ItsDaniellesjourney #6 Swipe up on this blouse, I’m rule breaking, know I’m moving house?

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Thanks to @Hipbones for the new thread title : Swipe up on this blouse, I’m a rude rule breaking louse, did you know I’m moving house?

Swipe ups, coffee stories, baths, dry meals, house chat, drunk (covid rule breaking) stories and ignorant moaning.


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Thanks for the new thread🙂

I'm tending to agree with the poster who said that something seems off and she's perhaps unhappy. It's like she's trying to portray her perfect life ( in non-Covid times) - nice home, good job, happy marriage, travelling, loads of friends and good social life. But it's like she's constantly trying to pursue another kind of happiness - always has to be making the next lot of plans, looking ahead to the next holiday, constantly shopping my experience, people who live for tomorrow are not all that happy with their today and looking for something else.
I might be looking a bit too deeply🤣

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It's just the way she moans about everything as if she's the only one that hasn't gone on holiday. The whole country has been in lockdown and hasn't been able to go to the pub, meet friends and do our usual things.

She's an ex slimming world page who I used really enjoy following. She now claims she's a foodie/fashion page which makes her look ridiculous. Get a grip Danielle.
She wants to be thankful she’s in position she’s in. I have a friend, who even though she works, her husband was furloughed and she had to rely on food banks as they still had bills to pay and the money they were earning/getting just didn’t stretch. And their is this nob moaning that it’ll be the end of May before she moves into her 300k + house and long hours at work. Not like your then travelling is it Dan!

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She apparently doesn’t have space for the coffee machine in the rented house 😂😂 no she just wants everyone else to buy one so she can fund hers!
'Rented house' why does she have to keep saying that? Does she find it embarrassing that she's renting? What is wrong with her? Definitely something not right with her.

This made me chuckle. Expensive upkeep 😂 the bloody money she spends 😂
Notox? Is that a new treatment 🤣
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