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  1. cosmo girl

    Karen Pirie ITV Drama

    Just started watching The ITV drama Karen Pirie. I am really enjoying it so far. Anyone watching?
  2. Hope96

    The Suspect (ITV)

    5 part ITV crime thriller with Aidan Turner (from Poldark) as the lead! First ep was aired yesterday and I really enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to how the story line develops with each episode. Is anyone else watching this? If so, what are your thoughts so far?
  3. Emmelina Ball

    Big Brother 2023 - ITV

    It has just been announced big brother is to return to our screens on itv in 2023! How exciting. What do we think what would we like to see/not want to see? I would like to see it bring back nobodies into the house instead of semi insta famous people I think that’s where they went all wrong, it...
  4. H

    The Games - ITV

    Anyone watch The Games tonight I’m confused to why Chloe Burrows is there for all the training but not on any of the promo as a celeb and didn’t do the women race? There’s been no mention of her pulling out so I’m very confused. Quite an interesting concept for a show though!
  5. C

    The Thief, his wife and the Canoe - ITV

    I remember this being in the news. Looking forward to it starting tonight at 9pm.
  6. lannx

    The 1% Club - ITV

    Anyone watching it? Your thoughts?
  7. dee_mc

    Graham Norton's "Holding" ITV

    Anyone else watch the first episode of this last Monday? I'd been looking forward to it since the stellar cast was announced, and even more so when the trailer dropped: it looked to be full of laughs. I've read the book (read and enjoyed all 3 of his books actually) and understand that films and...
  8. queenamber

    Our House - ITV

    Is anyone else watching? Just started it and so intrigued. What's Bran been up to 👀
  9. RJF

    Denise Welch - COVID denier, Twitter tyke, Ghislaine Maxwell lookalike

    It’s high time we had a Tattle thread for ITV’s resident mad woman in the attic, Jacqueline Denise Welch. Previously known as a drunk and druggy good time girl who played herself in every low-rent TV show she was in, the Loose Woman cleaned up her act about a decade ago and waxed lyrical to...
  10. RJF

    This Morning #2 Hosts are on a revolving door, the whole thing is a total bore

    Come back Fern, all is forgiven…
  11. Invisiblewriter

    This Morning - ITV

    There are individual threads for Phillip and Holly but I thought it would be good to have a general thread on the show. I love Alison but I thought Fridays show was a bit much and it felt like Dermot was steering the show instead of her.
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