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  1. S

    Alice Liveing #14 Disingenuous fibber, I rarely use #ad. When I’m not on holiday I’m very very sad

    My first ever thread. Hope I did it right. Thanks to @MaryLou32 for the thread title- had to edit a bit so it would fit. Let’s strap ourselves in for another few months of undeclared ads, moaning and emotional rollercoasters.
  2. Greencatfysh

    Alice Liveing #13 DP when might you be home, to look after your fivehead gnome

    New thread, amazing title by @pennypinchpam
  3. Greencatfysh

    Alice Liveing #11 Private Patrick Michael Murphy’s sunday evening semi

    Thread number 11 for Alice and her extremely private and low key fiancé. --- Well done to @PsychoKitty for the most liked title idea!
  4. S

    Alice Liveing #10 Frozen face and too much bling, but finally she’s got the ring!

    New thread guys! Let Alice's wedding planning saga continue...
  5. Greencatfysh

    Alice Liveing #9 Monday’s here, spiral time, I ate a roast but promise I'm fine

    New thread for Alice and her TOTALLY FINE and positive vibes only persona ❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼😍😍
  6. Greencatfysh

    Alice Liveing #8 still in a manic state, dressing like a Wetherspoons plate…

    Credit to @Truthslayer for our title - Old Almond is “more motivated than ever”, mostly motivated to drape herself in £2,000 outfits and Chanel earrings, rather than focusing on her failing app. She’s also SUPER HAPPY and excited EVERY MORNING whilst walking to the gym (to train herself, no...
  7. LewyB

    Alice Liveing #7 Paddy won’t commit, her clothes don’t fit and the app is still Tommy tit

    Thanks to @Truthslayer for the suggestion of this new thread! Tattle away ⌨️⌨️⌨️
  8. Londoncailín

    Alice Liveing #6 Will partner with anything for the right fee, Padster still not got down on one knee.

    New thread for Princess almond head. @Farmer Sam thank you for the thread title 👏🏻
  9. Greencatfysh

    Alice Liveing #5 Forehead of Fulham, her head’s always shining, give me strength, Alice stop whining!

    She’s always home alone, fiddling with her skin and working out despite having the most painful wrist injury the world has ever seen
  10. T

    Alice Liveing #4 Alice is liveing but the ostrich is not, she’s sat there crying over a spot

    New thread thanks for the thread title @elevatordomino
  11. Same stuff different day

    Alice Liveing #3 Almond alice’s skins on fire, shame her app Is dire

    Thanks to @Truthslayer for our new title! Recap: Gym, shop, spa, app breaks, travel, some facial or peel or laser, app breaks, do an almond commercial, app breaks, get a magazine cover and post it daily, app breaks,…. You get the idea. Come follow along!
  12. Same stuff different day

    Alice Liveing #2 Brand new teeth, brand new app, shame she’s filtered and full of crap

    Thanks to @Truthslayer foe our thread title!
  13. D

    Alice Liveing

    I like her a lot; she is very beautiful & matter of fact when it comes to body talk. Any thoughts?