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  1. BusyMum68

    Best Life and Beyond #75 Spencer does his big boy job, KT dresses like a slob

    Well as the majority of Tattlers are celebrating Thanksgiving I thought I'd start our new thread. The only difference between KT and you guys today is that unlike KKKT, Tattlers know that eating huge amounts of food is something you do very occasionally, as opposed to every. Single. Day. Huge...
  2. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life and Beyond #74 KT and Spencer have arrived at their next destination, Splitsville!

    Congrats to @Faso Lateedoe for the great (and appropriate) title! They may not be split now but they are NOT happy.
  3. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life and Beyond #73 With KT’s Divorce not to be finalized til 2024, all on Main Street keep whisper

    It was a tie between @UncleLester and @diskneelvr so I chose Lester’s because he posted first. Hope that’s ok!
  4. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life and Beyond #72 "They're not good people, wanted us to lie for them that Katie didn't have covid"

    New thread! Thanks @OutofScope sorry for the short intro. I was trying to post this as FB finished so we’d have a fresh chat for blab!
  5. BusyMum68

    Best Life and Beyond #71 Fresh Baked Spills Fresh Piping Hot Tea and BLAB Gets Burned Again

    Thanks to @esc2476 for our new title - it was actually a tie with @OutofScope's suggestion, but as esc2476 posted their idea first I went with that. (My apologies if this is not the protocol). I am currently battling a chest infection (testing daily, staying home 'cos you know I have ethics...
  6. BusyMum68

    Best Life and Beyond #69 Holey moley BLAB are roly-poly!

    Thanks to @Faso Lateedoe for this clever (and accurate) thread title Ok, so OF ALL TIMES we needed to start a new thread this was not the best. I suggest everyone heads back to the last 4 pages or so of the last thread, but Liz from FB decided to drop a HUGE POT of Halloween tea...... As per...
  7. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #68 Katie Slockbower what a winner! Made her stepdad pay for his own birthday dinner

    Thank you @Faso Lateedoe for the winning thread title. (had to remove "real" in order to get it to all fit, but it still flows)
  8. Lalo Salamanca

    Best Life & Beyond #67 Everyone laugh at Katie & Spencer and their silly lies. Boop!

    Thank you @UncleLester for this weeks thread title.
  9. P

    Best Life and Beyond #66 What's disappearing faster? Patreon subscribers or KT's chin?

    Thank you to @MmAnaheim for the new title!
  10. dramalt

    Best Life and Beyond #65 Growing Larger is Katie's Fanny, and Spencer Wants to Motorboat Dani

    New thread. Thanks to @KingLlama for the thread title!
  11. The Real Deal

    Best Life and Beyond #64 Katie & Spencer have no friends. Will Halloween season ever end?

    New thread! Thank you @GInursemyass for the thread title!
  12. BusyMum68

    Best Life and Beyond #63 BLAB hides at D23, Patreon members flee, KT’s new brows bought with stans money

    Shout out to @Disneypins for the title of this thread - I had to edit so it fit I hope I have done it justice. It's only been 24 hours but I am heartily sick of talking about eyebrows in any shape or form. Take it away, Tattlers!
  13. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #62 Universal from these two, No join me from the Woo, alone at all events...Boo-hoo

    Congrats to @Second Classholes for this spot-on title! Short and sweet poll today. I always think I know how people will vote and then you guys surprise me. 😂 Ooooh whoever chose 5+ was right! They put out 5 videos last week! I love how KT “saved the cinnamon roll hack as a reel”. As if...
  14. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #61 Two months of Halloween, try to grift off Charlie in between, now at combined weight of 615

    Oh man @Second Classholes you knocked it out of the park w this title! (Edited for length) Everyone take a moment (including BLAB and Stan’s reading here) and realize there are 60k posts in this forum and a wiki, all dedicated to the wrongs BLAB has done for the vlogging community. Thank you...
  15. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Best Life & Beyond #60 The Cap'n returns, Daphne's sick burns, BLOB never learns...

    Congrats to @Jackprot! for having the winning thread title with 24 votes Attached is @UncleLester 's poll idea: "In 10 years, if you are in a personal position to do so, would you donate to a GoFundMe that would help adult Ca$hlee get proper legal representation to recoup the YouTube money...
  16. BusyMum68

    Best Life & Beyond #59 KT Slockbower's Best 600 Lb Life & Beyond

    Thanks to @Mr Flibble for our new thread title - witty (and scarily accurate) as always. Winner of the last pool with a whopping 70% was no surprise: Katie getting a paying guest trespassed from Disneyland (Columbia incident) Calling @Tom Wambsgans for one of his his genius recounts. I'm no...
  17. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #58 Tony's Fraud On a Scooter, Spencer's Shirts Cruder, KTs Brows Furry Protruders

    Happy Belated Bday to the King of Diet Mtn Dew, @KingLlama, who got the most votes, BY FAR! (I had to edit for length) poll recommended by @OutofScope 😃😃
  18. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life And Beyond #57 Happy birthday, miss. Your father seems a little drunk. Can we call you a taxi?

    It was a close race this time. Winning by ONE point was @hoffdog! Short and sweet poll this time you guys. BLAB has 4 spots in the top ten Disney vlogger thread. Sorryboutit
  19. P

    Best Life & Beyond #56 KT Slockbower & Spencer Emmons Magic Keys are renewed so put on your griftin shoes

    Thank you and congrats to our top of the charts sensation @Tom Wambsgans for the thread title!
  20. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #55 If YouTube does not work out, KT can go do something nursing

    Congrats to @esc2476 for the winning title!! (I edited for length). AMAZING entries this time you guys.
  21. BusyMum68

    Best Life and Beyond #54 KT Slockbower & Spencer Emmons - don’t send these grifters any money

    A BIG THANKS TO @Mr Witherspoon for taking us back to the classics with this one. I'll leave the recap to someone who is more eloquent than I (paging @Tom Wambsgans). I would not have believed a week ago I would have spent so much time ruminating on genital warts, but here we are. What...
  22. NotGrift-licia

    Best Life & Beyond #53 Stans we extort. Ice cream the quart. Truth we distort. With genitals full of wart

    Oh @hoffdog you really outdid yourself w this one. I was sorry to have to edit it for length to fit!
  23. Grifters of the Caribbean

    Best Life and Beyond #52 Why won’t Katie release Binky’s Autopsy details? What are they hiding?

    Congrats to @UncleLester for winning with this wonderful thread title!
  24. BusyMum68

    Best Life and Beyond #51 Edible Straws, Unhinging Jaws, and Spencer offends Choctaws

    Thanks to @pinkladyapples fabulous suggestion for this thread. This is the first time I have ever done one of these so lets pray I have done it correctly! Let's make this Leo Season unforgettable! Let's start this thread by posting this amazing work showing just how dreadful BLAB are. Don't...
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