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    Flashing her vag

    Erim is notorious for centring her entire existence around the male gaze and not from her lived experience as a woman, while creating soft porn-like content for likes, comments and follows. Which is probably why more and more people are catching onto her lies, her thirst traps and realising that something is amiss with her. She went to an awards ceremony on the day of her shampoo and conditioner launch (don't worry: she didn't win any awards) with her father in a dress that would make Edna Mode scream and made a Reel of her whirling around in said dress, while flashing her froo-froo. This didn't go unnoticed by her followers who called her out on it, but she decided to do it for the ones who grew up without a mother and/or sisters, and pinned it to her IG profile for all and sundry to see. Thought she was modest too?

    The arrival of her untested shampoo + conditioner and a failed launch day

    She's been going on about this for a while, but she recently launched another two untested haircare products. She claims to have formulated these products with a lab (who she hasn't named or disclosed) and a scientist (again: who is unnamed) and that these two products will cure every single hair and scalp skin ailment known to humanity. Her bottles are from AliExpress (like her oil bottle), but the untested and dermatologically unapproved products have a similar price point to Olaplex, Keratase and other mega high-end S+C. I work as cosmetic scientist for one of Europe's biggest beauty conglomerates and have debunked her S+C in this post here: scroll down for my post from Sep 28th 2022

    She cleared a shelf that she has in a warehouse (that's not hers) to stock 10,000 bottles of S+C, but sold 147 shampoos and 169 conditioners within a day of her S+C launching. Erim only sold 6% of her shampoo stock and 5% of her conditioner stock: really terrible numbers for a full product launch weekend!

    Her S+C unsubstantiated claims:
    • Her S+C are cruelty-free: False. She does not have the cruelty-free logo or certification on any of her products
    • Her S+C are colour safe: False. She doesn't have EU certification for this or any from the British Skin Foundation
    • Her S+C are dermatologically approved and tested: False. She has no certification from any EU or UK regulatory body
    • Her S+C can cover up bald patches within weeks: False. No product can do this. Hair health is dependent on genetics, individual health, diet, levels of stress, age and other factors
    • Her S+C can cure eczema, alopecia and appropriate for use on sensitive skin: False. Her products contain synthetic ingredients, essential oils, are highly fragranced and Benzyl Alcohol which are all known to cause skin rashes, irritations and aggravate existing skin conditions
    • Her S+C have been clinically tested: False. She hasn't shared any of the results or details of these clinical trials and no information about this is available to the public
    It’s not a coincidence that she had a massive pimple on her forehead in the exact spot (pardon the pun) from where she put a blob of ByErim product. But it’s safe for the skin right??

    It’s not a coincidence that she had a massive pimple on her forehead in the exact spot (pardon the pun) from where she put a blob of ByErim product. But it’s safe for the skin right??

    She also claims her S&C cured her bald spot but I thought the byerim oil did? The before and after pictures are not consistent either. It’s actually not hard to create the illusion of no bald patches as an end result by covering it with the rest of your hair, which is pretty much what she's done. Why take pics with hair tied up and then hair down if you're trying to show the progress? It needs to be the same in every pic. We saw that the bald patch was still there a few days later anyway 😂 The oil, S&C does nothing- DO NOT BUY!

    Little Miss Modest No Mo

    In a stunning u-turn and twist of events, Erim responded to a comment on TikTok that asked her about dressing modestly, by saying that she never claimed to dress modestly. We have an entire catalogue of screenshots, videos, posts etc. straight from her account where she talks about being modest and dressing modestly (seen in wiki page 1). If she is no longer modest, why can’t she just say she used to dress modestly but now her style has changed? Why lie and gaslight your audience? Even if she'd changed her mind to dress less modestly, no one would care, because women can dress how they wish to. It's the fact she denied it, tried to gaslight her entire online following and pretend she was never into modesty. It's a well-known fact that she regularly religion-baits people to boost engagement on her fledgling IG page and to buy her untested products, by promoting modest dressing, previously wearing a necklace with the name "Almas" written in Arabic as a pendant (as tribute to her late mother and her own middle name) and not using the Sikh-given name of Kaur - her old IG name was Erimstagram. She then switched to her Sikh heritage and began using Kaur in her name, when dating her ex and has stayed here for now.


    • She recorded a promo ad video for Sky Ad using "her assistant's phone" which showed a previous Google search of 'Can you get pregnant from the pull-out method?' Erim has since backtracked massively, deleted the original video and insisted that she used her assistant's phone (who is a hijab-wearing young woman) instead of her own. We don't believe her as Erim has got previous form for indulging in risky behaviour. Even if it was her assistants phone, why not just delete the video and not say anything instead of exposing her to your audience? Thought she’s a girls girl?

    • Another influencer, Kim Mann from TikTok, gave Erim a second a-hole in this series of screenshots from a scathing Live - thank you @gossipgirl59 - scroll down to GossipGirl59's post on Sep 24 2022.There’s a long list of influencers who do not like her, as mentioned in wiki page 1 and 2.

    •She went to a Punjabi party dressed in an all-black dress, with a sour expression on her face and looked like the Grim Reaper, while claiming to not like or listen to Bhangra music (despite using songs from this genre in almost every TikTok and Reel she makes). She then claimed to be a victim of bullying when people (of all backgrounds) told her how much they enjoyed Bhangra music. What doesn’t make sense is Erim is acting as if she’s not aware a reel is being recorded and she’s very candid, but her friend (sitting next to her) is fully aware someone is recording and waves at the camera!?Surely not everything in her life needs to be fabricated? And in regards to the attire she wore, would you not have clarified at the point of being invited what the dress code was? Who would wear a black dress to a Punjabi party when she has tonnes of clothes at homeI thought her inner child Erim would have loved to wear something that wasn’t just her one outfit she supposedly had as a kid?

    • She got gifted a skincare product for eczema on her eyelids and hairline (when really it's dandruff), but filmed herself caressing/squeezing her upper breast area (where she does not have eczema?)

    •She thinks that she has an emotional connection to the late Princess Diana. The disrespect to Diana 💀

    • We have good reason to believe - and evidence - that she's either dating FX bro and conman Aman Natt or is his sugar baby or bed warmer. As of this post, they're both in Dubai, in the same hotel (different rooms of course; sis is so modest and pious) and went to Zuma restaurant together.

    •She loves attention seeking. Earlier she was rolling her eyes at being asked if she had a boyfriend and now she’s saying “who said I’m not wifed up”. She wants people to speculate about whether she has a boyfriend or not and then is like “omg don’t ask that’s super private I only share 10% of my life guys” Stop mentioning it then?

    • The byerim page ALWAYS repost other hair content from people that do not even use byerim. It is extremely misleading and embarassing for erim since the girls with better hair use fable and mane 😂😂. I feel like she shouldn’t use other people’s hair content because it makes people think her product is the reason for their nice hair.
    So it's fine for erim to remove these tattle threads from Google under a copyright claim, but then pass someone else's content as an endorsement for her product?
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