Britney Spears

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Does anyone follow her Instagram?!

I’ve half followed the “Free Britney” campaign after her last admission and the drama around her conservatorship.
I don’t think I stopped to realise just how long she’s been under this order!
Her Instagram videos are really sad to see, it’s uncomfortable watching.
They definitely don’t stop fans worrying about her mental health that’s for sure.

I feel like so many youtube kids could go down this route, maybe not to such a huge audience.
but this type of “fame” from young never ends well.
The closet tour was like watching a 16 year old prancing around.


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Britney's instagram has always been a little...kooky. But then again Britney has always had a kooky personality that didnt always come through in interviews. Considering she cant go out and about without permission, I'm not surprised she makes these odd little skits and fashion shows in her house.

I'm not denying she's unwell, but I listen to a couple of podcasts (Britneysgram and eatpraybritney) who go through this stuff and the legal side in detail (they're not crazed stans).

It's quite obvious that she wants to get out of her conservatorship - they're usually for people in comas or with dementia. Her team say that she needs to be in it, which means they control who she sees, and what she does, including taking her meds. She's not allowed to drive without permission (or on her own) and they can take away her phone. So why has she been on multiple tours, a Vegas residency, had multiple albums and release branded products in that time? If she can't even be trusted with a phone?

Either she's capable of looking after herself and they've trapped her in the conservatorship (she cant appoint her own lawyer). Or she really is that mentally unwell, in which case, why are they making her be in the public eye? Both of those scenarios point to wrong-doings in her team.


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It’s a tricky one. The fact she doesn’t even have her own kids is crazy!
They stopped her residency because she was refusing to take her medication right? And that’s when she was confirmed as being back in a facility.
I think (some) of her family have her best interest at heart,
but she’s always been a show pony and they’re used to earning money from her, she also has child support to pay 😐
She got a restraining order out against the manager (well her dad did!) and he’s also looking to renew the conservatorship in the state of louisiana, so people are wondering will she be moving back there 🤷‍♀️


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It's jarring to see how with it she was early on, to the person she is now. She's been on a downward spiral for a long time and it's a shame she's not able to get it together enough to get joint custody.

Not sure if I trust the BF


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I'm pretty sure you cant get joint custody while under a conservatorship :( And she's been trying to get out of that for years, most recently in May. She has another hearing in September
I don’t think she even gets much access to them at this point. She seems to be very well “protected” by her family and team.
I think she’s always struggled with MH issues but they tried to play it down for so long.
The videos she uploads now are like a person who’s highly drugged up on medication.
Personally I feel they shoved her into the “wellness clinic” because things with her dads health weren’t looking good.
At least in there her consultant could take control over her choices straight away if things went in a dangerous direction.
I don’t trust any of the men in her life but I don’t know much about the new boyfriend.
It’s a pity she doesn’t move back closer to her family, her mum and sister.
At least she has real support there.
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