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Sean Pratt is a sex worker and social media influencer. Known for breaking lockdown rules during covid-19, sharing conspiracy theories and driving while taking photos for Instagram. Part owns pants business blanc menswear along with northern garms owner.
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  1. G

    Sean Pratt #19 Broc said married life will be bliss, but the boys and the dildos he will miss

    New thread title thanks to @Vanilla Ice 😊
  2. Jelly Bean

    Sean Pratt #18 when you order Wayne Lineker off of Wish

    Thanks to @mediocrehouseplant for thread title nomination. Your prize is a pair of second hand still warm Blanc paper panties. Enjoy!
  3. G

    Sean Pratt #17 wonder if he’s still doing 50 dollar a suck?

    Thanks to @Vanilla Ice for the title with 29 votes Mod edit swear words aren't allowed in title and the whole boring thing has been done so many times
  4. G

    Sean Pratt #16 Broccoli, 1 of Sean’s 5 a gay.

    Thanks to @UndeclaredAd for the title with the most votes!
  5. MarkC1387

    Sean Pratt #15 Sean and Big O are no more, since £5 k on takeaways made him poor

    Thread title courtesy of @mediocrehouseplant Recap wise - they split, again, Olivia moved out, she's delighted to be finding the real her again and drinking a ton. Sean having a hard time and gone to Tenerife for a change of gym scenery and maybe to make some money with his toes. Carry on!
  6. Q

    Sean Pratt #14 Olivia models wobbly legged, while sean sneaks off to go get pegged

    Thought I'd open a new thread as we were well over the 1000 mark on the last one! Thanks to @pugslife6 for a fantastic thread title! Continue on as we were trollzzzzz!! 🥰 Sean modelling the new paper pants range, buy 1 pair get 50 pairs free along with a used, signed dildo by the man himself!
  7. That’sOk

    Sean Pratt #13 undies on the beach in Jan, won't get vaxxed but loves snorting fake tan

    Congrats to @mediocrehouseplant for the winning thread title 👏🏼 There is a storm hitting the UK, I wonder if Sean and Olivia have their sunglasses and towels ready to go to the beach, perfect weather!
  8. Q

    Sean Pratt #12 Love's young dream, Olivia doesn't mind that guys pay to see him cream.

    First time creating a new thread so hopefully I’ve done it all okay. New thread title thanks to @MarkC1387 I can’t believe we are 12 threads deep for this absolute nobody. Things have been quiet recently, the sweet loved up couple are very much back together and in love and getting ready to...
  9. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #11 Olivia is young and thick, pay her a fiver and she’ll rate your dick

    Here we go for thread #11. Last thread below. During #10 Sean and Big O have been off, on, off…. Olivia needs a chauffeur so Sean will likely be drafted back for that. The imfamous Twitter page @myfavz_ was hastily deleted by Twitter - suspect after receiving many complaints from Sean, maybe...
  10. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #10 Sun, sex and suspicious Sean, he earns his money by making gay porn

    Here we go for thread 10. Thanks to @Bettyspaghetti for the thread title. Thread 9 covered the silence from both of them, a few untagged meet ups, a trip to their favourite Turkish restaurant which the place kindly posted a pic and so did big O (newly introduced nickname) but she chopped Sean...
  11. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #9 If they split who gets to keep the bog portrait?

    Thread 9 starts with Sean being MIA. It’s been a week since they had a night out together and subsequent unfollowing. Sean has gone quiet while Olivia has been more active than ever living her best influencer life. She even got a #gifted from Wagamama’s. She did post a story at a Turkish...
  12. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #8 Olivias lips inflate everyday as Sean continues to deny he does gay for pay on the onlyfans

    Thanks to @Joe pesci for the most liked title suggestion. Couple of wee tweaks to make it fit. Thread 7 can be found here - So we started with them on a “work trip” to Mexico and the infamous incident where...
  13. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #7 He's on a work trip dil-don’t you know?

    Last thread here - Thanks to @ManicMayz for the title with most votes. What a thread #6 was. Sean and Olivia buggered off for an essential work trip to Mexico. On the...
  14. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #6 boozy plane ride, Sean's into men, not outed by trolls but his own GF Olivia Bracy b

    Thank you @Cucumber and eggs for the thread suggestions with the most votes. New thread for lives young dream who are currently on a “business trip” in Mexico. Hadnt even set foot in Mexican soil when it all went pear shaped and Olivia posted a pic of Sean sucking a c*ck. Still breaking rules...
  15. G

    Sean Pratt #5 Not the only gay in his village, obsessed with Tattle and his image

    Title thanks to @Tigger20 😁
  16. Yel

    Sean Pratt #4 Is that a black satin jumpsuit teamed with a clutch?

    Thread title by @Gingercream Using @Zantezoo 's roundup from the last thread Questionable fashion choices Olivia has removed her pre-teen MSN style SP 🔒 and is now filtering her face to the point that her nose has disappeared. You can book classes with the MUA herself. Now on a weekly basis...
  17. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #3 Sean sweetie, stick to getting a stiffy in your cheap pants

    Thanks to @fadeitn for the title. Hope I’ve summarised below. Here we go thread 3.... He’s still a c*nt. He’s happy. Still claiming to be 6ft...don’t mention his height though, it upsets his family. He’s happy. He’s moving to an apartment in Manchester but as a serious business man, he’s also...
  18. Yel

    Sean Pratt #2 Make sure you get right in between them toes onlyf

    Grab your paper thin Chinese undies, penis pump and spray bottle to join us for the new thread Round up of the last thread: Sean joined us shortly to call us all wet cunts, then flounced. He's so proud of his only fans stuff and his "career" that he posts every other day to try and convince...
  19. G

    Sean Pratt

    The serial monogamist himself... I’d love to know what really went on with his most recent ex. She filed a restraining order against him but hasn’t said anything else, and he’s implying she has used him and owes him a fair amount of money and it will all come out in court 🤷🏻‍♀️