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  1. LyndyLou

    Ben Chilwell #12 50% lovely, 50% cringe

    New thread time. So how’s life been keeping up with the Chillywhore? Ben’s never ending holiday’s threw up the usual merry go round of different insta hoe’s. Of course there was a revolving door of plastic not very fantastic fake girls. Along with Dumb, Dumber, Beales 🤮🤢and various other cling...
  2. LyndyLou

    Ben Chilwell #11 Keeping up with the Chillywhore

    Ben is back on the pitch, Yay 🙌🏼 Looks like we’ll see the Chilly big willy bouncy round the pitch next season 🍆 Ben is in LA with the clout chasers dicking around 🤦🏻‍♀️ We can’t keep up with the Chillywhore and who he’s shagging & following next 🙄 He’s looking sunburnt and sweaty so that give...
  3. Smca53

    Ben Chilwell #10 Bit of an idiot (usual story)

    … he’s fit though 🥵 Recap: 🐯 Benjamin went to Miami and became our very own Tiger King 🥴 🐯 He got a new girl, or 10, we can’t keep up anymore tbh, I doubt he can either 🐯 We’re Prada him for his Prada shoot 🙌 thanks for the new content Ben, you are 10/10 when it comes to your looks 🐯 He...
  4. LyndyLou

    Ben Chilwell #9 Bens back playing! With hoe’s so we know his 3rd leg is working 😬

    Another thread done everyone. Ok what happened: The poll result showed our favourite parts of Ben are his eyes and smile. 👁😁 More dodgy tattoos. Seems like Mr Chilwell is looking to cover himself with random shit. Ben turned up in Abu Dhabi. Sunbathing in skimpy shorts. We all got hot and...
  5. LyndyLou

    Ben Chilwell #8 Ben, Ben where are you???

    Recap: The title sums it up 🤦🏻‍♀️ Not a lot has happened! Ben has been pretty low profile and still injured 🤕 We’ve seen a couple of photos of him on crutches 😢 We got a photo of his hand playing pool. Looked like he was wearing a wedding ring and we’re not sure who he’s married to one of the...
  6. LyndyLou

    Ben Chilwell #7 Ben’s had his knee op and the CFC aka Chilly’s Fan Club are dying to be his nurse

    New thread time! Well considering Ben is MIA most of the time and we get virtually no new content we’ve still managed to get to thread 7 through our love of the beautiful Mr Chilwell. To my recollection this covers most/some of what happened. Ben had covid. Ben had a birthday in isolation. He...
  7. Smca53

    Ben Chilwell #5 Stalker fans & ACL woes, will the pain ever end for us Chilly hoes?

    Welcome to thread #5… who would’ve thought that us getting chucked out of the Mason thread would’ve lead to this?! 😂 Things that happened: 🧚‍♂️ Ben and Camila unfollowed each other. And followed each other. And unfollowed each other and followed each other? What will happen next? Who knows...
  8. Chani10

    Ben Chilwell #4 Camila used Ben's wifi to like other guys' pics, but whose did she use to unfollow him?

    Last thread's poll result decided that Millie is our favourite harem member with 45.8% of the votes. We don't even know if she really is part of the harem, but we like her anyway. Camila was second with 23.7% of the votes. But given the latest news... Big thank you to all the lurkers who voted...
  9. Chani10

    Ben Chilwell #3 Using IG like a next delivery service for members of the harem, which one will be next?

    Title based on @Smca53 idea, which I loved. -The thread keeps being a chaotic and hilarious mess thanks to Benji, the harem, the tea and the lurkers. Hi guys :m -We got the final England camp of the year, where everyone was either injured or ill. But Ben remained strong and played in both...
  10. Chani10

    Ben Chilwell #2 Ben's harem sent us all into meltdown, show us more flesh so we can all calm down!

    Title by @LyndyLou Recap: -The first couple of pages, we just innocently thirsted over Benjamin while we were recruiting more members for the harem. -Our dear @Smca53 almost broke the internet by joking about Primark Kylie being pregnant. Some people, who clearly don't understand how jokes...
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