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Sean Pratt is a sex worker and social media influencer. Known for breaking lockdown rules during covid-19, sharing conspiracy theories and driving while taking photos for Instagram.
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  1. Zantezoo

    Sean Pratt #3 Sean sweetie, stick to getting a stiffy in your cheap pants

    Thanks to @fadeitn for the title. Hope I’ve summarised below. Here we go thread 3.... He’s still a c*nt. He’s happy. Still claiming to be 6ft...don’t mention his height though, it upsets his family. He’s happy. He’s moving to an apartment in Manchester but as a serious business man, he’s also...
  2. Yel

    Sean Pratt #2 Make sure you get right in-between them toes

    Grab your paper thin Chinese undies, penis pump and spray bottle to join us for the new thread Round up of the last thread: Sean joined us shortly to call us all wet cunts, then flounced. He's so proud of his only fans stuff and his "career" that he posts every other day to try and convince...
  3. G

    Sean Pratt

    The serial monogamist himself... I’d love to know what really went on with his most recent ex. She filed a restraining order against him but hasn’t said anything else, and he’s implying she has used him and owes him a fair amount of money and it will all come out in court 🤷🏻‍♀️
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