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  1. No Grifters Needed

    Best Life & Beyond #101 Spencer tries to play his cue cards right

    Things are heating up in BLAB land and it's time for a new thread. Congrats to @UncleLester for the new title. Things were moving slowly because the dumbasses had been doing so little. We started off with cue cards at the beginning of thread #100, when out of nowhere Spence was lecturing a...
  2. Cocobean9

    Best Life & Beyond #100 Still featuring Spencer and some other guy's wife

    Congratulations to @OutofScope for BLAB's 100th thread title 🎉 I'll let someone else recap but the title says it all. Spencer & some other guy's wife have an awful home movies Youtube channel where they showcase what liars they are while Katie posts passive aggressive crap on her IG as if she's...
  3. No Grifters Needed

    Best Life & Beyond #99 Adam bought a house, Katie’s mic is a mouse and Spencer’s girlfriend has a spouse

    Congratulations to @TheHooptie for our first new thread in 2024! Remember the good old days when a new BLAB thread was starting every couple of days? This last thread took 34 days to close out! That is how utterly boring and irrelevant these grifters have become -- we actually had to name...
  4. TheHooptie

    Best Life & Beyond #98 Katie chooses $500 Ears + Nobu Appetizers OVER a $695 Flat Fee Divorce Lawyer

    Congrats to @UncleLester for a hilarious BLAB thread title. Quick recap: Christmas came early!
  5. TheHooptie

    Best Life & Beyond #97 Apologies abound, viewership is down, Serf's a scab clown and KT is still round

    Congrats to @Second Classholes for a great BLAB thread title. Quick recap: KT and Spencer continue to be Boring Life and Beyond!
  6. V

    Best Life & Beyond #96 More Disappointments. No Money. No Reality.

    Congrats to @UncleLester for another great BLAB thread title. Somebody else can handle recap duties please!
  7. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #95 Katie continues to gain weight, and Spencer calls it Gazebogate.

    Welcome to Thread #95! I followed the guidelines for creating a new thread title and chose the submission with the highest number of likes/reactions. It's a commendable post, and credit goes to @shut the vlog up . However, I'd like to officially state that my absolute favorite submission...
  8. V

    Best Life & Beyond #94 Katie Battles Her Neuroses While Spencer Battles Halitosis

    Congrats to @KingLlama for a great thread title! Someone else please handle the recap duties.
  9. P

    Best Life & Beyond #93 Selling Blood and Buying Subs

    Thank you to @KingLlama for the hilarious new thread title!
  10. Cocobean9

    Best Life & Beyond #92 Broke is Where the Vlog Is

    Thank you to @shut the vlog up for the thread title. And a thank you to @UncleLester for some great poll question ideas I'll leave the recap to our better Tattlers but I'll just say if you enjoy mukbang videos you're in the right place
  11. No Grifters Needed

    Best Life & Beyond #91 From renting Cabanas at Volcano Bay to going to Disney with their Own PB&J.

    Thank you to @westville for the great thread title. We haven’t had a recap in a long time, because these threads used to move as quickly as a Disney dragon going up in flames, but lately our dastardly duo has decided that laying low is the new way to solve all their problems. That led to one...
  12. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Best Life and Beyond #90 100k........Not Today!!!

    Congrats to @BusyMum68 and @mad TEA party for having the winning thread title.
  13. P

    Best Life and Beyond #89 BLAB Goes Silent After Spencer Gets Violent

    Thank you and CONGRATS to @KingLlama for the catchy thread title!
  14. P

    Best Life & Beyond #87 Katie and Spencer STOMP Out Accountability

    Thank you and CONGRATS to everyone's favorite uncle @UncleLester for the superb thread title!
  15. P

    Best Life & Beyond #86 Spencer Emmons is a thin skinned unhinged little witch baby.

    Thank you and Congrats to @GInursemyass for calling it like it is with our new title!
  16. P

    Best Life & Beyond #85 Turns out BLAB was the real Anaheim gang that you have to be on the lookout for.

    Thank you and Congrats to @shut the vlog up for the PERFECT new thread title!
  17. No Grifters Needed

    Best Life & Beyond #84 Katie and Spencer are not victims. Inspired by Queen Daphne.

    Congrats to Uncle Lester for the most voted thread title. Inspired by Daphe's IG post last week. We can only hope for Daphne/ATW BLAB confrontation in the parks. Remember, KT invited all her trolls to "Come at me!" Right now, Daphne is troll Queen #1.
  18. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life and Beyond #83 Katie Slockbower and Spencer Emmons persevere over all of the Nefarious Efforts

    And the beat goes on... Welcome new and old to the wonderful world of BLAB gossip...round #83
  19. Cruising Into Obscurity

    Best Life and Beyond #82 BLAB Returns to Runaway Railway, After Allegedly Ruining CM Preview Day

    Title courtesy of @UncleLester Its full form is: Best Life and Beyond #82: Katie and Spencer return to Runaway Railway, after allegedly ruining CM Preview Day, to allegedly steal Prop to list on Ebay Thanks to Tattle character limits, I had to edit. I tried to find a way to keep it all, but I...
  20. N

    Best Life and Beyond #81 KT Slockbower prays, Spencer Emmons preys, and BLAB pays (for subs)

    Congrats to @Disneypins for the title…I think this is your first one???? I edited your title because I realized their full names could fit in, hope you don’t mind!
  21. Tom Wambsgans

    Best Life & Beyond #80 Super Spence brings his dusty cartridge to Nintendoland but no one will blow on it

    Thanks to @UncleLester for the wonderfully nostalgic thread title. As KT would say, “Good job, buddy”.
  22. Tom Wambsgans

    Best Life & Beyond #79 Katie Slockbower & Spencer Emmons - Spence doesn't have the balls to marry KT

    Thanks @Lalo Salamanca for the thread title. We've got their full names back in there for some SEO goodness. Thought we'd start this thread off with KT playing some grammar police on Facebook last night.
  23. N

    Best Life & Beyond #78 Spencer and Katie are Crooks, and Binky They Definitely Cooked

    Oh MAN, it was CLOSE this time but @KingLlama got the most votes so let’s all crack a cold DMD and have a sip to honor the Llama.
  24. N

    Best Life & Beyond #77 Katie is taking more rest days for work/life balance, the problem is she has neither

    Three cheers for @OutofScope who had this brilliant title suggestion! It’s scary how true this one sentence is, all jokes aside.