Erim Kaur Truth Revealed

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  • There is a lot to go through but please read all of this to see what Erim Kaur really is like. No girl like her deserves to be an influencer. (All the receipts/photos for everything written are in the threads)

    Side note- Erim is sometimes referred to as irum, Eric (because she claims people have called her that), bobble head (because her head is massive compared to her body), hairless princess (since she faked being hairless) and shadcat (which we believe is erims fake account on here that she uses to defend herself)

    How she treats her friends and employees

    Erim is known to treat her friends/employees badly. Here are some examples:

    Harneet and Kavita:
    When launching her business, Erim used to be friends with two girls called Harneet and Kavita who she employed to help her with the Byerim business (or they were friends beforehand). You can see them both in her old tiktoks. From videos and their LinkedIn, you can see how much they helped build Erims brand, Byerim. But, since the end of last year, it’s clear that Kavita and Harneet are no longer friends with Erim. They have unfollowed her and have also made it clear that Erim was a toxic person and nowhere near what she was like on Instagram.
    For example, on Instagram lives, both girls have implied that these threads are uncovering the truth about Erim which is why she is so adamant to take these threads down (must be karma 😂). We believe what Harneet and Kavita say is the truth. During their friendship, erim never promoted or even @ their accounts (when they had small businesses too), she would always do tiktoks with them when she’s in full glam and they have no makeup on to feel better about herself, she would ignore any comments that praised her friends. It seemed like she made them do everything for her and was extremely difficult to work with. Apparently she once gifted her with an EMPTY PR box, sis can’t share anything. Here is some more evidence, including the tweets harneet tweeted during the time of erim being exposed:



    Ex- employee tweets:
    Recently, erim has been exposed by another one of her ex- employees. A link to her tweets are here If you search Erims name on Twitter, you can see what other Sikhs have to say about her. Not many Sikhs support erim on Twitter. The ex employee stated in her tweets (she did not exactly say it was erim, but implied heavily that it was) that Erim makes her employees and friends sign NDAs so they can’t disclose any information about how she treats them. This ex employee made it clear that Erim is a bitchy girl. Here are the tweets:


    From all this, it’s clear that Erims ‘sisterhood act’ is all fake for her to gain followers and money. In reality, she treats her employees poorly. Everyone’s story about her is the same. This Twitter thread went viral in the Sikh Community and hundreds said they get a bad vibe from her and also shared their story (one story is that she charged a LOT for being in a podcast). After the tweets, there was an anonymous Twitter account that defended erim and insulted her ex employee. There is speculation on here that it was her dad since the anonymous account was saying things about erim that no one would know apart from her family such as information about her mum. During this time, erim took a break from social media because she was ‘ill’ and then uploaded a tiktok looking sad. She captioned it ‘my friend recorded me because I look sad’ or something like that to gain sympathy (even though it’s obvious she made her friend record her and she planned to look sad, why would your friend randomly record you looking sad? Surely they would go up to you and ask you what’s wrong?)




    What an employee from her old workplace said:

    • The employee base was a lot of young women, some of whom were also Sikh. She's constantly question their devotion to being vegetarian and then eat meat the next day. She also openly called one of the other girls 'the fat Sikh'. This was actually common, she frequently called other women fat or made fun of their clothes, makeup, laugh, whatever she could nitpick
    • She lied constantly about everything. She came in crying one day saying the post office lady assaulted her and said her dad was going to pursue legal action. Nothing ever happened nor was it spoken of again. She did this song and dance every few days, there was always some major drama
    • She tried endlessly to pit the women in the company against each other. She thought she was so sneaky talking shit but we were all super close and would just tell each other what she said and laugh about it. She was quickly totally alienated from the group because no one wanted to deal with her shit. She was SO toxic that no one wanted a thing to do with her. The drama, lies and gaslighting were insane. I honestly thought she had a personality disorder at times
    • I wasn't there but apparently she acted an absolute fool at a photo shoot and was rude to the men on set, even refusing to shake their hand because she had a boyfriend
    • She thought every man wanted her, regardless of their marital status or role in the company. She always specifically thought the male VP was in love with her and he was disgusted with her and wanted to let her go well before she finally got fired
    • She got fired for stealing product and selling it on Depop. This was the last straw but they were trying to get her out way before that because she was such a toxic liability to the business. She lied to people saying it was because she was going freelance or in the case of ex employees, told them that people were mean to her and forced her out. Don't worry, the record was set straight
    • She wasn't good at her job (social media exec or intern? I can't remember) but she acted like God's gift because she was an influencer (small at that point but definitely thought she was a major celeb). The channel didn't grow at all when she was there. She also tried to be in the brand materials because she thought she was such a model lol....cringe. I'm not sure if they deleted posts with her but if you go back long enough you can probably tell when she was there because she forced herself into so much of the content
    • She bragged all the time about her rich dad and all the things he'd buy for her and her tacky BMW (but of course pretended it was because of her girl boss grind even though she was on an entry level salary). She loved to talk about her time in 'ATL' where she went to school for like one semester, as if that was impressive. I don't know, she just bragged about the dumbest shit and it was sad because she had nothing else going on in her life and it was completely apparent she had no friends. She'd invite work people to influencer events and no one would want to go even if there were freebies because she was so unpleasant to be around

    • there’s a rumour that she was a bitch at university. She would again fat shame girls or say they were ugly, had unsymmetrical faces etc.
    • people in the wedding industry who have worked closely with Erim has said that she was very spoilt, constantly having tantrums and calling her dad
    • her cousin has also spoken about her not being liked in the family and her grandma story is a lie on gurugossip but we don’t know whether the person is actually her cousin

    There’s probably a lot more that hasn’t been mentioned but the general idea is that Erim don’t support other girls, only herself. Many on this thread believe she is narcissistic and likes to view herself as superior to everyone else. There’s a reason why she constantly switches management and always hires new people for her business


    Erim contradicts herself massively when it comes to modesty. She likes to be seen as an innocent Sikh who doesn’t show her body. There is no problem if she wants to show it off but she constantly likes to say how modest she is. She would either say she is ‘so modest in real life’ and only wears dresses on Instagram. Or she would say she’s ‘so modest on camera’ and wears a bikini in real life. You can’t choose when and when not to be modest as that contradicts the whole idea of modesty. No one knows why erim is desperate to be seen as modest when she clearly isn’t (nothing wrong with that). But it just doesn’t make sense. She won't post bikini pics out of respect for her family, but she said she was fine when the hotel staff (Pedro) see up her skirt when taking photos on her holiday (btw when on holiday, she made a hotel staff walk everywhere to take pics of her), she'll wear tiny sports bras and tight fitting leggings when working out and stick her bum out for everyone to see. In one tiktok (now deleted), shes covering her chest with her hand (only drawing more attention to that area) but what about when she walks around the resort and the hotel showing off her boobs? What about wearing revealing clothes in front of her dad and family....does she walk around with her hand on her chest then? Where is her 'respect' and 'modesty' then? Also, she says the dress is see through but in another tiktok (now deleted), she doesn’t cover it up and it isn’t see through at all? It’s like she wants people to pay attention to her body. She can wear whatever she wants, I’m pointing out the fact that she harps on about modesty this modesty but literally nothing she says makes sense. Why can't she just be normal?? Why does she still have followers with these stupid posts? If you have to cover yourself when taking pics maybe point the camera at your face? It seems like she fakes this whole ‘modesty’ act. Also, why do you boast about being modest and not wearing a bikini on Instagram but you wear one in real life? What about the strangers who see you in one, are you not modest then? What’s the point if you show off your ass in most of your pictures? Also she would say stuff on purpose to attract pervy men e.g she once said a pet peeve is when her boob touches the steering wheel when she drives. Random pet peeve to have





    How Byerim actually started

    Again, Erim is full of contradictions when it comes to this story. She claims that byerim is her grandma’s recipe and she’s been putting it on since she was young. What doesn’t make sense is that if it is her grandmas recipe, why can it not be made at home if they did it at home? Why do customers have to spend £40+ for an oil when they can get the ingredients and mix it herself? Erim also says it took a long time to perfect the oil but it’s clear that she had no true passion for it and only did it for the money. Back when Erim first started Instagram, she would get questions on her hair care routine. She would say that she just uses coconut oil, or uses organic oils by hema or would use olaplex. When she realised she could make money off it, she became secretive about her haircare and then released byerim. So, her stories about byerim saving her hair from alopecia is not true. She used and promoted other oils, claiming they have saved her hair. In fact, the condition of Erims hair has gone worse since she released the oil and overpriced Poundland brush 😂. I wouldn’t trust someone who owns a haircare brand yet straightens their hair everyday and doesn’t ever leave their hair natural. Anyone’s hair looks good when straightened. The only good thing about her hair is that it is long. But, it definitely isn’t thick or healthy. In fact, her natural hair looks frazzled with tons of flyaways. It would be safer not to use her oil because if you suffer any hair loss or damage from it, she will block you instead of taking responsibility for it





    Why Byerim is a scam

    Not only has she recently promoted a scam company (cryptoeats, which shows she will promote anything for coin without researching) but she herself scams people. Firstly, her oil is not as good as she claims to be. This ‘miracle’ Ali baba oil (her bottles are actually from Ali baba btw, you can search them on there) has a lot of bad reviews on trustpilot. The reason byerim has a good overall rating is because she flags bad peoples reviews to take them down. People have claimed that her oil has caused them hair loss, insecurity, hair breakage, thinning, excessive dandruff etc. Instead of offering refunds (erim is known to be tight with money), she would flag reviews down to get their ‘order number’. But, customers have complained that even when they provide an order number, she still flags their negative reviews to take them down and hide them. Businesses can’t remove negative reviews which is why she flags them instead. Customers who do open up to her or ask questions in her DMs are blocked. She even once blocked a woman who asked whether byerim can be used during pregnancy. She would also give free zoom calls in return for a good review on byerim which is literally what scam companies do. Please for anyone reading this, do not trust her hair oil. It hasn’t even been properly tested by a dermatologist (apart from dr v rattan who is a dodgy doctor herself) so it is unclear if the oils are actually pure or safe in her product since she never shows solid proof that they are. This is probably why is causes hair loss for a LOT of people. It is also why the reviews on the byerim page are fake. One girl (her friend) even has extensions yet claims Byerim oil saved her hair. She says that reviews are authentic on byerim trustpilot but that doesn’t explain why she flags down negative reviews for their ‘order number’. Why not do that for positive reviews then? Why does her team flag them down even when an order number is provided? Why, after a few negative reviews, is byerim suddenly flooded with lots of good reviews that are obviously fake? In one review (below), it claims byerim treated their alopecia but it is literally impossible for hair to grow that quickly in two months. Why use a fake review and claim it treats a serious hair condition? Why is it that when someone says the oil caused hairloss in the reviews, the customer service team are extremely defensive and make the claim that there is “no way” this oil can do that. This company needs to improve on taking constructive criticism.
    Update- she now claims that Ali baba, a big company with a networth of 500 billion has copied her bottle design 😂 (evidence below). Firstly, her oil or bottle isn’t trending so why would they copy. And secondly, who manufactured it then?? She’s always lying







    Using Sikhi and sympathy to promote her products

    Before Byerim, Erim would refer to herself as erimstagram and would never ever talk about sikhi. In fact, some people thought she was Muslim. She would promote and wear Arabic jewellery. Her middle name is ‘almas’. Ever since she has released her product, she started talking about sikhi, making it clear that she only did that to exploit young Sikh girls to look up to her and buy her hair oil. In fact, with the farmers protest, she first said she didn’t want to talk about it. She once even used a little Sikh boy being bullied for his hair as a way to PROMOTE her oil. It’s clear she tries too hard. She even used to randomly drop ‘waheguru satnam’ in the middle of her sentence so she doesn’t get nazar even though no one does that.
    She also says that she is doing it for the girls who grew up with no female role models. She says she had no one but her dad and brother growing up, using the sympathy story to make people buy her oil. However, this is again another contradiction as she sometimes says she grew up with her grandma and her godmother.


    Her response to this thread

    Ever since this thread came out, she has constantly been talking about her ‘legal team’ to try and scare us and pretend she can arrest us. But, the whole story is definitely a lie:

    So, she has been talking about online trolling and the police being involved since March 2021. She even went on to say that one of her trolls has been arrested and sent to prison. So, you can assume that she already spoke to the police about the online trolling she receives. A weird thing about this though was that she promised an article from met police would be released about this arrest yet that never happened. So there is no solid proof she is even telling the truth and perhaps is trying to scare us. Not only this but someone can’t be arrested and sent to prison the same day. If you’re arrested, you’ll usually be taken to a police station, held in custody in a cell and then questioned. That is NOT the same as going to jail so why would met police do an article on wrong information?? Her story doesn’t make sense

    Two months later, in may, she talks again about how online trolling is affecting her and the police are involved and IP address (this lie that influencers spread explained here) have been tracked. It was obvious she was speaking about this thread because she says 10-20 people and it was known she reads on here. But, a couple of weeks later she then goes on to say that she is finally going to the police about the trolling and she was nervous. There is a screenshot of this which shows a print of the tattle life thread on the table. This means she was lying before and never did go to the police or get any IP addresses tracked. This is proven to be a lie because the owner of tattle life has said after this that they have never given out IP addresses to anyone, including police and never will. So, this is another scare tactic?

    Around a month later she repeats again that IP addresses can be tracked and her lawyer is working on it despite her saying they already got it a month before.

    And now recently, she has shown a screenshot of a WhatsApp text from her lawyer about a troll being arrested and getting a restraining order. What doesn’t make sense is how unprofessional the text seems (lawyers would usually send updates though emails/letters, not a WhatsApp message with bad grammar). Plus, she said literally 6 months ago that a troll was arrested and is now using that same story again? Not only this but restraining orders don’t actually exist in the UK and that term isn’t used in this country. So, the text was definitely fake.
    She even followed an Instagram account that wanted to take tattle life down and uncover all the ‘trolls’ on here. This account was so funny because it claimed they had tracking devices that could uncover tattlelife identities (why wouldn’t they use that on other more serious crimes? 😂😂). Influencers like Erim stupidly fell for it and the Instagram has since been deleted after it was proven that it was a lie.

    With all this considered, it is clear that she is lying about what is happening with her police case. She says she has gone to the police but then after says she is finally going, there is no concrete proof of anyone being arrested, she says IP addresses have been tracked despite tattlelife owner saying they haven’t given any away, she says a troll was arrested 6 months ago and then repeats the same story again, her text from her lawyer doesn’t seem legit. It has been months and there is no evidence that anything has even happened. I don’t believe anything she says and I’m starting to think this is all her scare tactics to prevent us from commenting on here and exposing her. There is more proof that this is all a lie rather than the truth. She thinks she’s the UK National treasure and the police need to drop everything and focus on her. I wish her legal team (if she even has one) would tell her that the only way to stop these threads about her is if she stops being a b*tch in real life. How is that so hard for her to understand?

    Other sketchy stuff she has done

    • she always lies about being born hairless. When asked in a YouTube video about advice on how to remove body hair, she pretended to be clueless and said she never had body hair. She says her grandma doesn’t have body hair and she never did either. But there are pictures of her getting laser hair removal, meaning she had hair before but decided to remove it. Why did she not mention this when asked about body hair removal?? Why does she constantly say she is BLESSED to have no body hair. She is so insensitive towards other girls/women who have body hair and feel embarrassed by it. Not to mention, body hair is completely natural and normal?! Since this was constantly talked about on here, she mentioned laser hair removal once in her story. This shows that she likes making other girls insecure about themselves and decides not to help them out


    • she uses a way too light foundation on purpose to make her skin tone look lighter than it actually is. You can see her real skin tone in her old pics and videos. That is why she looks grey and ashy all the time and her face is a different colour to her neck. Sis is representing south Asian community yet is ashamed of her skin tone. She is aware herself that her foundation is too light for her but doesn’t change it because it’s clear she would rather be a lighter skin tone. Her old pictures show her true skin complexion






    • we do not believe her alopecia story. How come she has no pictures or videos to show of her baldness and hair loss in her eyebrows? Usually if someone was suffering that, they would take pictures to document hair growth. All she has shown was a tiny bald spot in the front of her hairline. Also, in the past she said it went away on its own but now she is claiming byerim cured it? Alopecia is a serious condition and there is no proof she has it

    • she loves to make out that she started her business all by herself and that she had lonely nights in hotel rooms packing it. But, she had a lot of friends around her in a hotel room helping her with her business and her ex seemed to help a lot. She takes all the credit for it and takes everyone for granted. She is also delusional and has said that the “£500k” investment she put into her business was all from her savings that she made as a student working in a club. How can a student in an average club make 500k?? She thinks people believe her stupid lies and doesn’t admit her dad helped her start her business.

    • she loves to think she’s the only person who represents Sikhi when she never supports other small Sikh businesses (not even her friends). She even once said ‘guys let’s prove how much we support each other and go and tweet about byerim’ (nice marketing 😂)

    • will block people who reach out to her about the concerns they have with her oil but don’t block or delete thirsty guys in her comments who leave disturbing and disgusting comments

    • pathological liar and may be a narcissistic

    • she’s only capable of replying back to her followers (if it’s even her replying) with ‘aww sis’ or ‘thank you sis’. One time someone messaged her about how a bun causes them hair loss and erim replied with ‘aww’. Aww to what sis???

    • hates her birthday yet when it is near her birthday, she makes birthday edits of herself and would make people guess when her birthday is

    • she looks very average looking when other people take pictures and videos of her and she is not in control of the editing

    • hates Mother’s Day which is understandable but expects every single brand out there to know the story behind her mother. She was once invited to a film premier and had to watch a film about a dead mother. Then she complained afterwards about how the organiser should have studied more about her and should have known it would have been hard for her to watch. Surely it’s her job to research about the film she is about to watch???

    • doesn’t pay for anything. She has admitted that when she moved, she asked as many brands as she could to send her free furniture in return for a promo. She loves freebies and is tight with money. People believe her dad even paid for her business. I don’t understand how she says she supports small businesses yet asks for freebies from them constantly. It’s ironic because look at what she once said in an old tweet



    • she LOVES to not look Indian. She always mentions how people think she doesn’t look Indian and looks exotic. She ALWAYS asks people to guess her ethnicity. She even blocked someone once for saying that she looks straight up Indian and not exotic. She has some serious identity issues


    • She finds herself unique because she has Middle Eastern DNA but if you pick up a book on north-west Indian history, it will tell you that virtually all punjabis will have a mix of middle-eastern/central Asian DNA, maybe even European

    • she LOVES to make a million of videos where elevator doors open and she enters it. She also puts cringe captions like ‘what would you do if you saw me’, ‘show this to your mum’, ‘what if the lift doors open and I came in’ because she thinks she’s gods gift. I feel sorry for her employee who has to record these and the people who are waiting for the elevator.

    • I don’t get how her content is ‘doing it for the girls who grew up without a mum or sisters’ if it consists of byerim and lift videos that attract guys. What has she actually done for us girls?? If anything, she tries to make girls feel more insecure by not giving any advice. Any advice people DM her with or ask on the sisters group chat, she would just say ‘I dont know, I haven’t had that problem before sis’. She thinks adding ‘sis’ to her sentences is enough. Her content is for her male audience, not girls. She knows this as her captions are for the guys e.g ‘what would you do if you saw me’, ‘eyes up here’

    • she also loves to make her employees take videos of her where she can stage a laugh at the end and pretend it was caught off guard

    • she LOVES that most of her followers are thirsty men. She has once captioned her pictures ‘what would you do if my picture was on your dads phone’ (she changed the caption after it was mocked on here). Other captions include ‘put my picture in your lockscreen’, ‘your uncle slid my dms’, ‘I’m untouchable’, ‘what would you do if you saw me like this’, ‘would you add me to your contacts’, ‘I heard your mother looking for a daughter in law’, ‘put this on your groupchat’ etc. She says her content is for girls yet the way she poses and captions her pictures seems like she wants to be sexualised by guys. Apparently she also got with a married guy whilst knowing he was married


    • she faked a troll comment and replied back to it and made herself seem ‘kind’

    • she did a giveaway recently but the winner for it was a fake account (basically her) and the account has now been deleted after it was mentioned on here

    • she thinks she owns the hair oil industry. When other people come out with a hair oil business, she claims they are ‘copycats’ even though hair oiling has been around for centuries. She has even harassed another small hair business called inzo London with fake accounts because they have the same bottle (mentioned in his YouTube). Calm down Erim, you haven’t trademarked this Ali baba bottle. She genuinely thinks she’s a trendsetter. She claims that people copy her hair oil as if she invented it in the south Asian community. She has made a lot of tiktoks about people ‘copying her’ even tho she admitted she copied her by erim ali baba packaging from Tom Ford perfume bottles. When this was mocked on this thread, she hasn’t mentioned it since and deleted it off the byerim LinkedIn

    • she called somebody a ‘nobody’ in her dms after they asked nicely why she constantly uses the 🧿 symbol

    • apparently, her rolex watches ain't hers, but her dads mate who owns watch shop and she borrows them to take pics and direct any potential customers to him

    • brags about how she doesn’t suffer hyperpigmentation but then promotes products that will help with it??

    • she can’t decide whether she wants to be a bad boss bitch who laughs at any criticism she gets or someone who needs sympathy about her trolls that she had to bravely go to the police about 😢😢

    • when moving out, she said for any girls struggling to move out, just show the pic of her to your parents. Like that will definitely change their mind

    • she claims she worked at bars and saved hard to build her success. In her most recent post when buying her Chanel bag, she claimed her first bag was from primark which was £9 which she didn’t buy straight away as it was expensive. She positions herself as someone coming from a low socioeconomic background who built her success. In fact, one time in her stories, she claimed her, her dad and brother used to be squatters which means they were living illegally in a house/building that wasn’t theirs and they weren’t paying rent. She says her brother slept on the floor whilst her and her dad slept on a bed (a recording of her saying this is in the threads). Despite saying this, it is clear that this isn’t the case and they were always a well off family. On closer inspection of her dads background he went Harvard and claims to have worked in the City as a leading IT Professional for over 10 years, primarily focused on the Trading Floors of world leading merchant banks. Not only that but they had a family holiday home growing up. In this article she even say got her fashion intern in her teens through a client at her dads restaurant Eriki. Clearly Erim is not from a lower socioeconomic background and branding herself as such is not cool. It’s clear with the help of her business savvy father she done well and there is nothing wrong with that but making it out as if you come from this desperate background and worked at bars to make a success of yourself is distasteful. Imagine being her dad, providing everything and more for your daughter, but 20 years later she is online telling all her followers that they squatted and that he didn’t help with her business

    • claims she never had a Depop yet we found her employers Depop who sells Erims PR products such as pandora (even though she’s Pandora’s ambassador) for full price. This is why Erim never takes the tags out of her clothes. She receives PR and will then sell it on for full price under her employers catfish account. She also sells products that she has promoted and used. She has even sold her perfumes that she recommended in a YouTube video. Ever since this was mentioned in here, she has CONSTANTLY uploaded on her stories that she loves gifting products to her friends and family (never said it before though). She also constantly changes the Depop username so we don’t find it. The name currently is jas_smiles but watch how it will be changed soon after she reads this 😂😂 (update- it’s been changed). Why doesn’t she ask to be taken off the PR list and why does she promote products that she will sell after? For someone who flexes her "7 figure business", it's odd that she has to sell belongings online for a quick buck


    • she claims her life is so busy and chaotic that she is burnt out and once even said it feels like she ‘goes to war’. Experiencing being burnt out is a serious issue that can cause anxiety, depression etc, which she doesn’t understand. She always says she suffers from being burnt out but she shouldn’t use terms like that lightly. Must be a hard day reading this thread all day and giving your employees iced coffee as a return for their hard work

    • she also claims she has some sort of anxiety but I doubt she has been diagnosed with it, again she is just using serious terms lightly.

    • she goes on and on about how trolling affects her negatively yet willingly comes on this site and reads about herself. She recently said on her story that people should block what they see on social media so it doesn’t make them feel negative. Why not listen to your own advice??

    • she brags about being fired three times (don’t know why) and how she owns a business that switches from 6-7 figures everyday (sis can’t keep count). There’s no solid proof it actually is 7 figure brand or made £1m and tomorrow it will be 8 figures
    5C074C0E-26CF-48CB-82AF-7A4B55FD14B9.jpeg tweet of her claiming to have made a million. Even if it is revenue, why is she acting like it’s profit?

    • speculation that she’s had some fillers or surgery. Her lips are weirdly shaped and her hairline looks lasered. She has admitted that her teeth are fake (composite bonding) and eyebrows are micro bladed

    • thinks everyone who says something negative is a troll. She is a fan of us 😂, she always indirectly mentions us in her stories. The latest thing she wrote was ‘imagine writing about someone online and your family finding out, that’s so embarrassing’. Sis, you being exposed on here countless times is way more embarrassing

    • she is desperate to be in selfridges but doesn’t understand that they won’t accept a business who constantly has to change employees and deletes bad reviews. It’s been two years and if byerim is a ‘7 figure business’ like she claims then surely it can’t be rejected this much. Other smaller brands have managed to be in Selfridges so it’s clear she’s just not a strong businesswoman (a good business woman would understand that your business will never be perfect for everyone and will receive some criticism which you have to learn from). Not only that but the product itself isn’t luxury. Basic ingredients, cheap sticker and pump barely works.

    • claims she never wanted to be an influencer yet begged to be verified from day one. There’s a tweet of her begging to be verified because ‘there’s so many fake accounts of her’. She made a big deal about being verified and would even make sure she’s in news articles like daily Mail to increase her chances. We don’t know why she treats being verified the same as having an Oscar

    • her engagement has gone down massively and her business is slowly dying since these threads became popular in the beginning of the year. There’s speculation that she now buys her followers (but sis is stingy so who knows 😂)

    • brags about 7 figure business yet her lifestyle is still the same?? No big accomplishments made apart from moving out to a rented flat which she probably would have done without her business

    • she dm'ed someone asking them to make graphics for her for free and she will shout them out on instagram in return. they declined and responded with their rates and she went off on them saying they are lucky to be considered for work for her.

    • claims to hate photoshop yet all her pictures are Facetuned and she poses in angles that gives the false illusion that she has an hourglass


    • the fact she makes her friends and employees sign ndas before working with her is a MASSIVE red flag. How can you, knowingly, treat people that badly that you have to have a contract so you know they won’t expose you after?

    • apparently wasn’t loyal to her ex and would boast about the guys in her dms. Also one of Erims ex friend said that she would go on holidays with guys who were taken and then be like- ‘why is his girlfriend jealous??

    • called herself a celebrity at her dads restaurant when she was a smaller account

    • she doesn’t like to be in the presence of alcohol and got annoyed when a company sent her alcohol in PR but then she goes clubbing? Make it make sense

    • once acted like a celebrity by unfollowing everyone on her main account and only following byerim. She lost followers after this so then stopped doing that and refollowed everyone. So embarrassing 😂

    • she’s doing random psychology videos pretending she’s a therapist even though she’s a narcissist. Her latest IGTV she spoke about "regulation" and how her practice is to make sure she's properly fed and slept well before anything else even though her everyday stories are always her complaining she never gets sleep and never has time to eat a whole meal and starves all day to stay skinny

    • she promotes an unhealthy relationship with food and body by telling young girls she only eats less than 1000 cals a day and then shows off her 50kg body with a 23inch waist and complains sis is losing weight and how shes the lightest ever

    • she hates animals and her dog hates her which is a red flag in itself

    • all she ever does is reply to this thread through her stories. We mention how she doesn’t gift her unwanted PR to people and now she constantly shows that she loves giving gifts. We say she doesn’t have any friends and then she has to show every childhood friend she has. We make fun of the amount of lift videos she does and then she jokes about how she keeps people waiting outside the elevator. We say her foundation is way too light for her (even though we’ve said it a year ago and she’s only mentioning it now).

    • she has in the past moaned and complained about the collabs items she has recieved from brands on her fb lives and said how ugly they are but then posts pics and stories after about how much she loves them and how pretty they look with a discount code!!

    • pronounce chole & roti like shul-ay & raw-ti 😂

    • whenever she gets so many questions on where her dresses are from, she would never answer or tell people. She would only tag the dress once it’s sold out 😂. In fact, recently she uploaded a picture and in the caption she said ‘the dress didn’t fit well and I had to use elastic bands to hold it but they annoyingly kept snapping off and I was so nervous, I can’t tag the dress because it didn’t fit’. However, she has worn the exact dress in a tiktok when running and for an ad for everything five pounds. You can see it fit her well and we know where it’s from. She just lied for no reason and now the post has been deleted

    • in her zooms, there were only about 40 people at the beginning and 20 people at the end. and i got the details immediately after signing up, there was no waiting for the selection period. she tries to make it seems like hundreds or thousands sign up for her zoom and she only picks 100 to be on the call but she doesn't even get 100 sign ups. her zoom calls are always so low in participants and it doesn't feel like bonding or "sisterhood" at all. she basically makes it a q&a about herself and when others are talking, she's zoning out and not paying attention anymore. She just goes on her phone whilst other people are talking.

    • she has a fake ‘fan’ profile. There is an account who always commented on her pictures and reposted them on her stories. However, someone posted the girls real profile along with the fake profile on here a while ago. Soon after being mentioned on here the account had gone private and didn’t comment for a while and now she’s back at it. What’s weirder is that she’s made the fake girl in the account a lesbian so they get engagement from the LGBT community so it looks more realistic

    • Sis had to ask a ‘friend’ to store 5 boxes in their living room because her dad wouldn't let her keep it in his penthouse apartment with all that empty space. She keeps saying how her dad wouldn't work alongside her until she could prove it like it's something to brag about an unsupportive parent.....listen sis we all know he's been financing it from the start so stop with the bs. Not only that but she flexes that that her dad didn’t support her. can you imagine slagging your single parent off. He just let you live in his apartment rent free, bought you a car, supported you while you couldn’t get a 9-5 job, acted as a guarantor for her apartment now and supported her through uni. Notice how she doesn’t advise her sisters about student finance/loans and how to get on the property ladder, save money etc renting because she doesn’t have a clue because her dad supported her which allowed her to be in the fortunate position to start a business. The only advice she can give is how to shop at Tesco’s

    • one day she's bragging about her 7 figure business and the next day it's just a 'small business' so can't afford free shipping for her ali bottles make ur mind up sis

    • Apparently Erim was turned down for a PLT (pretty little thing) contract but was sent some free stuff for trial so she went to walk around london with her PLT shopping bag so people can talk about her and speculate since there is no PLphysical store hahaha

    • after it was mentioned that no one seems to like hanging out with her, she posted on her story a pic of a pizza that she was sharing. However, if you zoomed in to the reciept, the pizza order was from last year meaning the pic is an old one and she was reusing it so it looked like she had friends 😂 poor Erim

    • she always says we will get karma for doing this. Hasn’t she thought that this gossip forum is her karma? 😂

    •back in like 2019-2020 she would heavily use her erims sisterhood group to generate comments, likes, reviews. she would have these live chats with face mask on and ask the girls if they can comment on her pics with collabs. she would even specify exactly what to say "sis, say that you love the diversity and seeing a desi girl". Even in her zoom calls that she would have. she would always ask people to leave reviews on trustpilot. this one time, a guy brought up about what is happening in punjab, the protests and the farmers. and she quickly texted her employee (who was controlling the zoom activities). and that girl cut the guy off and said "i'm so sorry to cut you off but we've got a message/question sent to me directly" so basically erim and team lies about being supportive to punjab and its causes. they did all of this on a live zoom call so their facial and body movement showed exactly what they were doing.

    • she says she has been working out since age of 14 but when she was asked in the past what her workout routine was, she used to claim she barely works out and eats crap

    • speculation that she is lying about her ethnic background and some believe her mum was Muslim (nothing wrong with that)

    • recently made out that she was invited to the Grand Prix but she got tickets herself

    • she is jealous of other peoples success. For example, she says people called her a ‘rose that grew from concrete’ but no one did, she just copied that from neelam kaurs bio two days after neelam was announced in the top 100 inspirational Sikhs under 30 list


    •she once recorded herself FaceTiming her friends (employees) and you can hear them bitching about another girl who was verified on Instagram before Erim and Erim was laughing whilst they said ‘how is she verified, not you’. This recording is in the threads. What happened to supporting other girls??

    Pick me quotes by her

    Erim is the definition of a pick me girl. Here are some things she says:
    • ‘Guys, i bet you didn’t know this about me but I am so modest in real life!! I couldn’t even wear this dress because the slit was so high up and I’m too modest for that!’
    • ‘My life is so chaotic and stressful, you guys don’t even understand. I am so burnt out, sis didn’t even have time to eat or shower today’
    • ‘you guys already know sis is SUCH a girls girl, I love supporting other girls’
    • ‘i have a FIRST CLASS DEGREE from the university of Manchester. I even stayed in Atlanta for one year and guys, the story is crazy, I can’t even say what happened!’
    • ‘I don’t drink alcohol guys!! I literally am the only person who has water at parties. I worked at a club before but I didn’t drink alcohol guys. I hate alcohol. Literally, just give me water. I am too innocent and perfect!!’
    • ‘I am SUCH a bad texter!! I prefer calls. All people get from me is one word. Look at my texts, I am a bad texter. I can’t text properly. Did I mention I’m a bad texter??’
    • ‘guys I was asked to be on love island before so many times but you already know sis is too modest for that! But seriously, love island always want me on their show!’
    • ‘my LEGAL TEAM does not play guys 🧿 i even got a troll arrested. An article will come out on that, but guys, trolling needs to stop, I am a victim of it’
    • ‘ok but WHO EVEN AM I?? I took these pictures in public and you guys already know sis is shy, everyone was staring at me. I could feel the judgement guys *weird giggle*’
    • ‘I put sikhi on the map guys!! I will constantly represent the sikh community, I’m the only one who does it! No one else does, just me. I even made the first ever sikh society in my university! It’s me who does it. I was the only one who wore a desi outfit at my graduation which btw I got a FIRST CLASS DEGREE’
    • ‘I am such a good person, you guys already know sis is kind hearted and pure. This is why bad things happen to me! It makes sense, I am a good person and TROLLS are jealous of me. Ok but WHO GAVE ME NAZAR?? I’m pissed but I’m a good person and that’s all that matters! I have a pure heart and I am always honest with you guys, sending you all love and positive vibes through my screen x’
    • ‘wait you guys didn’t know I was BORN HAIRLESS?? I literally have no body hair, I don’t even have the holes for body hair. Have you guys not zoomed in my pics and noticed I have no body hair?! I can’t help you if you have body hair guys, I know nothing about it’
    • ‘ I’m not like other brown girls and I don’t suffer hyperpigmentation, I just don’t, but guys I will give advice on it, you guys already know I am a girls girl’
    • ‘I can’t cook guys, I only eat pasta with kale, sis don’t even have the time to cook. I can’t even properly eat toast anyway’
    • ‘you guys already know that I don’t show my bikini on Instagram. But I am sunbathing with my dad in Cyprus right now, guys let me know if you need advice on how to wear a bikini MODESTLY because sis is modest guys’
    • ‘I wake up at 12 but I get my work done in the middle of the night. Sis don’t sleep, all I do is work even though I say goodnight at 11. I have to wake up tomorrow at 8, who even am I??!’
    • ‘yes I’m at a shisha lounge but I don’t smoke shisha guys, I just have my meetings here’
    • ‘I was fired three times before but LOOK AT ME NOW, Sis has a 7 figure business and I did it myself. None of my dads money, it was all me. I started in my bedroom and you guys ALREADY KNOW sis didn’t have a desk. Believe in me guys, the shampoo and conditioner I’m bringing out is costing me £5000 (even though it’s from alibaba), it’s so stressful!’
    • ‘Ok I get people tell me all the time that I don’t look Indian!! I have been told I look Chinese, Persian, Arab, you name it. Sis just don’t look Indian! Ok guys, if you didn’t know me, what ethnicity do you think I’d be?? Guess it, I bet you wouldn’t say Indian, people even think I look like my friend who’s Brazilian, I am just not like other Indian girls!’
    • ‘UGHH guys I have to fill up my car, I hate filling it up, I get weird looks, why do I have to do it?? I’m like the only person in the world who does. The petrol station even got robbed whilst I was paying, sis was so scared’
    • ‘waist on 23.5 inches since I was young guys, people always want a workout routine from me. I even used to claim I don’t workout just so people don’t know my routine’
    • ‘I am a victim of TROLLING and guys the police are working on it. It has been months and they still haven’t done anything but trust me guys, these TROLLS will be stopped and their only damaging their own karma. Sis is so clean hearted I won’t get any karma in life. I need a social media detox but what even is that?? I’m desi I don’t understand these terms’
    • ‘my byerim team (dad and poor girl) is so special to me guys! It is so important I have a connection with my TEAM and my ASSISTANT (even though I don’t pay them properly)’
    • ‘I LOVE gifting to my friends and family in bin bags!! Whatever I have, everyone else must have. I literally never did this until it was mentioned on here but I am so clean hearted, no one can leave empty handed!!’
    • ‘My friends and family are too precious to be be shared on social media. But trust me I do have friends, sis doesn't share everything on IG. You only see 1% and 99% i keep private to myself 🧿
    • ‘It’s all me who does everything, I do the funding, I’m a self made boss lady and you already know sis had no family support, my family don’t have money. Trolls are jealous of me. I would be jealous of me too’
    • ‘guys I hate my BIRTHDAY but I am so gassed about the byerim sale that I am having on my BIRTHDAY, guys you don’t even understand how much I hate my BIRTHDAY but let’s celebrate my BIRTHDAY together, guys guess when my BIRTHDAY is. Ok but who even am I why am I getting so many BIRTHDAY presents omg I hate my BIRTHDAY but guysss look at these flowers someone got me for my BIRTHDAY, I’m gassed why is this happening. Make sure to set your alarms for when it is my BIRTHDAY. Guys I hate my BIRTHDAY but look at this BIRTHDAY cake I got and now I’m about to celebrate my BIRTHDAY weekend. Ok but your not even ready for my BIRTHDAY reel, should I post today or tomorrow? It’s my BIRTHDAY tomorrow I hate my BIRTHDAY if you didn’t know that already’
    • ‘did you know me and my family we were... ermm... squatting... ermm... i think my brother was on the floor.... erm... my background was so poor and sad :( erm... daddy has no money at all ... i grew up with nothing... erm yh... it really hurts that you think i grew up with trips to my dad's vacation home and that i wear his rolex... i most definitely was POOR... how dare u think i had money??? i was always poor like you guys... hahah luv u sis don't listen to the haters they don't know the 99% of my life that i hide behind the screen xxx haters don't see the tears , sweat and blood i bleed when i packaged up those alibaba bottles in a hotel ...erm...i mean on the streets.. cause i was homeless xxx’
    • ‘guys I am so gassed of this reel I made of myself earlier, you guys aren’t even ready for it. Should I post today or tomorrow?? Just a reminder that this video of me exists too. I just love myself too much’

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is more that has been discussed in these threads and probably more behind closed doors which we don’t know about. Before erim goes crying to her ‘legal team’, I am just going to say that this is all speculations and allegations for legal purposes 😂

    Also, she is desperately trying to make it seem like everything written on here is wrong. This does not explain why everyone around her has the same story about her being fake, why she constantly changing her employees, why she makes them sign NDAs, why she stays quiet or deletes posts when she is being exposed etc. It is so embarrassing how hard she tries to prove she’s a good person yet the minute she is exposed, she can’t say anything other than threaten her legal team 😂😂 she’s worried people are finding out more about her, it’s all damage control


    An Instagram account called supersingh5653 DMed a lot of her followers on Instagram to read this thread. She panicked and told people to report this account because they were ‘hacking’ people (when they wasn’t). She lied to her followers because she does not want them to find out what she is really like. The fact she is desperately trying to make sure her followers does not read this thread says it all. The views are constantly going up for this thread and she can’t do anything about it.

    After this happened, she tried to distract people by talking about her mother’s death on an Instagram post, where she also put a shameless byerim ad. Imagine profiting off your mother’s death?

    She is also trying to take her tattlelife threads down through a copyright claim (which has failed since all the materials we use are on her own public platform, which is not copyrighted). It is so funny how she desperately wants people not to see these threads, she is now doing anything she can to get rid of this site


    NOTE- Please ignore these attachments at the end. They were accidentally placed there!


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