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  1. Flowerpotgirl

    Britney Spears #13 Britney continues to moan and winge, Twirling around, and rubbing her minge

    Fresh and clean and ready for the next crazy antics. You know it won’t be long. @MarshMallowMonster thanks for the title!!
  2. wthamidoinghere

    Britney Spears

    A rave thread for fans and people who want to relive the glory days 🥰
  3. T

    Crossroads with Britney Spears

    I went to the cinema to see this movie tonight. I loved watching through my teen years with my best friend and had a fun time this evening with the same friend and our teenage daughters. Tried to find a Reddit thread or something to chat about it and couldn’t find any. So Ben seems a fair bit...
  4. Pumpkin84

    Britney Spears #12 Twirling on Instagram flashing her tits, while we reminisce over her hits

    Thanks to @wthamidoinghere for the thread title! Thread title suggestions welcome for the next thread. Thought it would be interesting to do a poll so I've gone with the most obvious question! Previous thread 👇
  5. Pumpkin84

    Britney Spears #11

    Previous thread here 👇 I do find it odd how we've barely seen any pap pics of her out and about and now we see these pics of her all of a sudden, almost like they've been biding their time waiting for it all to come to a head. She's going to...
  6. Webster1357

    Britney Spears #10

    Previous thread here
  7. Thank(space)you

    Britney Spears #9

    Previous thread here:
  8. Thank(space)you

    Britney spears #8

    Previous thread: Britney has been warned by insta to censor her nudity, so shower videos are now shoulders up She lied for no reason by posting she was going to new york, when she was in Mexico
  9. sassyqueen

    Britney Spears #7

    New thread Unfortunately seems to be a downward spiral
  10. Shesaidwhat?

    Britney Spears #6

    New thread A recap Britney has released a new song with Elton John which is currently number 1 across the globe. Britney can’t decide if she’s happy about this or bitter that she’s just a backing singer. A televised interview of Kevin & her son Jayden has led to her taking more shots at her...
  11. coconochanel

    Britney Spears #5

    New thread. Its becoming more of a 'Circus' in britneyland. Ex Kevin did a interview saying the boys don't want to see her and her nude pics arn't helping the matter anyway carry on.
  12. thegirlscout

    Britney Spears #4

    Please continue here. Last thread ended with the announcement that Britney has lost her baby. Some people think she was never pregnant. It’s a very sad situation all round. She needs a lot more support than what she’s getting but I fear because all her years being abuse by the conservatorship...
  13. fluffyglitterbug

    Britney Spears #3 Free Britney

    Not long until the next hearing! Thanks @Cereal Killer for the thread suggestion :)
  14. Shesaidwhat?

    Britney Spears #2

    New Britney thread
  15. Oohthedrama

    Britney Spears

    Does anyone follow her Instagram?! I’ve half followed the “Free Britney” campaign after her last admission and the drama around her conservatorship. I don’t...