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    Parv and Erim beef

    Parv is a 22 year old Punjabi TikTok UK influencer who started her own hair oil business "Thaari Oils" in January 2023. Since then, Erim and Parv have had online drama

    Parv explains the beef in a podcast Booksmart Streetsmart by @serenaworldwide and @deebeemusicworldwide (June 2023). Click here to listen

    Parv first explains that a few years ago, before she started social media, she used to follow Erim on Instagram and looked up to her, as they were both Sikh and Punjabi. But, she found Erim to be quite passive aggressive so unfollowed her after

    Then, Parv started a podcast and needed people to come on. She thought it would be a good idea to have Erim on the podcast for engagement, even though she did not particularly like Erim. She contacted Erim and Erim agreed to be on it if paid, but limited the topics that they can ask about and said that she will control the conversation

    After the podcast, Parv said that she and Erim messaged a few times and even spoke once on the phone. But, in 2022, when Parv got bigger on TikTok, it was clear that she did not like Erim as she was asked about her on TikTok's lives. Parv said in the lives that Erim is very different to how she portrays to be online. She must know more about Erim than most as Parv is now friends with Harneet, who is Erim's ex-employee.

    Fast forward to 2023, when Parv started her own hair oil business in January. She was told that other hair oil business owners such as Erim may be bitter about this but she still continued.

    This is when Erim started posting indirects about Parv on her Insta stories. Erim said that "everyone and their dog wants to start a haircare brand now." She also said that it is illegal to claim your oil helps grow your hair, which is an indirect to Parv as Parv has said this about her oils. This is stupid considering that Erim claims her oil cures alopecia, so is she not also claiming that Byerim helps grow hair? It is obvious she was so bitter that Parv started a hair oil business.

    When Parv was asked about the indirects in her TikTok's lives, Parv would say she isn't bothered about Erim. She knew the indirects were about her but she said Erim isn't a nice person and that Erim thinks she created the hair oil industry

    When Erim was asked about Parv in her TikTok comments, Erim would say "who?" and pretend she had no clue who Parv was. This is funny considering she was making indirects about Parv


    Because this happened multiple times, Parv made a TikTok video to reply back to Erim's comment showing that there is proof Erim knew her because of the podcast they did together. Parv was also mad and on her TikTok live, she leaked what Erim said on the podcast that was previously cut out. It is a recording of Erim saying "I don't care about the sisters thing, I just do it for Instagram." Erim has now Deleted her “who?” comments

    The indirects by Erim continued to happen but Parv ignored them. This was until March 2023, when Parv's new pet kitten died and she cried in a TikTok video and explained that she is grieving and taking a social media break. This was when Erim posted ANOTHER indirect on her Insta story which said "imagine recording yourself crying on social media" and that it is "attention seeking." This was clearly about Parv and no one else. This walking contradiction really just posted this criticising girls that cry on tiktok?! Erim we haven’t forgotten your Oscar performance, when you were exposed by your employee for fat shaming bullying and paying them £2 ph recording yourself FILTER ON, full on victim mode, teary eyed with tissue in hand lying about squatting. Scroll to Post #182 to see this

    This made Parv record a long TikTok video calling Erim out for insulting her and laughing at her crying. Click here and scroll down to post #883 and watch Parv’s full response to the bully that is Erim Kaur. She also pointed out all the times Erim has cried on her story (make it make sense Erim). For instance, in this pic, you can see someone is standing behind Erim. So she literally went through he motions of crying, opening her camera, posing from an above head angle to take a pic of crying with people around (whether its randos - she's in public, or if its her assistant - that poor assistant has to deal with her tantrum then watch Erim take selfies after) and then go on and create a post and type up that entire paragraph about it. pls what is more pathetic than that? Pick Me Princess Erim

    Parv even said she messaged Erim so they can sort the beef out but Erim did not respond. Erim remained silent on social media and Deleted her Insta story. Erim was getting a lot of hate for this, but she used her mother's death anniversairy as an excuse to take a social media break. She has NEVER done this before as every other year, she has always gone on about how her mother's death anniversary is near mothers day and would make so many posts. Her being silent this year, after Parv called her out, is not a coincidence

    After Erim's "social media break" was over, she made TikToks and Insta stories about how her engagement is up and people can't drag her down (indirecting Parv again). Meanwhile, Parv's hair oil business was a success, as she was doing pop-up stores in many cities and the biggest Primark (located in Birmingham) gave Parv the opportunity to have her own pop-up in the beauty section during June. Even after Parv's success, Erim was indirecting her by saying Byerim is so luxurious and that she is so picky with which retailers she works for and that she takes smaller steps (implying that Parv is just working with any retailer, which doesn't make sense because Erim is the biggest slut for Primark and would jump on an opportunity to have her products there). How are Erim's random wedding exhibitions aligning with her "luxury" brand that she wants to be in harrods and selfridges at all????

    Fast-forward to June 2023, Parv was on TikTok live on her private account. She was prepping for the Primark pop-up that was happening that weekend (Saturday 10th June). An anonymous account (which Parv said she had proof that it was Erim) asked her if she knew that Erim was coming to Birmingham the day after. This was because Erim was attending an exhibition to sell her oils on Sunday 11th June. Parv then went on her mum's phone to check this and made jokes like "I am going to spray my Thaari oil on her car with spray guns." Then, afterwards, she said she is joking and no one is going to attend the exhibition, including her because she doesn't want to waste her time and energy on Erim

    A day after this TikTok live, Parv made a video that said "ByErim cancelled my Primark event." Scroll to Post #519 to watch. She explained in the video that Erim screen-recorded what Parv said on TikTok Live (cutting out the bit where she said she was joking) and sent it to her management, claiming Parv was bullying her and this is defamation. Erim also sent an email to Primark and lied saying that Parv was under investigation by the police. Primark believed what Erim said because of her status and had no choice but to cancel Parv's pop-up. But, this wasn't all. Erim then emailed Parv's mum's workplace, where she works as a teacher. Erim emailed the headteacher of the school and claimed that one of their employees (Parv's mum) bullies her on TikTok Lives and that she should no longer work there, as this wouldn’t set a good example for the students. This is the lowest of lows and Parv explained later on that this caused her mum to become so anxious


    What is funny is that the defamation email Erim had sent to Parv's management is copied and pasted by ChatGPT. You can see the same grey background that is in ChatGPT in Erim's email and the information that is underlined below is all copied from ChatGPT. Erim pretends she has big bad lawyers that can sue Parv's management when really the email is made by a robot.

    All the above was done simply because Parv started her own hair oil business and was becoming more successful than Erim. Erim is that bitter. This is the same woman who said she DOESN'T COMPETE and supports other women/businesses

    After this, Parv received so much support and many people said they got a bad vibe from Erim. But, of course, Erim carried on like normal on Instagram and pretended nothing had happened. She instead limited her comment section and did not address anything.

    However, behind the scenes, Erim and her assistant were making fake accounts to bully Parv and praise Erim. Erim's assistant Zainab left a comment on Instagram to defend Erim, but her comment was very similar to the negative reviews left on Thaari's TrustPilot and is also very similar to the accounts with 0 followers that are defending Erim. They all make the same dead point that Parv makes her oil in the kitchen (Erim, did your grandma not make it in the kitchen too?). This is definitely Erim on a fake account as just a few days before, Erim put on her story that her oils were made in a lab since day 1 and never the kitchen (another indirect). Also, one review mentions that pipettes are not fit for use, which only Erim has ever claimed.

    Not only is this bullying, but this is so unprofessional as Erim should not make her assistant get involved in online drama. A normal employee would not do this and this will not look good when other employers search Zainab up when she’s looking for other job opportunities.

    Furthermore, Erim and her assistant also said that Erim is 27. This is a response to Parv saying in her TikTok video that Erim is nearly 30 but acting immature. However, Erim is 28 and not 27 as she was born in 1995. So, Erim is now lying about her age?




    Since all this has happened, Parv has said she will no longer comment on Erim and will try to become more mature. She is instead filing a restraining order against Erim. On the other hand, Erim has not said a single word about anything, deceiving her followers into believing that nothing is happening. She is also no longer going to the podcast that Parv went on because she’s scared of the backlash she will receive

    Erim has also cancelled her event in Birmingham and now has a ton of new 5 star reviews on TrustPilot, totally not fake 🙄

    Pretending to meet a Member of Parliament

    WARNING- This story is super embarrassing for Erim and you will get second-hand embarrassment reading it.

    This all started when Erim was invited to a film screening in Parliament of the impressive short film "Kaur" in March 2023. Some people booked tickets via Eventbrite for free, but some people were invited by the film - Erim was invited. The reason she and others were invited, was because they were meant to help promote the movie on their social media - but as we know Erim doesn't like to take attention away from her. She may post some pics of the event but that was the main reason she was in parliament as the screening was done to a small group of people there.

    She used this as an excuse to claim that she was in Parliament with her dad to MEET with a senior MP and give them a letter. She made this a BIG deal on her Insta stories (as can be seen below). However, let's be clear, your local MP is normally available to meet at set times in your local area but it is very rare you'd meet your MP in Parliament. Also, members of the Cabinet are also heads of government departments and very busy - they don't have time to meet influencers - and if they did, it would not be in the lobby of parliament.


    So, what she actually did was drop the letter off to reception in parliament, had a tour and drink there, before watching a movie. But she made it out to be a bigger deal on her Instagram story

    But, IT GETS WORSE. The letter that she dropped off in Parliament was NOT WRITTEN BY HER. The letter was written by Anoopreet, and a template of the letter can be found here- Letter to MP for UK Sikhs (

    Erim printed the template letter and signed it off with her name, making it look like she wrote the whole letter. She did not mention the Sikh woman who did write it. She only credited her AFTER we questioned her Insta stories. What's that she constantly says about being a girls' girl and supporting other women? How can she stoop lower than she already has!? She didn't write that letter yet is talking about real action is offline? What printing out a letter and signing it from yourself to make it look like you wrote that letter and to then make a reel on it for clout? This is ridiculous. What action is she taking offline that no one else does? All she did was drop off a pre-written letter, she had no meeting with an MP

    Also, the point of her saying she went to meet the MP in the morning, came home then went back for the film, it just seems like a lie to cover over. Instead of posting kaur films, as she was requested to do in exchange of the invite, to raise awareness, she proceeded to hijack the event and create a reel lying about some random meeting with an MP. She barely promoted the film. This explains why her dad was there too. I think it was him she was having tea with rather than an MP. She did not even pin Anoopreet's comment that thanked her for delivering the letter.

    To summarise- She pretended to write a letter condemning a British MP’s anti-Sikh comments in Parliament and lied about being invited to Parliament to speak to an *unnamed and unknown* MP about it while delivering said letter. The letter was written by a lady named Anoopreet, whom Erim didn’t credit or tag in captions until earlier today. She even deleted Anoopreet’s name from the original letter. We later discovered that Erim was really at a place called Portcullis House (which is not in Parliament) to attend a film screening for Kaur. She hadn’t organised a meeting to see a MP at all and likely dropped this letter off at reception. She has not corrected any assumptions people have made and enjoys how misleading the video is because she’s getting likes, comments, praise and compliments from Sikhs online who have sadly fallen for her lies and dishonest behaviour

    Flashing her vag

    Erim is notorious for centring her entire existence around the male gaze and not from her lived experience as a woman, while creating soft porn-like content for likes, comments and follows. This is probably why more and more people are catching onto her lies, her thirst traps and realising that something is amiss with her. She went to an awards ceremony on the day of her shampoo and conditioner launch (don't worry: she didn't win any awards) with her father in a dress that would make Edna Mode scream and made a reel of her whirling around in said dress, while flashing her froo-froo. This didn't go unnoticed by her followers who called her out on it, but she decided to do it for the ones who grew up without a mother and/or sisters, and pinned it to her IG profile for all and sundry to see. Thought she was modest too?

    ByErim is NOT safe to use

    As mentioned in Part 1 and 2 of the Wiki, Byerim is not safe to use. It causes hair loss, dandruff, irritating scalps etc and Erim does not take accountability. She will report negative reviews on TrustPilot or ask people to take their negative reviews down if they would like a solution. Then she pays for awards to make it seem like her product is good

    But did you know Byerim is not lab tested or approved by a dermatologist? There are no credentials or licences to prove this. When you email Byerim to ask for proof of this, this is their response (Erims dad):

    "Thank you for your email.

    Perhaps it would be best that you ask your legal advisors to contact us directly with whatever queries or concerns you have.

    We are a private company and do not have to publish or provide any information requests received by email.

    I look forward to hearing from you"



    Even if you're a private company, you would still endeavor to give information to consumers bc there's a thing called customer service and being professional. Erim & her dad both act so entitled and stuck up when all they've done is run a mediocre business

    PLEASE do not trust Byerim products. She now claims her products are safe for newborns but parents should not be applying this product - or any ByErim products - on their infants. ByErim prides itself on smelling like lavender and using lavender as an essential oil. No privately conducted and paid for test can dispute that.

    No newborn should ever ever use a scalp scrub - not even for cradle cap which is harmless, completely normal, very common, and goes away on it own. You can loosen the skin flake by gently using a soft hairbrush and shampoo specifically for babies: not Egrim's untested products. Not even her oil should be used to treat cradle cap. In addition, this scrub is not safe for all skin types. People with scalp conditions - and general skin disorders/autoimmune illnesses should not use scalp scrubs. Please use whatever your doctor or dermatologist has recommended.


    The arrival of her untested shampoo + conditioner and a failed launch day

    She's been going on about this for a while, but she recently launched another two untested haircare products. She claims to have formulated these products with a lab (who she hasn't named or disclosed) and a scientist (again: who is unnamed) and that these two products will cure every single hair and scalp skin ailment known to humanity. Her bottles are from AliExpress (like her oil bottle), but the untested and dermatologically unapproved products have a similar price point to Olaplex, Keratase and other mega high-end S+C. I work as a cosmetic scientist for one of Europe's biggest beauty conglomerates and have debunked her S+C in this post here: scroll down for my post from Sep 28th 2022

    She cleared a shelf that she has in a warehouse (that's not hers) to stock 10,000 bottles of S+C, but sold 147 shampoos and 169 conditioners within a day of her S+C launching. Erim only sold 6% of her shampoo stock and 5% of her conditioner stock: really terrible numbers for a full product launch weekend!

    Her S+C unsubstantiated claims:
    • Her S+C are cruelty-free: False. She does not have the cruelty-free logo or certification on any of her products
    • Her S+C are colour safe: False. She doesn't have EU certification for this or any from the British Skin Foundation.
    • Her S+C are dermatologically approved and tested: False. She has no certification from any EU or UK regulatory body
    • Her S+C can cover up bald patches within weeks: False. No product can do this. Hair health is dependent on genetics, individual health, diet, levels of stress, age and other factors
    • Her S+C can cure eczema, alopecia and is appropriate for use on sensitive skin: False. Her products contain synthetic ingredients, essential oils, are highly fragranced and Benzyl Alcohol which are all known to cause skin rashes, irritations and aggravate existing skin conditions.
    • Her S+C have been clinically tested: False. She hasn't shared any of the results or details of these clinical trials and no information about this is available to the public
    It’s not a coincidence that she had a massive pimple on her forehead in the exact spot (pardon the pun) from where she put a blob of ByErim product. But it’s safe for the skin right??

    She also claims her S&C cured her bald spot but I thought the Byerim oil did? The before and after pictures are not consistent either. It’s actually not hard to create the illusion of no bald patches as an end result by covering it with the rest of your hair, which is pretty much what she's done. Why take pics with hair tied up and then hair down if you're trying to show the progress? It needs to be the same in every pic. Also, when she showed that the bald patch is no longer there, we still saw it 😂. The oil, S&C does nothing- DO NOT BUY!

    Now she has launched her scalp scrub and her new sale tactic is claiming she can smell dirty scalps and that she has such a good sense of smell which she has never said before.

    Little Miss Modest No Mo

    In a stunning u-turn and twist of events, Erim responded to a comment on TikTok that asked her about dressing modestly, by saying that she never claimed to dress modestly. We have an entire catalogue of screenshots, videos, posts etc. straight from her account where she talks about being modest and dressing modestly (seen on wiki page 1). If she is no longer modest, why can’t she just say she used to dress modestly but now her style has changed? Why lie and gaslight your audience? Even if she'd changed her mind to dress less modestly, no one would care, because women can dress how they wish to. It's the fact she denied it, tried to gaslight her entire online following and pretend she was never into modesty. It's a well-known fact that she regularly religion-baits people to boost engagement on her fledgling IG page and to buy her untested products, by promoting a modest dressing, previously wearing a necklace with the name "Almas" written in Arabic as a pendant (as a tribute to her late mother and her own middle name) and not using the Sikh-given name of Kaur - her old IG name was Erimstagram. She then switched to her Sikh heritage and began using Kaur in her name, when dating her ex and has stayed here for now.

    More stupid things she has done

    • She recorded a promo ad video for Sky Ad using "her assistant's phone" which showed a previous Google search of 'Can you get pregnant from the pull-out method?' Erim has since backtracked massively, deleted the original video and insisted that she used her assistant's phone (who is a hijab-wearing young woman) instead of her own. We don't believe her as Erim has got the previous form for indulging in risky behaviour. Even if it was her assistant's phone, why not just delete the video and not say anything instead of exposing her to your audience? Thought she was a girls girl?

    • Another influencer, Kim Mann from TikTok, gave Erim a second a-hole in this series of screenshots from a scathing Live - thank you @gossipgirl59 - scroll down to GossipGirl59's post on Sep 24 2022. There’s a long list of influencers who do not like her, as mentioned in wiki page 1 and 2. These influencers include Kaushal and Tasmin Dhaliwal

    • Erim was at a recent business event where she won an award. She was on a panel with 2 other winners from the top 10. The interviewer asked her about her carbon neutral warehousing. She clearly had no clue what it meant and blurted out "it's a green warehouse but not a greenhouse” and changed the subject. Click here to watch the video or you can Scroll to Post #131 to hear her say this

    • Erim recently posted about her support for Humble the Poet. He has been exposed as a sexual assault predator recently, it has blown up on tik tok and twitter. Someone DM'd Erim about this and she clearly did not care. She’s stood by and given support to Humble the Poet - despite her followers messaging her and telling her about him being a sexual assault predator. DEFINITELY NOT A GIRLS’ GIRL or ally to women! She sent him a bottle of her oil after he sent her his book

    • She went to a Punjabi party dressed in an all-black dress, with a sour expression on her face and looked like the Grim Reaper, while claiming to not like or listen to Bhangra music (despite using songs from this genre in almost every TikTok and Reel she makes). She then claimed to be a victim of bullying when people (of all backgrounds) told her how much they enjoyed Bhangra music. What doesn’t make sense is Erim is acting as if she’s not aware a reel is being recorded and she’s very candid, but her friend (sitting next to her) is fully aware someone is recording and waves at the camera!? Surely not everything in her life needs to be fabricated? And in regards to the attire she wore, would you not have clarified at the point of being invited what the dress code was? Who would wear a black dress to a Punjabi party when she has tonnes of clothes at home? I thought her inner child Erim would have loved to wear something that wasn’t just her one outfit she supposedly had as a kid?

    • "i identify as punjabi" ur ethnicity is not a gender..............

    • She got gifted a skincare product for eczema on her eyelids and hairline (when it's really dandruff), but filmed herself caressing/squeezing her upper breast area (where she does not have eczema?)

    • Unable to say “makeup done by talented xyz” and says her followers instead

    • She is still writing her own reviews on TrustPilot (it says you reviewed ByErim on the top)

    • She made a big deal about how she doesn’t want a bait car number plate but then ended up showing us. And it’s OILS 💀💀

    • When the whole Selena/Hailey drama was going on, and this video of “mean girls” went viral, Erim pretended it happened to her

    • She makes her assistant comment on her videos as if she doesn’t personally know Erim

    • She thinks that she has an emotional connection to the late Princess Diana. The disrespect to Diana 💀

    • Her followers are mostly bought and are bots, which is why she randomly gains 1000s of followers after she is exposed being controversial

    •She’s now using different names in paid adverts to flog her untested hair products, like Eriii and FindsbyAshhh. Please know that when you click on them they will all take you to the ByErim website

    • She has very questionable personal hygiene. She videoed herself spraying perfume up her dress, has been paying for more paid adverts to spam people with on socials. Please click here to watch the video in post #94 of this rather shameful act - we really aren't making this up!

    • She posted a tik tok saying that when she started her instagram, her name was erimkaur and that she wanted to put kaur so that other kaurs recognise her. Except her handle was erimstagram and her name was a jumping between of erim lally and eri lally when she was trying to be ethnically ambiguous and try to get her audience to believe she is afghan or persian.

    • One minute she says to remain silent, next she wants to bring a book out exposing people

    • We have good reason to believe - and evidence - that she's either dating FX bro and conman Aman Natt or is his sugar baby or bed warmer. They were both in Dubai, in the same hotel (different rooms of course; sis is so modest and pious) and went to Zuma restaurant together.

    •She loves attention-seeking. Earlier she was rolling her eyes at being asked if she had a boyfriend and now she’s saying “Who said I’m not wifed up”. She wants people to speculate about whether she has a boyfriend or not and then is like “omg don’t ask that’s super private I only share 5% of my life guys” Stop mentioning it then?

    • The Byerim page ALWAYS reposts other hair content from people that do not even use Byerim. It is extremely misleading and embarrassing for Erim since the girls with better hair use fable and mane 😂😂. I feel like she shouldn’t use other people’s hair content because it makes people think her product is the reason for their nice hair.
    So it's fine for Erim to remove these tattle threads from Google under a copyright claim, but then pass someone else's content as an endorsement for her product?

    • She said she bought a designer coat because the logo isn’t noticeable and it isn’t flashy but she tags moncler when she wears it. Then she mentions the price What a beg, you might as well have gotten a coat with “moncler” written all over it

    But why does she make the most dumbest things a personality trait? Her dads "young" age, getting headaches because she ‘forgot’ to eat, getting bullied by absolutely NO ONE in public just for attention and sympathy & being ‘private’ only showing ‘10%’ of her life

    • When verified on Insta and TikTok she was so gassed and even pretended to call her grandparents to tell them she has achieved her “biggest goals” (you can see the phone is off as she’s calling them). But now she’s mad that people can pay for a blue tick for £10 a month and called it blue ick. She is so bitter. I think the biggest ick is begging to be verified than making 1000s videos on how your verified once you are

    • She is still obsessed with everyone knowing that she doesn’t eat or that she has lost weight. Look at this pic. The first day you accidentally book in a full day back to back with meetings so you can’t have lunch, but how do you keep doing it? Then surely that means you don’t really care and you’re not going to take lunch, which is fine. But then why brag about forgetting to schedule lunch in when in reality it’s because you didn’t want to eat and you CHOSE that lifestyle?

    •Wasn't she flashing this watch off in Barcelona, bragging about how it matched her gifted Pandora jewellery etc. but now she's given it to her grandmother saying she's going to "break it in?" I've never ever seen someone give their grandmother a watch they themselves have worn and then go on social media saying this?

    • “You guys aren’t readyyyy” but then it’s a reel of her walking on a zebra crossing 🙄

    •Shall I buy Rolex? Shall I buy Chanel bag? Shall I buy these designer shoes? Shall I buy this LV bag? She does this all the time to show off she has money to spend (which she probably doesn’t)

    • Life of a CEO? Returning clothes she has worn.... like come on you complain about H&M carrying fakes and all but yet you are returning stuff you have worn?

    • She is now claiming her hairbrush is halal but there is no such thing as a halal hairbrush. Halal refers to a Muslim's diet, they can still use products that have “haram” ingredients in it. For example, most cleaning products have alcohol but we can still use it because we aren’t eating/drinking it. Same goes for a hairbrush. She is just trying to appeal to the Muslim community but hasn’t properly researched the religion. Her brush is vegan friendly but please don’t claim it’s halal. All the Muslims will laugh at her for saying this

    • Constantly showing off her dads i8 like it’s a super car. She even says kids take pics of it whilst he drives it in Marylebone (where there are lamborginis, ferraris being driven) 🙄

    • She is SO passive aggressive

    • She still denies lasering her face


    • She claims it's dirty because it's "cleaning" her hair... sis you can still clean it out every time you use it so it doesn't build up this much like what??? And why is your scalp that dirty? Does the shampoo and scalp scrub not clean your scalp?

    • She needs everyone to know she's taking a trichology course... what happened to making moves in silence Erim? She thinks she can diagnose peoples scalp with her BTEC course, The same way she listened to some snippets of psychology podcasts/audiobooks and started lecturing on it like she’s a qualified psychologist. Dermatologists cannot look at someone's hair or scalp and make this call, in the same way doctors cannot look at someone's physical appearance and diagnose them as healthy/unhealthy based on what they see. If she wants her brand to be credible, she should have took this course BEFORE her business launched. It means nothing. I can take a plane flying course, that doesn’t mean I’m a pilot

    List of things that have never happened





    See how shes says manny or brum? Surely she would have asked that when she met 15 of them?? I check online NO FLIGHT LANDED IN DUBAI DURING THE TIME OF THE POST. She is the biggest liar.

    Not Erim writing herself a note and pretending it’s from someone else. Why does she lie and make up so many things? It’s so bizarre and so embarrassing too
    It’s all for her inflated ego, she needs to stop because it’s so obvious.She has tried (and failed) to make her handwriting not look like hers but notice the capital T and how the top of the T is slanted in both. The shape of the g in both. The similar n’s, r’s and s’s. She’s so pathetic. Give it a rest Erim and stop embarrassing yourself for one day. ‘Thx’

    She just had to show off she got an Amex card 🙄 "so cuteeee" just stfu