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  1. TrixieMattell

    Claresurey #5 Crispy Hot Dog

    Thread 5 already guys! Thanks to @EvilJigglypuff for this belter! Anyone wanna do a recap?
  2. gimm3more

    Claresurey #4 #FreeDylan

    So there were no thread name suggestions and I was on like page 8, thought I’d keep it simple To recap: - she’s had the worst year ever (because she got dumped) but she’s a survivor! - she’s the best mummy ever!! - she’s being trolled and bullied but she doesn’t let that get her down x - she’s...
  3. S

    Claresurey #3 Christmas time, camel toe and whine, is it time for the air violin to resign?

    Thanks to @TrixieMattell for the thread suggestion. Anyone want to recap?
  4. Blunderwoman

    Claresurey #2 Bodysuit in her cervix, needs an attention fix. The epileptic pepperami, wit clothes in her bits

    New thread for creosote Clare our favourite air violinist Well done to @Mlem for the thread suggestion with the most likes! Recap: - she’s still strangling her fanny with too tight bodysuits. - Dodgy Robbie is no more. - Shes wowed us with a new talent in Air violin - Still has the...
  5. S


    Would a new thread be allowed on the Tik Toker @claresurey? She has 86.3k followers (know she has instagram but unsure on followers). I'm too new to start one 😭😭
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