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  1. C

    Itsdaniellesjourney #14 An idiot abroad

    Well, well, well... Looky what we have here. A brand new shiny thread. My first, but Danielle's fourteenth. This title (thanks to @Sozhun ) was the one that received the most likes. It aptly summaries her shenanigans over the past few days. Namely walking through a very touristy part of Mexico...
  2. Hereforthehottea

    Itsdaniellesjourney #13 Boring Dan, 5 ingredient Scran, fingerbanged by another man.

    Thanks to @girl1980 for the thread title! If anyone can do a summary without falling asleep then please do.
  3. Ohheyyyyy

    Itsdaniellesjourney #12 Off to Greece with her fella, hope they don't bump into the bloke from Marbella

    Winning thread title @JohannaCawffey. Had to shorten slightly to fit.
  4. Sticky One

    Itsdaniellesjourney #11 fingerbanged in Marbs, clearly overdoing the carbs.

    Finally a new thread with a wonderful title thanks to @Snarkypants here are the screenshot about what Danielle got up to in Marbs 2018 Anyone wanna do a recap?
  5. Jane Porcupine

    ItsDaniellesjourney #10 aff link this, swipe up that, come on babes pay for my new build tat!

    Because she's so boring no one can even be bothered to start her new thread for ages. Link to old thread: Recap: Dani bought loads of tat, cooked dry food, had 387 baths...
  6. conrea37

    Itsdaniellesjourney #9 Thick thighs, dead behind the eyes, everything she sees she buys Previous thread Title by @Karliz
  7. Hereforthehottea

    Itsdaniellesjourney #8 Swipe up, help to pay for her now not forever home.

    Thanks to @BananaRama for the winning suggestion, maybe paint your toe nails to celebrate 😉 (Thread title shortened to fit) Swipe up for stuff she does not even own, help to pay for clutter and crap in her not-rented-but-now-not-forever-home. The title says it all really but if anyone would be...
  8. Jane Porcupine

    Itsdaniellesjourney #7 Her boring repetitive journey

    Followed the rules to set up the new thread.🙈 Recap: Danielle and her collection of old lady dresses that can only be worn once (apart from in an emergency) have recently moved from a RENTED house with only one oven, to her forever home. Which has VELUX WINDOWS. And all the neighbours can see...
  9. Hereforthehottea

    ItsDaniellesjourney #6 Swipe up on this blouse, I’m rule breaking, know I’m moving house?

    Thanks to @Hipbones for the new thread title : Swipe up on this blouse, I’m a rude rule breaking louse, did you know I’m moving house? Swipe ups, coffee stories, baths, dry meals, house chat, drunk (covid rule breaking) stories and ignorant moaning.
  10. Sozhun

    ItsDaniellesjourney #5 Vive la (French) resistance!

    Thread title suggestion by @Hereforthehottea 👏👏
  11. Sozhun

    ItsDaniellesjourney #4 gormless goofy outfit shots, no personality til she hits the shots!

    New title suggested by @Wowwwwwwwww
  12. E

    Itsdaniellesjourney #3 27 stories without a blink; playing up to us when she’s had a drink

    New thread title thanks too @Hereforthehottea Had to tweak to make it fit, especially as her handle is so long 🤣 Think the last post in the last thread was asking where the infamous slow cooker went?
  13. EyeSpy88

    Danielle French @Itsdaniellesjourney #2 Slow cooker & protein powder queen

    I think this was the winner with 28, but the full one wouldn’t fit so had to shorten! @Smith290419 I can’t count either 🤦🏻‍♀️ 31 votes
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