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  1. thegirlscout

    Britney Spears #4

    Please continue here. Last thread ended with the announcement that Britney has lost her baby. Some people think she was never pregnant. It’s a very sad situation all round. She needs a lot more support than what she’s getting but I fear because all her years being abuse by the conservatorship...
  2. fluffyglitterbug

    Britney Spears #3 Free Britney

    Not long until the next hearing! Thanks @Cereal Killer for the thread suggestion :)
  3. Shesaidwhat?

    Britney Spears #2

    New Britney thread
  4. Oohthedrama

    Britney Spears

    Does anyone follow her Instagram?! I’ve half followed the “Free Britney” campaign after her last admission and the drama around her conservatorship. I don’t...
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