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  1. Thank(space)you

    The ick #10

    Continue to discuss your icks here! Previous thread: There is a thread specifically for dating app icks
  2. WhatABore

    Chelsea Mchodg #4 Chels will give you the ick with her lick lick lick, all under the eye of an absolute dick

    New thread time! Title thanks to @VillageGirl88
  3. merlot

    "The Ick" #9

    Ick away...
  4. merlot

    "The Ick" #8

    Carry on icking.. 🤮
  5. 265

    "The Ick" #7

    Welcome to #7 Previous thread - Carry on Icking,
  6. 265

    "The Ick" #6

    Welcome to #6 Previous thread - Carry on "Icking"
  7. 265

    "The Ick" #5

    Welcome to #5 Previous thread - Carry on with "the ick"..
  8. Blue pumpkin

    "The Ick" #4

    New thread - Old thread
  9. B

    What DOESN’T give you the ick?

    I like men who wink 😉
  10. Clickbait

    “The Ick” #3

    2000+ pages - that is a lot of ick. Please carry on sharing! Old thread can be found here:
  11. 265

    “The Ick” #2

    The Ick seemed to be rather a popular thread, so here is part 2. Old thread. Carry On People. 🍿
  12. M

    “The Ick”

    Girls, what are the strangest things that give you the ick about a guy? (The Ick is a sudden cringe feeling when you have romantic contact with someone: and become almost immediately put off by them) Here are some of mine. They are so ridiculous I don’t know why they give me the ick. -Wearing...