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  1. cobette

    John Stones #47 Bae at the World Cup making friends with Dave, playing so well he’ll always still be our fave

    Title thanks to @sugarfairy23 Baby, where is Dave?! We miss him. This week baby has been piggy backing on a documentary about Kyle and Kalvin because he doesn't think it's fair anyone but him gets to be injured. Flirting with Jordan Showing us he isn't completely bald Getting us...
  2. mimimithis

    John Stones #46 His hugs with Picks make us want to drop our knicks

    Thank you to @einahpets93 for the title suggestion. 😘 First Group Stage match has been won 6:2, with an unfortunate last minute penalty given... Bae looked amazing all throughout the match, otherwise, as proven below (thanks to @Violetroselily and her magical picture-finding skills)...
  3. mimimithis

    John Stones #44 is impossible to scare, but we are loving his fluffy hair

    Thanks to @lou_claire91 for the title. He was pretty unimpressed by Kalvin’s antics, wasn’t he? His hair continues to be perfect. That is all.
  4. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #43 bae finally got some minutes in the bag, is he fit enough to give us a sha…

    Hopefully this thread title is ok 🙈. Didn’t have much to go on. I would have gone for #43 still the fittest man on the planet @einahpets93 thanks for the title ❤️ @cobette thanks for my new fav photo 🥵🥵🥵 continue thirsting babys 💋
  5. maccamacc

    John Stones #41 He needs to stop skiving 🤣 come on Bae, make sure the balon d’or comes your way

    Here we are with darling Bae ❤️❤️❤️
  6. V

    John Stones #40 Advertising burgers with Cole whilst Tattlers still wait for him to fill our holes

    Should be a rule against making a thread with your own title because it is twat behaviour Welcome to thread 40, who'd have thought we'd ever get here from thread 1. We are 50% of the way to JG. Recap: Hammy is still poorly 🥺 as of today daddy Pep is citing 7-10 days for baby to return...
  7. V

    John Stones #39 John hanging round the gates in his hoodie, but we'd much rather see him in the nudy

    Title thanks to @Starttheline special mention to @sugarfairy23 with tied votes, so it went down to number of hearts I fell down a Google black hole and found some old things that were new to me, and might be new to you too We only ever see one specific pic of him in this shirt with...
  8. cobette

    John Stones #38 Wishing Bae wasn't still in hiding, if we had our way we'd all be riding

    Thread title courtesy of @Violetroselily Special mention to @LurkingAnnie 's potentially too x-rated John stones #38 still possibly hurt, still would make us squirt We'd let you kiss anything you wanted babe
  9. cobette

    John Stones #37 JS5 has a new crop of fans, and we all want to show him our cans

    Title courtesy of our @cornflower Recap: The refugees have returned to their Brummie homeland, we do hope they'll visit regularly. (If you don't think this is an excellent version of this song, then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore) It's a match day, but I'm not sure any of us give...
  10. wonderstruck25

    John Stones #36 I heard nothing

    Can’t believe I’m making JS5 thread how sneaky. Thank you me for thread title suggestion I believe he’s still injured but is still as pretty as ever ❤
  11. V

    John Stones #35 we’d all be too scared to ask for a pic, but all we want is to see his wick

    Slightly censored title from @sugarfairy23 so that we don't go to Tattle jail Recap - Still thinking about his dick He loves Kyle more than he loves us Still fit as fuck Oh no, have I got us lost in space again? @cornflower help me bab, I'm lost
  12. L

    John Stones #33 waiting for news on Bae’s hammy but in the meantime just get in our fannies

    Thanks to our beaut @Violetroselily for the new title!! And welcome to all our new besties!!! Poor bae went off injured on Monday, and we’re all waiting for news on his injury today!! Rub any pics of his hammy you’ve got girls, and send positive thoughts And just because
  13. V

    John Stones #32 Hoping he plays and makes us proud, but we must remember to not moan so loud

    Title thanks to @cobette and her outrageously loud wanking habits Recap Baby has not been particularly visible during England camp, we are hoping he remedies this on Monday He is still fit @LurkingAnnie still loves massive cock
  14. V

    John Stones #31 We want you just in your pants when you give us our private dance

    Non rhyming title thanks to @LurkingAnnie Recap Bae is still fit as fuck He wants to own us New England kit has divided opinion @LurkingAnnie still loves big cock
  15. strawberrysunshine_x

    John Stones #30 JS5 is back on our screen, how we wish he'd make us scream

    New thread title thanks to @Starttheline 🎉🚀⭐ baby is looking better than ever and playing amazing. Can’t forget his beautiful goal the other day we’re all sooo proud🥹🥹 can’t wait to see him in the England kit New thread tax …..
  16. V

    John Stones #29 Waiting patiently for bae to play, hoping today is our lucky day

    Title thanks to bae and @Starttheline Recap: This is still the loveliest group of posters to ever exist, our love of bae is secondary only to our love of eachother and pets @cobette is making her away across the pond as we speak @LurkingAnnie loves big dick Baby fancied a few days off so...
  17. V

    John Stones #28 sticking things in his mouth…we wish he’d stick his thing in our mouths

    Title thanks to @LurkingAnnie Recap - still skiving
  18. cobette

    John Stones #27 Four weeks in and he's skiving again, if he keeps it up we'll find other men

    Title courtesy of @Violetroselily It's an idle threat baby, we love you the most. Want you to be our boyfriend.
  19. cobette

    John Stones #26 don't be shy, we're not prudes, hurry up and drop the nudes

    Title thanks to @Gossgossgoss9888 - have a great mini break may you wake up every day to this
  20. cobette

    John Stones #25 Getting RLFs laid and Love Honey paid as we swoon over his kindness and how well he's played

    Thread title thanks to @Gossgossgoss9888 Recap:
  21. V

    John Stones #24 Praying to God no one can hear us at home because John Stones is forever making us moan

    Title thanks to @LurkingAnnie bae and Love Honey
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