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  1. TrixieMattell

    Clare Surey #14 The Real Barbie of Windsor

    New thread time! Not much to say by way of recap as nothing much has changed with Our Clare. She's flounced off tiktok only to spend her entire life on Instagram where she uploads photos of her half naked for the same 6 old men to put 😍😍 on each photo. She's now the world's strongest athlete...
  2. TrixieMattell

    Clare Surey #13 Fillet oh Fessshhhh and a bad trout pout

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope you're bringing in 2024 the Clare Surey way. Full recap coming soon!
  3. TrixieMattell

    Clare Surey #12 Donatella Versurey - as thick as her hairpiece

    Well, it's been an entire calendar month since we last had a new thread. Whilst it's a relatively slow moving thread, I'm delighted to see that it's picking up and more and more people are popping in to join life in Clare land. As predicted, Turkey Teef ran a mile however our Clare thought she...
  4. TrixieMattell

    ClareSurey #11 Ariana Grandma

    Hello and welcome back to another thread! It's been quite a few weeks since the last one started. It's only been about 8 weeks but Clare has known most people for 7 years so who knows the true length of time. Clare met her maaaaan. Of course it was lust at first sight and yet another bloke that...
  5. TrixieMattell

    Claresurey #10 So desperate for a man she has dumped Dylan. Turkey Teef The next chapter!

    Nice work @Snoopylouwho and @f**k ur zoflo let the gossiping continue. Recap coming up! --- Clare Surey. Patron saint of being an amazing mummy. It has been her entire personality over the summer holidays, with some emotional incest and blackmail for her poor boy. He has been a supporter of...
  6. TrixieMattell

    Claresurey #9 Tiny teeth abandoned our Clare, u do u but be aware xxx

    New thread guys! Are iliterit qween has some cracking quotes that I will never tire of. I shall recap shortly, but am gonna bugga off now. I've lost 6 stone and I've maintained, so you get that bikini on girl
  7. TrixieMattell

    Claresurey #8 I ignor the hate as doing me xxx

    Well done @Snoopylouwho i forgot about this absolute gem of a suggestion. Are iliterit qween will love this one. I can't recap because I'm making tiktoks in my underwear but I'll prepare a blinder shortly!
  8. TrixieMattell

    ClareSurey #7 We r who we b u xxx

    Thanks to Clare for the most long awaited thread title. And for all you Non Clareheads for providing such amazing entertainment. Recap: Clare has been through so much in the last two years. It's been hell on earth. She got dumped and wanted to end things but Dylan brought her back by saying...
  9. BeautifulTrauma

    Claresurey #6 Creosote Clare with the massive hair, fights off trolls in her underwear

    Continuation of As you were Clare bun huns Hope I've done this right! Please can someone do a recap :)
  10. TrixieMattell

    Claresurey #5 Crispy Hot Dog

    Thread 5 already guys! Thanks to @EvilJigglypuff for this belter! Anyone wanna do a recap?
  11. gimm3more

    Claresurey #4 #FreeDylan

    So there were no thread name suggestions and I was on like page 8, thought I’d keep it simple To recap: - she’s had the worst year ever (because she got dumped) but she’s a survivor! - she’s the best mummy ever!! - she’s being trolled and bullied but she doesn’t let that get her down x - she’s...
  12. Snoopylouwho

    Claresurey #3 Christmas time, camel toe and whine, is it time for the air violin to resign?

    Thanks to @TrixieMattell for the thread suggestion. Anyone want to recap?
  13. Blunderwoman

    Claresurey #2 Bodysuit in her cervix, needs an attention fix. The epileptic pepperami, wit clothes in her bits

    New thread for creosote Clare our favourite air violinist Well done to @Mlem for the thread suggestion with the most likes! Recap: - she’s still strangling her fanny with too tight bodysuits. - Dodgy Robbie is no more. - Shes wowed us with a new talent in Air violin - Still has the...
  14. Snoopylouwho


    Would a new thread be allowed on the Tik Toker @claresurey? She has 86.3k followers (know she has instagram but unsure on followers). I'm too new to start one 😭😭