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Hannah "Annie" Elizabeth Rolinson Gale (December 29, 1876 – August 7, 1970) was a British-born Canadian politician who was one of the first women to hold an elected political position in Canada. She served as an Alderman on Calgary City Council 1918 to 1924.

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  1. JellyDonut

    Hannah Gale #16 The Little Joys of Absolute Nonsense

    Well done to @Starttheline for the winning thread title! Please can someone recap
  2. I

    Hannah Gale #15 The hunchback of Worthing beach

    Thanks to @PatTheTat for the winning title from the last thread! And the runner-up: Hannah Gale #15: it me me me me! from @JellyDonut If someone gets a chance to do a recap before me, go for it…
  3. JellyDonut

    Hannah Gale #14 The New Scien-tits

    Well done to @PatTheTat for winning thread title! Your prize is a copy of New Scientist magazine, be careful though in case Hannah tries to steal it so she can pretend she reads them in the bath when actually she is just adding rogue tit pics to her Insta story 🫣 Please can someone clever do a...
  4. JellyDonut

    Hannah Gale #13 Hannah Gale and the MaGiCaL nEw ChApTeR, Featuring As Few Children As Possible

    Congratulations to @Instatwat for the winning thread title suggestion! Please can someone recap?
  5. capriallie

    Hannah Gale #12 New York Titty, it ain’t pretty!

    Thank you to chief tattler @sallybreaksticks for the thread title/ insight into the absolute shit show mental breakdown that is Dr Hannah Gale, single soccer mom, travel lodge black card member and recent graduate of American History 101 where she realised at the age of 33 the colonisers of...
  6. Starttheline

    Hannah Gale #11 tit me!

    Where to start. Han and TB have been shagging themselves silly in Traveloges across the UK. So much so, that she got a UTI. She did treat him to a (kindly gifted) stay in London for his birthday, and we suspect they're off on a trip to New York soon. I'm sure we'll get some excellent content of...
  7. Starttheline

    Hannah Gale #10 Hold me closer, tiny boyfriend, not a Dr but I’ll pretend

    Welcome to thread number 10! Thanks to @Instatwat for the thread title, with an honourable mention to @JellyDonut . Hannah is indeed the problem. Still no sign of The Leopard, think we can all agree that it's dead in the water. Unlike HG's love life, which is on fire!!! Much like her nether...
  8. Starttheline

    Hannah Gale #9 It me. It you. It paying my bills and putting me through med school.

    Welcome to thread 9! Thanks to @Maria1212 for the title. I do this on purpose so Super Jack can continue to be the thread mascot instead of a greasy egg, sorry lads. So what has Hannah done..? She's back in the dating game, seeing a fella from Portsmouth and frequenting the local arcades and...
  9. Starttheline

    Hannah Gale #8 Seems the Leopard has gone kaboom, now Han is swaying in the common room

    New thread! Sorry if this wasn't the most liked, I could only find two and was feeling the pressure to start a new thread. We need to be more organised next time. Han has started her college course and is treating us to an OOTD, which seems to consist of all her clothes thrown together in a...
  10. Starttheline

    Hannah Gale #7 Little Joys, take a bow. Dr Gale will see you now.

    Thanks to me for the new thread title. I had a blinding thread, top new title and top post over all with my very own Little Joys. *takes a bow* A quick update.. Our Han is going back to school (literally, storming through GCSE bitesize) to be a Doctor. After getting a taste for being a key...
  11. JellyDonut

    Hannah Gale #6 Period Pants and Retro Leather, Hannah Gale, Style Leader 4eva

    Thanks @sallybreadsticks for the winning thread title! If anyone wants to do a proper recap then feel free. But basically Hannah is still boring, still eating Tony’s chocoloney, still wearing hideous clothes and still lazy 🙄
  12. B

    Hannah Gale #5 Open-mouthed photo shoots wearing babein’ foreskin boots

    New thread title thanks to @capriallie Recap: The Leopard still exists but is basically the Hannah show. Hannah reactivated her Instagram and seems to have actually gotten away from her racist slur incident. She still insists on giving us open-mouthed photos.
  13. Bla bla bla yawn

    Hannah Gale #4 Hubba hubba ding dong, The Leopard won’t be around for long!

    Thanks @capriallie for the thread title, with 49 likes 👍🏼 ETA sorry slight typo original suggestion (flustered creating my first thread!) “Hubba Hubba ding dong, The Leopard won’t be around for long”
  14. Starttheline

    Hannah Gale #3 A leopard never changes its spots, just its domain name

    She's back lads! Hannah is back, with a new mate and a new (old) blog. Not a whisper of an apology or an explanation of where she's been, just the classic midi skirts, aldi chocolate and childcare woes. She may or may not have named her new child Ziggy, to be confirmed. New thread title...
  15. Rosella89

    Hannah Gale #2 Key worker, childcare shirker, bed lurker

    Title suggested by @fred1998, let the Hannah love continue 😉
  16. V

    Hannah Gale (hannahfgale)

    Thoughts? Went through a phase of loving her and her content but haven’t been enjoying it so much lately and I can’t put my finger on why.