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  1. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo 77 I am from Jupiter and came in Uranus

    Congrats @MichaelKaysHairyBack for the winning thread title. :D You still be relevant in another persons tattle group. P.S this is not a dig at the person behind the tattle profile but a lame joke about Mr Adler. So a recap, kylie is an alcoholic and dropped his cruise video today where he...
  2. pkd81

    The Tim Tracker #174 Burning pans and losing fans

    Congrats to @Mrpibbandredvines for the new thread title, which references both Jenn's legendary tetanus pan and the crumbling viewership of this sustained trainwreck. Previously, on The Real White Trash of Lake Nona: The Trackers get this episode started on a languid low note with yet another...
  3. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #76 Built Like a Christmas Ham and Just As Salty

    Congrats @QueenC17 for the winning title. Recap, Kp is owning the hatters by going to the axe clusive club 33 and the video was an amazing hit with his viewers who loved seeing him brag about going and getting to see the wonderful inside of the club and also all the wonderful food, (s). Also...
  4. pkd81

    The Tim Tracker #173 Previously, on The Real White Trash of Lake Nona

    Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on last week's recap, which also provided the winning thread title (with additional thanks to @littlemuv for the suggestion). Let's do it again, shall we? Previously, on The Real White Trash of Lake Nona: The last week sees our dynamic duo of...
  5. Iwantallthetea

    Jen Lefforge #2 UnBeelievably Insufferable

    New thread title courtesy of @glitteringgrogu Old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/jen-lefforge.42298/
  6. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #73 your insecurity is fascinating to watch

    Congrats @adtl3100 for the winning thread title. Recap, oar boy is loving his solo cruising being able to chow on pizza and other things ;), drink as much as he wants and blow $300 in 8mins within the on board casino.
  7. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #72 More hair on my back, than grass in my yard.

    Congratulations @grundel for the winning thread title. :D Way too much to unpack for a recap, apart from Kylie as always is going against his stans and deliberately trolling with clickbait titles and thumbnails after it was pointed out to him from his stans in the comments. #savecasey
  8. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #71 Divulging Olive Carts While My Hair Departs

    Congrats @TheInfamousPotatoIncident for the thread title. Does anyone fancy doing a recap? All I can say is his birthday celebrations have lasted longer than the last thread (thread was a 8 days). BTW you can choose two choices in the poll. :D
  9. Wusubby

    Kyle Pallo #70 30 Going on 3

    Congrats @tnutz on an amazing thread title. Re-cap, oar boy is on HIS kiddie's birthday cruise, btw it's HIS bday cruise no one else's. Zach will be a member here in half a year to a year. Vlogs are still trash and personally, I'm waiting for Pallo to electrocute himself when he tries to...
  10. TheNextStacey

    Adam Hattan #10 His vlogs are trash so now he’s selling his trash

    Time for a new thread all about our favorite UK vlogger! Congrats to @glitteringgrogu for the new title thread! I believe it was actually a tie with @Mark81, but this one was posted first. Anyone have a little time for a recap? Previous thread is here...
  11. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #67 Kyle Pallo bought a $755,000 Fixer-Upper

    Thank you to @GreenIsNotACreativeColor for our winning thread title. We're moving on into a new chapter in the Palloverse. KP has his name on the deed to an overpriced shit shack on Cesspool Place in Kissimmee. Bets are still out on the long game of this place. Will Jer Bear and Sour Sue...
  12. TheNextStacey

    T&J Travels

    New Thread for T&J Travels - Tommy and Jessica Old
  13. No Grifters Needed

    Kyle Pallo #53 Dance Like No One’s Watching, Because They Aren’t

    Here we are at our next thread. Great title thanks to @tnutz. In this coming thread we’re going from not watching Kyle dance to not watching Kyle run. Should be a good sh@t show incoming. As you were.
  14. glitteringgrogu

    Jen Lefforge

    A thread devoted to the ultra annoying Jen Lefforge. Jen has 2 of her own YouTube channels and often tags along with the UK’s favorite slacker, Adam Hattan.
  15. S

    The Tim Tracker #148 what. does. Jenn. Do?

    Thanks to @DaniBea2017 for the title. Short recap because Jen is living up to her reputation and has posted a whole ONE video in October. This is after announcing she would get back to her normal scheduling in October and is thus giving exactly what she is expected to give, nothing…. Tim has...