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  1. Gl1tt3rUn1c0rn

    Brummy Mummy #121 she gives me the ick by being a Richard

    Thread with the most votes came from @Good Egg The original suggestion was ‘she gives me the ick by being a dick’ I have changed the word dick because Tattle doesn’t allow swears in the titles. A brief Giphy recap The Babbettes watching Babs gentle content during the mourning period for HM...
  2. 265

    "The Ick" #6

    Welcome to #6 Previous thread - Carry on "Icking"
  3. 265

    "The Ick" #5

    Welcome to #5 Previous thread - Carry on with "the ick"..
  4. Blue pumpkin

    "The Ick" #4

    New thread - Old thread
  5. heckles

    Eden Harvz #10 Eden with a blue tick won’t stop from giving people the ick

    Well done FastAndTheCurious7 on the best thread title!! Would anyone else like to do the honours of recap of the old thread??
  6. B

    What DOESN’T give you the ick?

    I like men who wink 😉
  7. Clickbait

    “The Ick” #3

    2000+ pages - that is a lot of ick. Please carry on sharing! Old thread can be found here:
  8. 265

    “The Ick” #2

    The Ick seemed to be rather a popular thread, so here is part 2. Old thread. Carry On People. 🍿
  9. M

    “The Ick”

    Girls, what are the strangest things that give you the ick about a guy? (The Ick is a sudden cringe feeling when you have romantic contact with someone: and become almost immediately put off by them) Here are some of mine. They are so ridiculous I don’t know why they give me the ick. -Wearing...
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