’t have any title suggestions that I know of 🧐 ( and I also have nothing better to do ) bae has been MIA for the last few days apart from meeting becks. I’m gutted he wasn’t on lions den I feel cheated continue ..🥰😘 @einahpets93 noticed you’ve been absent hope...
  14. cobette

    John Stones #47 Bae at the World Cup making friends with Dave, playing so well he’ll always still be our fave

    Title thanks to @sugarfairy23 Baby, where is Dave?! We miss him. This week baby has been piggy backing on a documentary about Kyle and Kalvin because he doesn't think it's fair anyone but him gets to be injured. Flirting with Jordan Showing us he isn't completely bald Getting us...
  15. mimimithis

    John Stones #46 His hugs with Picks make us want to drop our knicks

    Thank you to @einahpets93 for the title suggestion. 😘 First Group Stage match has been won 6:2, with an unfortunate last minute penalty given... Bae looked amazing all throughout the match, otherwise, as proven below (thanks to @Violetroselily and her magical picture-finding skills)...
  16. mimimithis

    John Stones #44 is impossible to scare, but we are loving his fluffy hair

    Thanks to @lou_claire91 for the title. He was pretty unimpressed by Kalvin’s antics, wasn’t he? His hair continues to be perfect. That is all.
  17. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #43 bae finally got some minutes in the bag, is he fit enough to give us a sha…

    Hopefully this thread title is ok 🙈. Didn’t have much to go on. I would have gone for #43 still the fittest man on the planet @einahpets93 thanks for the title ❤️ @cobette thanks for my new fav photo 🥵🥵🥵 continue thirsting babys 💋
  18. maccamacc

    John Stones #41 He needs to stop skiving 🤣 come on Bae, make sure the balon d’or comes your way

    Here we are with darling Bae ❤️❤️❤️
  19. V

    John Stones #40 Advertising burgers with Cole whilst Tattlers still wait for him to fill our holes

    Should be a rule against making a thread with your own title because it is twat behaviour Welcome to thread 40, who'd have thought we'd ever get here from thread 1. We are 50% of the way to JG. Recap: Hammy is still poorly 🥺 as of today daddy Pep is citing 7-10 days for baby to return...
  20. V

    John Stones #39 John hanging round the gates in his hoodie, but we'd much rather see him in the nudy

    Title thanks to @Starttheline special mention to @sugarfairy23 with tied votes, so it went down to number of hearts I fell down a Google black hole and found some old things that were new to me, and might be new to you too We only ever see one specific pic of him in this shirt with...
  21. cobette

    John Stones #38 Wishing Bae wasn't still in hiding, if we had our way we'd all be riding

    Thread title courtesy of @Violetroselily Special mention to @LurkingAnnie 's potentially too x-rated John stones #38 still possibly hurt, still would make us squirt We'd let you kiss anything you wanted babe
  22. cobette

    John Stones #37 JS5 has a new crop of fans, and we all want to show him our cans

    Title courtesy of our @cornflower Recap: The refugees have returned to their Brummie homeland, we do hope they'll visit regularly. (If you don't think this is an excellent version of this song, then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore) It's a match day, but I'm not sure any of us give...