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  1. Fifah1907

    The Nurse Mum #15 not to be confused with Distracting Kaytee

    Happy tattling, team!
  2. IamMyaJ

    The Nurse Mum #14 Virgin on the Ridiculous

    Thanks @LennyBriscoe for the thread title Winning with 50 likes!
  3. Bunbun1

    The Nurse Mum #13 Come fly with me to my next go fund me!

    Thank you @Curiouslycuriousstill for the thread suggestion! I think this was the most popular one, don’t kill me if I got it wrong, just trying to get the new thread up! OK. who wants to do a recap?
  4. mrstakeaway

    TheNurseMum #12

    making a new thread because #11 has gone on wayyy to long lol! Somebody please do a catch up or link to wiki if she has one now?!
  5. C

    TheNurseMum #11 my tears are not what you thinky, come down to the party and let’s get kinky

    New post title thanks to @FlibbertyJibbert ! I'll do a recap in a mo.... OK, so she has been "holding on to things" that remind her of J, like her 500 pound hair extensions, cos she had them in when he passed, you know..... She never seems to be at home Poor J's grave is still visited by...
  6. GobShyte64

    Thenursemum #10 buy my merch so I can buy my merc

    New thread for thenursemum. We should probably start doing recaps for the newbies who are starting to see her for who she really is.
  7. Binks87

    TheNurseMum #9 The nurse purse mum, on the sesh in Marrakesh

    Thread number #9 Thank you to @itsjustcheese for the suggestion with the most likes ♥ My first time making a thread hopefully done it correctly....forgot to add the strike through nurse on thread title 🤦🏻‍♀️
  8. n8459

    TheNurseMum #8

    Continuing after this thread was locked out of respect after J passed away Continuing as she has started to post affiliate links and sponsored posts and due to interest on several threads
  9. Starrysky

    Thenursemum #5 gofundme thief, got some new teeth, how she got 60 hrs keira’s beggars belief

    Previous thread #4 New thread title thanks to @ceecee454. Had to change hours to hrs to fit in the thread title. Thought this rather fitting.
  10. Starrysky

    Thenursemum #3 Last Christmas you paid for my Amazon Cart but the very next day Kiera’s were taken away.

    Thread title thanks to @AreYouJoking? Had to shorten the title though sorry as it wouldn’t fit 😫 Full title was:‘Last Christmas you paid for my Amazon Cart but the very next day they took Kiera’s away. This year screw all the tiers I’ll give corona to someone special’ Previous thread...
  11. Mufasa

    Thenursemum #2 Don’t be fooled by the Merc that I’ve got, I’m still Kaytee I need funds in my pot.

    @Tomtom2020 thread title suggestion was the clear winner 👏🏼 I’ve tried to create a tag but it says I can’t. Can admin do this or is the thread okay without a one?
  12. LividLalji


    Scrambled beg on toast. Total hypocrite who thinks she’s untouchable and it’s her way or no way.